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[Adult Roles and Responsibilities]

Parent Readiness
The Students will be split up into four groups and will have the opportunity to look at themselves to evaluate whether they are prepared to have a child. It will also give them the information they need to know when it is a good time to have a child.

[Grade 11-12] [90 minutes]

Teaching Materials
Reasons to have a baby worksheet, Morals/values quiz, baby crying clip, Emotional Quiz, Physical readiness papers/cards, straws, books, drunk goggles, Intellectual questionnaire, The game of life, LIFE game board, stickers, cards, dice.

Standards/Objectives: (Cognitive, Level 6, Evaluation)

Standard 7: Students will identify the various skills and responsibilities of parenting. Objective 1: Evaluate personal readiness for parenting roles and responsibilities. Objective1a: Identify the social, moral, emotional, physical, intellectual, and financial considerations of parenting.

Other Resources/Technology
You tube clip and projector

Introduction/Set Induction (5 minutes):

Class discussion about reasons to have a baby. See Reasons to have a Baby worksheet from below.

Transition (2 minutes):
Students will split up into 4 groups and pick a station to start in. Once they are ready the time will begin.

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Lesson Body (60 minutes): (Parental Readiness/Mastery Learning)

Mastery Learning: PHASE 1: Identify objectives/goals of learning: Students will go through experiences that will help them understand what it means to be ready for parenthood. PHASE 2: Divide content into small learning activities/assessments: 15 MINUTE STATIONS Social: The teacher will start playing a recording of a crying baby at random times during the group activities. When this happens the students will have to stop what they are doing and go stand in a corner for 20 seconds. baby crying Moral: Write down your morals and values. See the Morals/Values list below Emotional: Students will complete the Emotional Quiz of Readiness. See below Physical: Students will be given a variety of things to do. They do them and then the students will make food choices by choosing the card they want. On the back there will be another activity on the back they need to do. The activity will be harder if their choice was not nutritious and easier if the choice was nutritious. See Physical Readiness below Intellectual: The teacher will ring a bell at random times and ask students a question about child development to test their intellectual abilities. See Intellectual Questionnaire below Financial: This group will be playing the game of life with a few little twists. The teacher will take the Life game board and put 4 different colored stickers over the whole course. Then the teacher will provide different cards that will explain the expenses of the students. See The Game of LIFE below PHASE 3: Identify materials and resources to be used by students: Learning materials are identified with each section listed above. PHASE 4: Diagnostic Tests (Formative assessments implemented): See questions at the end of each activity.

Transition (8 minutes):
Students come back to their seats. And write a summary of the activities, thoughts, feelings, etc. I think I will be ready to have a baby and be a parent when. This will be a quick write so the students will be timed for 5 minutes to write whatever comes to their mind but they just have to keep writing for 5 minutes.

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Summary/Closure (15 minutes):

PHASE 5: Supplementary Instruction: Class discussion after everyone has gone through the different stations. Answer questions 1. What did you learn from _______section? 2. Why is that important when we are talking about parental readiness?

The students will be assessed and evaluated by what they write in their journals and as they participate in the class discussion.

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Brainstorm with the class ideas on why people decide to have children. Then discuss which are good reasons and which are poor reasons. The list may include: FAMILY PRESSURE: Parents may want to be grandparents, family members expect you to add to the family, to carry the family name, etc. REMEMBER: family members will not be responsible for your children. It is the parents who have the 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week job of raising children. Family members have some of the fun, you have almost all of the work. PEER PRESSURE (all your friends are having children): Children are too much work and responsibility to have just to fit in with your friends. TRAPPING A PARTNER: This may not work, and if it does, a trapped partner is a resentful marriage partner and a poor parent to your child. BRING A COUPLE CLOSER TOGETHER: If the couple already has a good relationship, a baby may bind them closer in the long run, but having children is one of the most difficult adjustments in a marriage. If the couple is already drifting apart, a baby will push them even farther apart; all their differences become more obvious. FOR SOMEONE TO LOVE YOUA SOURCE OF LOVE: Children need so much more love, attention, and care than they are capable of giving that most parents never get a full return on their investment of love in their children. Parent-child love is not evenly exchanged; rather, those children will pass that love on to their own children. As children grow up, they have lives of their own, they do not spend all their time showering their parents with love and attention. How much love and attention have you showered your parents with this week? Have you made it all worthwhile for them? FOR COMPANIONSHIP DURING OLD AGE: When you are old your children may not live close enough to give much companionship or they may not want to spend as much time with you as you would like. Raising a child for all those years is a huge price to pay for companionship you may not even have. YOUR RELIGION ENCOURAGES IT: If this is your only reason, would your church really want this for your children? YOU LOVE CHILDREN: This is a good reason if you truly love them and you want to be a parent, not just because you think they are always cute and smell good. Other Reasons?

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Emotional Quiz of Readiness

Please write the answers to these questions in your journal. 1. Do you get angry when your sleep is disturbed? 2. Do you resent having your time infringed upon? 3. Will it upset you when you cant do what you want to do? 4. Will you resent spending a lot of money on someone else (your child)? 5. Do you like to share your things? 6. How is your temperament? 7. Do you get frustrated or angry easily? 8. Are you a good listener and problem-solver? 9. Can you communicate expectations and needs? 10. Are you ready to settle down to routines and responsibilities that are long lasting? 11. Are you ready to think of someone else other than yourself for the rest of your life?

