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Finance industry

LOCAL BANK 1. RHB Banking Group

Overview: The fourth largest fully integrated financial service group in Malaysia. Our core businesses are streamlined into seven Strategic Business Groups (SBGs):
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Retail Banking Business Banking Group Transaction Banking Corporate & Investment Banking Islamic Banking Global Financing Banking Group Treasury

Vision: To be a leading multinational financial services group Mission: To become the most admired, innovative and profitable financial services company in Malaysia with distribution capabilities in neighbouring Asian countries.


Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (BIMB)

Overview: Established in 1983, is Malaysia’s maiden Shariah-based institution. Throughout the year, Bank Islam has been embarking on a number of expansion programmes with its involvement in, among others, notable transaction in Sukuk and Corporate Mandates. Through a vast expanding network of 131 branches and more than 1000 self-service terminals nationwide, Bank Islam parades a comprehensive list of more than 70 innovative and sophisticated Islamic banking products and services, comparable to those offered by its conventional counterparts.

personal financing. Vision: To deliver best value to the stakeholders. Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad is a subsidiary of DRB-HICOM Berhad. financing products comprising mortgage. investment banking products. It operates approximately 59 branches. shophouse financing. land financing. and vehicle financing products. The company is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur. Internet and electronic banking. and other services. and wealth management. Its consumer banking products include deposits. To provide for a conducive working environment and to become an Employer of Choice for top talents in the market. hire purchase. such as Islamic capital market instruments. 3. treasury and capital market products. Malaysia. To be a responsible and prudent corporate citizen 3. 4.Vision: “To be a Global Leader in Islamic Banking” “Global Leader” is defined as being the ultimate guidance and source of reference for innovative Shariah-based products and services. home financing. 2. Mission: To become the preferred Islamic financial services provider. To deliver comprehensive financial solutions of global standards using state-ofthe-art technology. 5. . To continually develop and innovate universally accepted financial solutions in line with Syariah Principles. Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad Overview: Provides Islamic banking and related financial services in Malaysia. and corporate advisory and consultancy services. current. The company’s wholesale banking products consist of corporate banking products that include financing and trade finance products. To provide a reasonable and sustainable return to shareholders. such as savings. and general accounts. Mission: 1. and commercial banking and trade finance products.

After a series of bailouts in 2008 and 2009. Mission: To provide world-class financing. so they can build their tomorrows. UOB’s major banking subsidiaries in the region are United Overseas Bank (Malaysia).FOREIGN BANK 1. Today. United Overseas Bank Malaysia Berhad (UOB) Overview: United Overseas Bank ("UOB") was incorporated on 6 August 1935 as the United Chinese Bank. the UOB Group has a network of over 500 offices in 19 countries and territories in Asia Pacific. UOB has grown from strength to strength. Other divisions include Ulster Bank. 2. and US transaction processor RBS Lynk. Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS Group) Overview: RBS is one of Europe's largest banking groups. which operates as Citizens Bank and Charter One in the US. . the Bank catered mainly to the Fujian community in its early years. it has the UK's largest bank network of more than 2. the UK government owns 81% of RBS. We help them access markets around the globe and seize the opportunities that the future will bring. which operates in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The change of name was effected in 1965. Western Europe and North America. Citizens Financial. risk management. it is now a leading bank in Asia. corporates. PT Bank UOB Buana and United Overseas Bank (China). Through a series of acquisitions. Vision: To be recognised as a leader in wholesale banking in each of the product areas and markets in which we choose to operate. Through subsidiaries Royal Bank of Scotland and National Westminster Bank. United Overseas Bank (Thai). Besides Far Eastern Bank in Singapore. sovereigns and public sector clients. Founded by Datuk Wee Kheng Chiang. Over the past 76 years.000 branches. transaction services and liquidity to financial institutions. RBS offers private banking and insurance products through Coutts Group and Adam & Company.

