TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. ACKNOWLEDGMENT ……………………………. 2. FOREWARD. ……………………………………….. 3. HISTORY. …………………………………………… 4. INTRODUCTION TO PC LAHORE………………. 5. VISION………………………………………………… 6. MISSON………………………………………………. 7. OBJECTIVES ………………………………………... 8.

STRUCTURE OF HR DEPARTMENT……………. 9. FUNCTIONS OF HR DEPARTMENT ……………. 10. RECRUIEMENT …………………………………… 11. SOURCES OF RECRUITMENT…………………... 12. JOB ANALYSIS……………………………………… 13. JOB EVALUATION ………………………………... 14. SELECTION………………………………………… 15. INTERVIEW………………………………………… 16. ORIENTATION…………………………………….. 17. TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT………………. 18. PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL…………………… 19. BENEFITS AND COMPENSATIONS……………. 20. HEALTH AND SAFETY…………………………… 21. WEAKNESSES……………………………………… 22. OUR RECOMMENDATIONS…………………….. 23. CONCLUSION……………………………………… 2 2 3 3 5 5 5 6 7 9 11 12 13 14 15 16 16 18 19 22 22 23 24



1. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS “Starting with the name of ALLAH the most beneficent and the most merciful whose blessings are abundant and favors are unlimited.” As a mater a fact, people tend to forget those who are behind there achievements and have stood for them whenever they need assistant. Our gratitude will be meaningless if we are not grateful to almighty Allah for his kindness upon us. His benevolence and blessings have made us capable.

2. FOREWORD There are several information-related issues at hand for PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL Lahore; of primary importance is the human resource department that has the capability of performing functions such as: Job analysis, recruitment, training and development, performance appraisal, setting compensation policies and providing safety and health to their employees. This report covers all the aspects of the human resource management concepts presently applied in PC. On the basis of observation it has been extracted that Human Resource in PC is highly motivated due to the perfect conditions provided to them.


3. HISTORY Pakistan Services Limited (“PSL”) was incorporated in 1958 as a Public Limited company and is quoted on Karachi Stock Exchange since 1964. The primary business of PSL is hospitality. It initially operated under the management of Inter Continental Hotel; however, when Hashoo Group acquired PSL in 1985 it changed the name of the Hotels to PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTELs and became the largest and oldest five star hotel chain of Pakistan. In October 1985 all the Inter Continental hotels in Karachi, Rawalpindi, Peshawar & Lahore became the PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTELs. Another pearl was added to the chain in1992 at Bhurban. PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTELs is the first Pakistani chain which has achieved excellent international standards of services, quality and product.


4. INTRODUCTION Parent organization Owner Director H.R H.R.M Manager H.R Executive Employee strength at PC Lahore: Approx. : Pakistan Services Ltd (P.S.L) : Mr. Sadrudin Hashwani : Lt. Col. (RETD.) Sohail Bashir : Madam Aliya : Mr. Aqeel Ahmed : 1600

The PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL, Lahore is a five star hotel located on Sharah-eQuaid-e-Azam, on the same stretch of road as the Alhamra Arts Council, Lahore Zoo, Avari hotel and the Parliament building.


PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL Lahore being the only five star hotels in town, offering matchless services and facilities stands tall among the small hotels surrounding its premises. Most of the surrounding hotels lag far behind PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL Lahore in standards because it has always been the choice for budget meetings seminars symposium, conventions weddings training courses corporate meetings and conferences. Over the years PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL Lahore has gained the reputation of providing variety of foods in different restaurants and managing outside caterings. The Pearl Continental Lahore is a 5 Star Deluxe hotel centrally located in the heart of Lahore. The Hotel is 5 minutes drive away from the central city and 25 minutes away from Allama Iqbal International Airport. Main attraction for visitors to Lahore are Lahore Fort, Magalia Badshahi Mosque, Magalia Shalimar Gardens, Polo Club, Gymkhana Golf Course, Alhamra Arts Council, Lahore Museum, Quaid-e-Azam Library and Race Course Park which are within 10 km radius of the Hotel. The point of interest for the guest also includes Wahgah Border. The Hotel has 487 exclusively appointed bedrooms, which includes 193 Standard rooms, 238 Atrium Deluxe rooms and 49 Luxurious Suites providing various levels of guest comfort. There are only 2 Presidential Suites in the hotel.

