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Clean Edge Razor

Clean Edge Razor

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Clean Edge Case Analysis
Clean Edge Case Analysis

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Published by: rab2408 on Dec 12, 2013
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Clean Edge Razor

Case Analysis
Professor Madison Marketing concepts Rahim Bokhari

There are currently three segments out of which the product can be placed in one particular segment. How? Paramount would be the first company to provide scientific testing in explaining that the improved design provided superior performance thanks to the vibrating technology in order to stimulate hair follicles and lift them for a more thorough shave. Insert second paragraph as shown in the sample…. These brands competed in the non-disposable razor and refill cartridges category. Paramount’s latest addition to their product line was the Clean Edge razor which boasted about the experience. cleanest and smoothest shave they 2|Page . Pro and Avail. He needs to strategically and financially analyze where the product should be positioned.Introduction Jackson Randall from Paramount Health and Beauty Company is experiencing an uphill battle with his product Clean Edge. Value Proposition & Strategic Fit:Paramount’s new product Clean Edge razor has been designe d to lure involved consumers who would like to witness the closest. Paramount’s current line with Pro and Avail seemed to have started to mature and it urgently needed to innovate and introduce a new product line which could wow consumers and gain valuable market share. Choosing the ideal segment can assist in gaining market share as well as brand recognition in the eyes of prospective consumers. if an incorrect segment is chosen than that can result in lower market share as well as loss of current as well as prospective consumers. cleanest and smoothest shave you will encounter. to be the closest. Critical Analysis of Issues Current Strategy:Paramount currently had two brands in its non-disposable category catering to the needs of consumers. However.

superior performance. In keeping with the social/emotional and aesthetic shavers in mind. effectiveness as well as the messaging behind their product. technologically advanced razor would create value in the eyes of its users. in order to avoid cannibalization between its existing product line Paramount Pro & Paramount Avail it needed to differentiate itself. The only way it could do that is by being introduced in the super premium segment.had encountered. This meant that a product had to be launched in order to position itself in the right segment with substantial marketing budget. Paramount knew that their improved design. How would Clean Edge be a good strategic fit? Simple. this avoids cannibalization and a name such as Clean Edge by Paramount will give it its own brand??? Each analysis should include the following components: -Key issue(s) identification -Critical analysis of issues Current Strategy Value Proposition and Strategic Fit Advantages and Competition -Identification of potential alternatives or options -Recommendations -Application of course concepts and tools 3|Page . Involved razor users differentiate and prefer products with functionality.

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