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LIFE OF PI SUPER ESSAY Notoriously in the story of the movie we have two principals characters : Pi, the Indian

boy, who lost everything in the sinking and Richard Parker, the Bengal tiger, who was raised in a Indian Zoo. The story show us as Pi and Richard Parker evolve while they are lost in the sea, fighting against hunger and hopelessness and making a relationship slowly that will keep them alive Now, the interesting part happens in the end, when Pi Patel tell the two versions of the story to the Japanese, the first is the story with the tiger, the Zebra, the orangutan, etc so the story we saw on the screen, and another story, this last one without animals, only humans, the Pis mother, Pi, a vegetarian boy, and a ship chef. I highlight this because I want to use the second version, to develop my thesis What if the story of the animals was a metaphor? And Pi told this to make the story more interesting a fantastic?... we going to believe this for a while. Because this would show us the close relationship between Pi and Richard Parker, who in this version are the same person, so Pi and Richard Parker are a duality, light and shadow struggling to the balance and examples how the fear who gains Pi against the tiger that helped to keep him alive or the dramatic final between the Indian boy and the tiger in the cost when Richard Parker go away without say goodbye, that for my theory is a metaphor to the duality of Pi Patel, a boy who lost everything a lost lonely in the middle of the sea, a boy who have to get the

tiger (wild-side) inside, and when Pi Patel survive and reaches the cost, his wild side runaway to the jungle and never return Richard Parker and Pi Patel are the same character who survive a sinking, are a opposites in the same body who help to keep the balance and sanity.

Pablo Gillet