These following services and facilities are available to guests at PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL: Laundry/Dry Cleaning Parking Airline Offices Bookstore 24 Hour Room Service Jewellery & Gem Shops Baby Sitting In-House Doctor Business Centre Car Rental Travel Desk Florist Pharmacy

Authorized Money Changers


The HR department is headed by Col. Sohail Bashiri in PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL Lahore. Their human resource department is located in the basement near the employee cafeteria and along with the other HR offices. 5. VISION

“We’ll open the doors; you’ll see what’s in store.” We feel pride in making efforts to position Pakistan in the forefront of the International arena.

6. MISSION “Our mission is to be the hotel recognized as the leader in the industry in any aspect. We are committed to train and develop all our staff members allowing them to grow in their careers and provide services and standards which exceed guest expectations.” The mission statement clearly shows that it aims at becoming world-class leader in the service industry. It also shows that the management at PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL believes in an exceptional workforce to provide world-class service to their customers. They want to ensure that not only they satisfy their customers but also delight them.

7. OBJECTIVES OF THE HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT • • • • • Job analysis Selection Recruitment Orientation Training


Review benefits









“Organization needs people and people need organizations.”

Since PC Hotels are a part of the service industry, the HR element of the organization is fundamental and carries a great value. We interviewed Aqeel Ahmed who is the HR Executive at PC Lahore regarding the role of HR department in PC. He provided us with his valuable time to brief some important aspects of PC’s HR practices.

Human resource plays a vital role in the smooth running of an organization. The total numbers of employees working for PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL Lahore is more than 1500. A large number of these employees are working in Food & Beverage Department and House Keeping Department.

Although PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL segregates its employees and their duties in departments, the individual employees work together as a team to provide the guests with exclusive services. They view their guests as their first priority and provide them with an everlasting experience. They struggle hard to maintain the nation’s most exciting hotel experience. Collectively they provide the guests with such services that the client rediscovers the simple pleasures of life.



Like all other HR Departments PC’s HR Department is responsible for managing all the activities related to Human resource.

PC has the following Human Resource Management functions • • • • • • • • • Personnel planning Recruitment Selection Interview Orientation Training Performance appraisal Benefits & Compensations Health & safety

PEARL-CONTINENTAL HOTEL’S HR ROLE IN EXECUTING STRATEGY Pearl-continental hotel’s functional strategies support its competitive strategies. To play a role in executing strategies PC must require highly committed employees which are the part of the PC culture. This means PC, begins its HR processes to create a committed, competent, and customer-oriented workforce. Hotel’s HR department supports strategy implementation in many ways. When HR played a strategic role it becomes a good culture of PC.

HR’S ROLE AS A STRATEGIC PARTNER: PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL can also play a vital role in making strategies with other departments as well. They make their own forecasting plans. Our view is that pear8

continental hotel’s HR is strictly operational and that HR activities are not strategic but it can help organization in making strategies.

HR can also adapt the strategies made by the organization for them. Mostly the top managements craft the strategies of the organization. The strategies made for the HR dept. are then programmed to execute that strategy. For Pearl-Continental Hotel’s strategies there is a matching human resource strategy. Here, HR’s role is not just to adapt its activities neither to the PC’s business strategy, nor, certainly, just to carry out operational day-to-day tasks like paying employees.



