These can be identified by words or phrases such as “aim”,believe,expect”,estimate”,intend,”objecti ve,”plan,”project,”shall,”will continue,”and similar expressions or variations of such expressions,that are forward looking statements”. Similarly statements that describe strategies,objectives,plans or goals are also forward looking statements. All forward looking statements are subject to risks,uncertainties and assumptions that could cause actual results to differ materially from their expectations

Unanticipated turbulence in interest rates. . • Inflation.policies • Economic and Political Conditions in India.FACTORS:• Foreign Investment Policies in Indonesia and Malaysia • Ability to manage growth • Ability to compete effectively particularly in new markets and businesses • Changes in govt.Deflation.

Loss due to manufacturing facilities . Expanding business overseas could increase cost and may decrease profits. Inability to finance growth strategies on time.RISK FACTORS • • • • • • INTERNAL RISK FACTORS Marico case against Adani Wilmar’s fortune oil. No long term contracts with customers. Competition with other Indian and Foreign Companies.

.• Success depends largely on Senior Management. • Venturing into an unrelated business in the past and continuing to do it in the future.

EXTERNAL FACTORS:• Exchange rate fluctuations. • Hostilities.Terrorist attacks.Civil unrest and other act of violence could adversely affect the financial markets and business. .

.CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILTY • Pursuit of shareholder value creation and contribution to enhancing social capital can be achieved simultaneously. • Linking business purpose with a larger societal purpose. • Green Organisation and Community. • Value to the employees.

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