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Please write in your journal the answers to these questions. You do not need to share these answers with anyone. If you do not want to answer one of them you dont have to. This is a quiet activity. 1. How do you decide whether something is right or wrong? 2. Do you think it is important to be honest all the time? If you answered no, when is it ok to lie? 3. Do you think it is important to contribute to the community? If you said yes, please explain why and what you think it means to contribute to the community. If you said no please explain your reasoning as well. Please write at least 4 sentences. 4. How do you feel about using drugs? (not just prescription drugs) Is it ok to use them every once in a while? 5. Is good nutrition important to you? Please explain your answer in at least 3 sentences. 6. Is education important for people to be successful? Do you think it is necessary to graduate from high school? Is it necessary to graduate from college? 7. If a child is throwing a temper tantrum and is completely out of control it is ok to spank them until they stop crying. True or false, please explain your answer in at least 3 sentences. 8. Family is important. True or False. Explain your answer please.

Look over your answers. Think to yourself, Are these things I should teach to a small child? Whatever it is that you value is what you will teach your children whether it is good or bad. Your children will see it and learn it by what you say and do.

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Physical Readiness
FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS and write in your journal the answers to the questions. 1. FIRST! Everyone get a straw and put it in your mouth. Now do 50 jumping jacks and you can only breathe out of the straw. SECOND! Get the drunk goggles on and walk straight on the line. Get to the other side. Have your group tell you how you did. THIRD! Get a book in each hand. Straighten your arms and put them straight out. Now HOLD it for 1 minute. **How was it? Was it hard or easy? 2. Now you have 3 different choices of food. a. Which would you prefer? The apple or the oreo cookies? Look at the back side of the card and do what it says to do. b. Here is a second choice. What do you prefer the vegetables or the potato chips? Look on the back side of the card and do what it says to do. c. And the last choice. Do you prefer the berries and yogurt or the chocolate cake? Look on the back side of the card and do what it says to do.

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Please explain each answer in at least 4 sentences in your journal. 3. Which nutrition choices gave you easier things to do? How do you think this applies to nutrition? Is this practical? 4. Why is it important to have good nutrition? 5. Why is it important to have good nutrition as a parent?

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Physical readiness cards

Option 1

Option 2

You chose option 2

You chose option 1

Please do 25 pushups breathing through a straw

Please do 5 push ups

Option 1

Option 2

You chose Option 2 Please put the drunk goggles on and hold a book out with your hands while walking the line

You chose Option 1 Please walk across the line

Option 1

Option 2

You chose Option 2 Please hold your arms straight out for 30 seconds without books.

You chose Option 1 Please hold your arms out with books and hold it for 1 minute

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Intellectual Readiness
Questions for the teacher to ask students after she rings a bell. 1. At what age can you introduce solid foods to infants? 6 months 2. When laying an infant down for a nap do you lie him/her down on her stomach, side, or back? Back 3. What does SIDS stand for? Sudden Infant Death Syndrome 4. Is there one specific reason for SIDS? No, no one knows exactly why it happens. 5. How many trimesters does a woman go through when she is pregnant? 3 trimesters 6. True or False: Babies always smell nice and are quiet? 7. True or False: Babies always sleep through the night? 8. What are some things you can do to soothe a crying baby? Rock them, wrap them up snug in a blanket, feed them, change their diaper, Bounce them, stand up and move them to a different position, check if they need to burp. Etc. 9. True or False: More damage is done to a new born baby from one shake than dropping them from ten feet onto the ground. 10. Why do people want to have babies if they are so hard to take care of? Any answer they come up with.

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The Game of LIFE

Directions: Hello and welcome to THE GAME OF LIFE! Each person choose a marker. Now, choose who the banker will be. The banker will give each of you $15,000 to start. Now choose whether you will buy insurance now or just pay in full all the medical expenses of your baby. If you choose to have insurance please pay the banker $2,000. The banker will also keep track of your debts and interest if you have to take out a loan. For each turn that you dont pay off your loan you will owe the banker an additional $100. To take a turn you must roll the dice and move that many spaces. You will draw a card when you land on the blue or the green dots. The cards will tell you what to do and how much money you get or how much money you owe. Enjoy the game!

After playing the game please respond to this question in your journal. Where you surprised at how expensive having a baby is? What else did you learn? Please respond in at least 4 sentences.
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Teacher Instructions: The teacher will put 4 colored stickers on the LIFE game board, blue, green, red, and yellow. The students will follow the instructions above. Here are the cards for the game.

Your baby needs diapers please pay $500 for this month.

Your baby has started using formula please pay $150 Baby crib Pay $400

The bill just came. You owe $9,000 for the delivery of the baby. You pay $500 if
you have insurance.

Oh no, your baby had complications in the hospital. Pay $4,000. If you have insurance pay $100 Baby monitor Pay $50

Car seat pay $100

Stroller Pay $100

The baby needs clothes Pay $400

The baby needs more clothes for winter Pay $200

The baby needs more clothes for summer Pay $200

Oh no your baby got sick a lot this month. Pay $600 if you have insurance pay $50

You had to go back to work so the baby needs to be baby sat. Pay $330 every 3 turns. Pay Check! $800

Pay Check! $3,000

Pay Check $5,000

Pay check $700

Pay Check! $300

Pay check! $2,000

Money from your mom. $100

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