Employment planning & forecasting

Recruiting: Build a pool of candidates

Applicants complete application form

Use selection tools; tests to screen-out applicants

Candidate becomes employee

Director or department head interview final candidates to make final choices


RECRUITMENT PROCEDURE • The organization recruiting procedure is based on the nature of Job. What kind of the job is it? Is it job for labor or some managerial level? It depends upon the kind of work job contains, for permanent employees is different, contractual is different. • Then according to the requirement, job specification and job description is prepared by the HR manager. The immediate supervisor has to actually tell about the place to be full-filled. HR manager then has to consult with GM of the particular unit. After the proposal has been discussed the approval is given. • PC does not rehire employees which have gone. They prefer fresh graduate’s employees. • Job posting is maximum of 9 months and minimum of 3 months. During this period if the hired employee is found to be unsuitable the next most suitable candidate is called from the waiting list to replace him. • • They hire permanent, monthly basis, and also daily basis employees. For labor work PC uses contractors to provide them with the specified no. of employees as required. These employees are hired by contractors on daily wages. • The organization does not go for child labor as it is unethical and against the policies of major business firms. • • They provide 100 % Diversity (Equal opportunity to both genders). Applications from candidates are kept in separate files according to the job titles and whenever there is a vacancy available.

Recruitment and selection is the process of:


‘Creating a pool of well qualified and talented candidates and choosing the best candidate from that pool.’

The recruitment and selection process in an organization has to be aligned with the corporate mission and objectives.

RECRUITMENT PRACTICES AT PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL has standard a list of jobs that are filled in accordance with international standards. However these lists are not permanent and new jobs are added to it keeping in view the changing needs of the workforce. A new vacancy in PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL may arise because of the need to replace the retiring staff, dismissed staff, promoted staff or replacing an employee on job rotation. In case a department needs to fill in a vacancy, head of that particular department sends a requisite form to the Personnel Manager. The form contains specifics, e.g. whether the position is for a new employee or a replacement, qualifications required for the job and its respective justifications. This requisition form is sent to Personnel Manager and General Manager respectively for their approval.


1) INSIDE CANDIDATES As soon as a position is vacant a memo is issued throughout the organization. The employees interested in the vacant position drop their application forms at HR department. The other source for internal candidates is referrals. 2) OUTSIDE CANDIDATES There are no means used for attracting the outside candidates. PC makes no advertisements. The word of the mouth from the existing candidates does the job of getting out side candidates. Internees are one of the sources of the outside candidates. 11

INTERNEES a SOURCE OF OUTSIDE CANDIDATES Basic requirements for internees are the hotel management degrees and

diplomas/certificates in hotel management. The referred candidates are given priority. Minimum duration of internship is one month whereby internees are not paid. Free food and laundry services are however provided.


At PC job description is prepared for only managerial level post. The job description is written by the HR department, the employees who are performing/ has performed the specific job make their contributions by listing down their activities in provided diaries/logs & then presenting them to the HR department which consequently writes down the specifications for the personnel required


Job descriptions are lists of the general tasks, or functions, and responsibilities of a position. Typically, they also include to whom the position reports, specifications such as the qualifications needed by the person in the job, salary range for the position, etc. Job descriptions are usually developed by conducting a job analysis, which includes examining the tasks and sequences of tasks necessary to perform the job. Job descriptions are used especially for advertising to fill an open position, determining compensation and as a basis for performance reviews. In PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL, the job description contains: • • Skills and Efforts Tasks


• • •

Responsibility Outlines of the Duty Whom to Report the Task

Everything is mentioned in it for the employees in a very detailed manner.


Once you are aware of the type of person you are looking to fit your job vacancy, you can now design a "Job Specification" profile. In PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL, the job specification includes: • • • • • Qualification of employee Experience of employee Training or development needed for the particular job Personal attributes required for the job Interpersonal skills and communication skills.

13. JOB EVALUATION Job Evaluation is the methods and practices of ordering jobs or positions with respect to their value or worth to the organization. According to PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL following factors are considered important while making job evaluation which is:

Complexity of the Job.


• • • • •

How much Stress one can Bear. Available Budget for Compensation. Experience Required for the Job. Company Need for the Employee for that Job. Abilities required performing a Job.

