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Give the following tabular data form

Project Name Omega June E Arbough John G.News Alice K. Johnson William Johnson David Ho Chee Kong Alpha Amy Mastura James Foster Anne Ak Rajang Darlene bin Ibrahim Beta Alice K. Johnson

Position Rate/Hour Work Hour Electrical Engineer 85.5 23.8 Database Designer 105 19.4 Database Designer 105 19.4 Programmer 35.75 12.6 System Analyst 97.75 23.8 Application Designer 48.1 24.6 General Support 18.36 45.3 System Analyst 96.75 32.4 DSS Analyst 45.96 44.1 Database Designer 105 64.7

1. Please explain what kind of anormalies will occur if we (a) Change the Alice K. Johnsons Database Designers rate from 105 to 110. (b) Insert a new project can Phi (c) Delete project Omega