Bangkok Bank Berhad Vision: Our vision is to be the leading relationship foreign bank in Malaysia.  To create sustainable value for our shareholders founded on growth in our business. committed to providing quality products and excellent customer service. mortgage securitization. securities. 3. They are also engaged in the leasing.  To provide a challenging and professionally rewarding work environment for our dedicated employees. Mission:  To found our own prosperity on providing valuable services which help our customers to build their prosperity. with investment banking products in support. Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC) Overview: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC) and its group companies offer a broad range of financial services centered on banking.  To provide quality products and excellent customer service. credit card. Mission: Our mission is aligned with our parent company’s mission to be a premier bank in the Asia-Pacific region. . investment. venture capital and other credit related businesses.Vision:  To be recognised as a leader in consumer and commercial banking services. 4.

Mission: Our Mission is to add value to our customer’s business by providing quality products and excellent service. communities. OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad Vision: To be the bank of choice with world class standards recognized for its caring and trustworthiness Mission: Bank OCBC NISP will conduct its business and will operate as an honorable corporate citizen that grows together with the society in a sustainable manne by :  Providing and developing innovative and high quality financial services that exceed growing public expectations with best results   Nurturing mutually beneficial and cooperative networks based on mutual trust Creating a work environment that ensures the growth of professionalism and organizational renewal with a familial spirit  Building public trust through ethical. institutions and nations.000 cities. 6. creative and responsible. Asian Finance Bank Berhad Vision: Empowering Business with Islamic Banking Values . we are your global bank. An institution connecting over 1. 5. Citibank Berhad Mission: Citi works tirelessly to serve individuals. With 200 years of experience meeting the world's toughest challenges and seizing its greatest opportunities. we are Citi. we strive to create the best outcomes for our clients and customers with financial solutions that are simple. caring and prudent behaviours 7. 160 countries and millions of people.

Kuwait Finance House (Malaysia) Berhad Vission: To be the leading and preferred regional Islamic Bank. we have been where the growth is. We enable businesses to thrive and economies to prosper. Invest in human capital development to ensure service excellence. India International Bank (Malaysia) Berhad Vision: The Vision of IIBM is to be the preferred niche Bank for business enterprises and consumers. 8. optimizing shareholder value by prudent risk taking and incorporating high standards of corporate governance and responsibility. 10. HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad Vision: To be the leading international Bank in Turkey. employees. Mission: Our mission is to grow with our customers by building strong relationship. Mission: Throughout our history. Mission: Leading the way in Islamic Finance by:    Delivering cutting-edge Shariah-based solutions to all sections of society Being the leading authority on the growth of Islamic banking in the region Being the Finance House of Choice for customers. and shareholders 9. Create new markets for global investment opportunities.Mission:    Continuously provide value-added services in the pursuit of business excellence. . connecting customers to opportunities.

. This is our role and purpose.helping people fulfill their hopes and dreams and realize their ambitions.

public employees growth and image profitability √ √ √ √ Local bank RHB Banking Group BIMB Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad Foreign bank RBS √ Group UOB √ SMBC √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ .Concern Concern for concept for for survival.Analyze of mission statement: Element/ Customers Products Markets Technology Company or services Concern Philosophy Self.

Need to focus on target market. technology use. technology use. built firm values. major competitors. Lack of priority on applying developing technologies. Besides. improve on profitability. identify major competitors. Mission need to include the customers demand. products or services. UOB Good mission statement Reason: Clearly define of company products or services. profitability. profitability. considering profit and reward on employees. responsibility towards community and employees encouragement. corporate social responsibility and offer reward to employees. company values. differentiate from competitor and concern on employees. SMBC Poor mission statement Reason: Mainly focusing on products or services offer. Poor mission statement Reason: Do well on focusing on customers. company values. targeting market. build values. mission also focus on products or services and market expansion. company values. use on current technology in improving firm performance. responsibility towards community and employees encouragement. Insufficient on applying developing technologies. target geographical area. commitment on profitability. apply of current technology.  BIMB    Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad    Poor mission statement Reason: Concentrate on firm’s products or services. mission also focus on products or services and market expansion. expansion of market and profitability.    . identify major competitor and increase public image. concern for     Poor mission statement Reason: Reflect the objectives on increase customer values. determine competitor.Evaluation of mission statement: Local Bank RHB Banking Group Comment   Foreign Bank RBS Group Comment   Poor mission statement Reason: Provide clear mission on increase customer values. Need to focus more on customer’s demand. Miss out the importance of customer preference. major competitors. Besides. firm values and considering of public image.

public image employees reward. and .