Method used for Job Evaluation According to PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL, the method used for Job Evaluation is as follows: • • • Classification Method Ranking Method Point Method

PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL use Classification Method when an employee is performing well and has a chance to get promoted with the same position but at higher level. On the other hand PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL believes that there hierarchy is flat in nature. Due to which they consider that the pays varies according to the position of the hierarchy. The top management will get more salary as compared to employees of middle management. According to this policy PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL is also following ranking method. 14. SELECTION Selection varies according to the job post. At PC for some jobs (i.e. chefs) they use work sample testing technique, whereas the basic criteria for testing and selection listed are: • • Appearance & Grooming Professional Qualifications


• • • • • •

Experience & Knowledge of Job applied for Communication Skills in English Balance Poise & Maturity Potential for Growth Reasoning & Judgment Computer Skills SELECTION PROCEDURE AT PC

Firstly they trickle downs the CV’s. Then call only those for the interview which have been selected.

Selection is based on the eligibility of qualification and experience. If the candidate has the qualification and experience according to the job specification then he is called for the interview.

Minimum qualification is matriculation for the lower level staff. And the minimum Qualification is bachelors for the upper level staff.

They avoid negligent hiring because they are running five star hotels.

15. INTERVIEW • Step by step procedure is followed in the interviews. The candidate is first interviewed by the manager of PC and the Director HR. This interview is unstructured, the HR manager asks frequent question to screen out the eligibility and potential of the candidate. After conducting interviews from all the candidates he prepares a list of the capable candidates. • The second step, in this step the selected candidates are called again for the structured interview which is to be conducted by head of the particular department.


In such interviews general knowledge questions which are related to the job are asked from the candidates. And also the behavioral based question that what would be the behavior and how a candidate would be performing in a given certain situation. This helps them to judge the personality, temperament, attitude, and the minimum stress could be handled by the candidate.

The example of the whole procedure can be such as, like an assistant marketing manager is required so he would be first interviewed by director human resource manager then would be going through a panel interview in which certain job related question will be asked such as, describe 4 P’s of marketing or consumer market and consumer buyer behavior etc. In their opinion behavioral interviewing is a good screening process to screen out the best of the best people.

 For top level they also have Panel interview.

16. ORIENTATION • New employees of 2 days orientation program. The employee is given a brief introduction of the hotel, about every department, working environment in which he has to work, and of the work related colleagues. • The employees are also provided with the job description of their work at the time of orientation, which guides them for there services they have to provide, and also introduced to the rules and regulation of the company which includes. • • There is a difference in the dress code of each employee from top to bottom. Employee should respect the privacy of another employee.


Steps used for the training and development of employees at PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL are as follows;


• •

They provide training their employees on the job and also off the job. In Pakistan very few organizations are able to provide trained workforce for the hotel industry in accordance with international standards. The human resource department of PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL has to recruit and select the untrained candidates and train them according to their own needs.

PC hotel also use different Training centers at locations like they send their employees out of country for training.

Safety training is also provided to the employee. TRAINING APPRAISAL

After training, the trainee performance is appraised by the immediate supervisor. The immediate supervisor in PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL evaluates trainee performance on trainee’s assignment, tests and on the job work. This appraisal is very important and it helps a lot in judging trainee’s behavior. This appraisal also helps to evaluate employees for promotion. This appraisal shows trainees: • • • • • • • • • • Ability/Desire to learn new things. Knowledge. Leadership qualities. Quality Consciousness. Discipline. Attitude. Flexibility. Personality. Strengths. Weakness. 17

The immediate supervisor gives his remarks (assessment) according to trainees work and also attaches his tests and assignments during training with that form. These appraisal forms are sent to HRD for re evaluation and they keep these forms as a record of employee’s performance.

18. PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL PROCESS AND METHODS • Appraisal is essential for enhancing the productivity of employees and to bring quality improvements in the overall performance of the organization. • At PC appraisal is done by the head of the specific department whose employee is being appraised. The appraisal method used at PC is “Graphical Rating Scale”. • Employees’ promotion (or demotion) is finally approved by the HR Manager. Appraisals are conducted every three months a year. • The most important factors that are considered while appraising an employee are: o Appearance o Conduct o Professional Work o Leadership & Teamwork o Planning & Organization o Initiative & Creativity o Communication o Training Skills o Business Attitude & Operational Performance 18

o Achievements of Objectives Besides this they also consider their customers feedback regarding employee performance in order to bring quality improvements. • An immediate supervisor plays an important role in performance appraisal. The actual appraising is done by the immediate supervisor of each employee. After rating an employee the supervisor consults with the HR manger and then both of them decide how much to compensate each employee and who is to be promoted?

When an employee is promoted, he/she is required to meet the new post requirements. For example qualification, the employee is ought to assure that he/she is the student of the required program.


PC provides some kind of benefits and services to its employees in order to facilitate them.

BENEFITS WORK SCHEDULE Work schedule differs for different posts as managers are required to be present at office timings. For operations employees the facility of flexible work schedule is available that is in three shifts. One day is off during the week. Occasional need of putting in some extra work hours is informed and employees are paid accordingly. If an employee works all 7 days a week the department head is supposed to give him 2 days off in the next work week in order to compensate.


BREAKS AND MEAL PERIODS PC supply free meals & tea to employees during working hours. • • • 1 meal and 2 tea breaks in one shift 30 min for lunch/ dinner 15 min for each tea/ breakfast

Employees are given special discount packages on food

LEAVES The leave structure of PC is as follows: • • • Casual (Maximum 3) Sick (Medical certificate for three or more) Earned (Minimum 7)

All above mentioned leaves are paid. In case an employee doesn’t avail any leave for a year, he/she is awarded a cash amount.

MEDICAL FACILITIES PC provides free medical facility to all its employees and their children.

LIFE INSURANCE PC provides life insurance facility to its employees. Minor charges are deducted from employee’s pay.



PC offers yearly pay rise to its employees regardless of their performance. The rate of increments is same for all employees.

OTHER BENEFITS • • • • Free uniform is provided to all employees. Free laundry services for employees’ uniforms. Free transportation for female workers. Hajj Lucky Draw Package

BENEFITS AT RETIREMENT / TERMINATION PROVIDENT FUND Employees’ provident fund handed over to them at the time of retirement/resignation of the employee. However, in the case of termination it is conditional.

MEDICAL ALLOWANCE Employees not utilizing their medical facilities are awarded Rs.100/month. This amount keeps on accumulating in the employees’ medical allowance which is handed over to him/her at the time of retirement/resignation. Similarly this allowance is also conditional for the termination cases. Others are medical facility, hospitalization insurance, life insurance, laundry facility, discount on rooms and restaurants etc.

COMPENSATIONS Employees are provided with the counseling services during their training at the time of retirement by the HR manger. These services include:


FAMILY COUNSELING Family Counseling is a counseling program for employees wherein they are suggested how to cope with their personal & family problems. So that the management is assured of the fact that employees are not under any stress and are able to put in their best effort to perform their jobs effectively and efficiently.

PRE-RETIREMENT COUNSELING In pre-retirement counseling program employees who are willing to work after retirement are given constructive guidance concerning their second careers.

20. HEALTH & SAFETY • • • • • • • • • Health and safety laws Security Measures Social security fund In-house doctor and Dispensary Contract with Services Hospital Provide instructions regarding the recent issue of bird flu. Hygiene of employees Fire preventions Energy conservation

21. WEAKNESSES: PC as a developing & growing organization makes advancements according to the requirements of the environment. Focusing on the HR department, although PC has maintained strong culture throughout the organization yet we’ve observed that PC


nevertheless needs some improvements which will aid it in availing the opportunities and be more competitive.

Few of the weaknesses of PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL are as under; • Immediate promotion depends on situation to situation. For instance recently H R director of PC is required and no one is there to promote from junior rank so they have to out sourced the vacancy. • PC’s HR department not has their specified questions while conducting the interview. The main top managers of the HR and the concerning department take the unstructured interview in which no question is asked on a specific predetermined questionnaire format. They ask on-time questions from the interviewer.

CHALLENGES FOR THE HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT In order to manage people effectively in today’s world of cut throat competition, it is vital to understand and appreciate the significant competitive, legal and social issues. The human resource department of PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL has to cope with internal as well as external challenges to ensure the achievement of its mission. Some of the internal and external challenges faced by the human resource department are presented below:

• • •

Relationship between the Workforce and Management

Managing a Dynamic Environment Conflict Management Managing Workforce Diversity


• • • •

Lack of Trained Workforce Global Competitive Environment Economic Challenge Loyalty of Employees

22. OUR RECOMMENDATIONS THINGS WHICH AN EMPLOYEE SHOULD AVOID: • Smoke, eat, drink, chew gum, whistle, hum or sing in the lobby or any public areas. • • • • • • Stand in groups and casual conversation with co-workers. Shout or talk in the public areas. Allowing of personal friends to visit employees at the hotel. Spit in any area. Say anything negative about the hotel. Entering in other departments, public areas, or guest floors.

OTHER RECOMMENDATIONS: • PC should send its managers/employees to abroad for training purpose for it will ultimately improve the organization’s overall performance. • • Internees should be paid for their services. More flexible benefits plans should be introduced for employee so they can choose which suit them the best. • As PC doesn’t have any special program to bring the outside talent in, so they need to take this area under consideration. • More incentive programs should be introduced to maintain employee motivation. 24


After a thorough study of Human Resource Department at Pearl Continental, Lahore we can conclude that PC is a huge name in the hotel industry and its Human Resource Department is working dynamically to pursue its organizational goals. This project has given us the realistic view of how Human Resource practices are followed in any organization.

The questionnaire is attached at the end of the report.

Attached Questionnaire of our PROJECT
Q No. 1: Ans:
Q No. 2 Ans:

What are the key values of PC Hotel’s culture? Integrity, Loyalty, Personality, Safety & Security etc.
Describes the hierarchy of Human Recourse department? DHR – MHR – HR- Exec – Admin Officer – Admin – Supervisor – Office Assistant.


Q No. 3 Ans:

Which methods PC use to analyze and evaluate the job? We have a revised JDs and Job Specification System to evaluate the job.

Q No. 5 Ans: Q No. 6 Ans: Q No. 7 Ans: Q No. 8 Ans: Q No. 9 Ans: Q No. 10 Ans: Q No. 11 Ans:

Do you plan any pool of application to fill-up vacant post? No What type of test you conduct at the time of recruitment? Just a Personality Test, English, Presentation. What methods you adopt for screening candidates? We have two days walk in interviews in a week Do you have any management assessment centre at PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL? No How you train and develop your employees? We have a proper Training and development Department. Describes your performance appraisal method? Not a particular one. What system of career development of employees you usually adopt? No


Q No. 12 Ans:

Have you any health and safety plan for employees at workplace? We have Proper Health and Safety Committee, Proper Training Session Regarding Health and Safety.

Q No. 13 Ans: Q No: 14 Ans:

Have you any compensational plans for new and current employees you offer? We have Bonuses, Hajj Lucky Draw etc. Do you offer any after job benefits to your employees? Yes we have, Medical Facility, Hospitalization Insurance, Life Insurance, Discount on Rooms and Restaurants etc.

Q No. 15 Ans:

Through which techniques you handle the stress among employees? We have a counseling system and have proper training session regarding stress management.

Q No. 16 Ans:

What negotiation techniques you use to handle the conflict? We have a proper counseling session; also we have an inquiry committee from different departments

Q No. 17 Ans:

What is your social responsibilities being HR executive at PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL? My Social Responsibilities are to look after employee relation, arranging their social activities like birthday Parties, Ladies Get together etc.

Q No. 18 Ans: Q No. 19 Ans: Q no. 20 Ans: Q No. 21: Ans: Q No. 22 Ans:

what type of decisions you usually take, under the condition of uncertainty or risk? It depends upon the type of Risk Describe the tools you use for planning? Like Business Plan, Goal Setting Plan etc. For which type of activities you adopt strategic, operational, specific, standing or single use plan? For Development, Growth, etc. Do you allow the employees to participate in developing plans in your department? yes, we are. How you handle candidates interviewed individually, in group or through panel? Depends upon the nature of the job. For top level we have Panel interview also

Q No. 23 Ans: Q No. 24 Ans:

What is your employee turnover? It varies all the time. What type of communication between managers and

employees? Two way communication

Q No. 25 Ans:

How you motivate your employees for good performance? We have Employee, Supervisor of the month, Departmental Champion, Honesty Awards etc.


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