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Zachary Gene Lucas ENGL-1101-007-Fall 2013-Writ and Inq in Academic Cont I October 18, 2013

Genre Analysis Project Option 2 When going through the possible topics I could use for my project I was looking for something that was interesting yet easy to translate into multiple different genres. What I finally decided on was the topic on how eating fast food can have a negative impact on ones health. While searching for the text that would grant me with the best chance to be successful I had to take into account which one could you possibly turn into the genres I was thinking of. The genre I was looking for as my source genre was that of a web or news article. I also knew I wanted to do something with constructing a cause and effect related text that could take place as a diagram for one of my chosen genres. An article with cause and effect related information was key in being able to do such a genre. It had to have numbers and facts that could be scientifically proven so it would make for a more valid argument when creating a bumper sticker and an advertisement/coupon. The new genres had to be convincing and different from one another. I had to take a lot into account when analyzing the text I finally wanted to use. Examples of these things include way the article is set up, how factual the information is, what I get out of it, is it understandable, and how it was worded. The complexness of certain genre choices led me to stick to more simple and manageable genres. I had to also factor in the amount of time I had to come up with these translations in what I chose. I finally ended with the conclusion to do a bumper sticker, an advertisement, and a cause and effect style diagram.

The purpose of the original text was to inform the reader on the how eating fast food affects both your body and your health. I carried this purpose into creating my examples of other genres. Typically news articles involve proven facts or statements that lead to an overall evaluation of a certain occurrence or topic. Most examples of this type of genre are written in basic word language that is available to people of both genders, discourses, and ethnicities. The language and style it is written in makes it so that it is relatively simple to understand. Articles are also written in paragraph form in which attempts to break down a collection of information and create a fluid flowing organized writing. My main or source article I chose basically followed that way of formatting the writing. Here is the link: How Fast Food Affects You Negatively | Healthy Eating | SF Gate Answers to questions: 1. The audience of the original text and all the rest of my other created genres is people who eat fast food regularly, obese people, those trying to be healthy, and people of many different discourses. You know this by the content in the text it gives out factual and statistical information that appeals to many people due to the numerous health risks that eating fast food causes. It warns those who take part in this unhealthy ‘activity’. 2. The genre is presented in a factual and informing manner that basically gives cause versus effect type writing. 3. The purpose of each text is to inform people on the factual information of what eating fast food can do to ones body and health. The purpose of the original genre is to organize a collection of information in a way that both gets a point across and gives a non opinionated point

of view. You know this mainly by the context in each example of this genre and how the authors construct their writing. 4. Each genre is effective in achieving both its purpose that was that of the first genre and text. You know this by how the individual genres aim toward the same point of attack informing those on the factual information of what fast food does to ones body. 5. Each genre allows users to take into context that fast food is bad for health. All these genres tend to come to acknowledging that health wise people may suffer if they eat fast food. 6. The bumper sticker and the advertisement I created took a humorous take on the

informing writing in the article that takes a more unopinionated approach in providing practical and realistic factual information. Those mainly targeted by those are people looking for information on a certain topic in this case it would be the negative impact fast food has on the body. Those who are least served include those who are already aware of certain information and people already taking apart of. 7. The article genre and the diagram didn’t really enable its users to represent themselves fully because it was not opinionated but the bumper sticker and the parody of an advertisement both are opinionated and give an insight on how the illustrator portrays and views a certain topic. 8. In this case it didn’t lead to controversy mainly because everything is factual and wasn’t fully opinionated. If these topics were opinionated than it would cause a great deal of controversy such as political bumper stickers. 9. The way the genre is formated does lead to certain ways to construct each one. Based on the genre you have to approach the topic from either a certain way or manner. In bumper stickers the use of metaphors and sarcasm is common where advertisements are appealing. Other

ways where articles are paragraph form where diagrams are organized in a certain way; Both are related and both are different at the same time. 10. The genres I chose or created all involve and require the need for the users to thoroughly look the text over and deceifer what is the main intent of the text. None of the genres lead to a certain expense of others because it doesn’t criticize a certain group of people nor judge in any way other groups. It just points out the facts. Only thing it might cost is the time it takes to look at these texts and understand the meaning even though it is very much stated and obvious.

The first genre I created was a bumper sticker in which the intent was to humorously show one of the negative effects of eating fast food. I came to intending to do this genre mainly because it was a topic that can easily be understood in a bumper sticker. I felt that it was the simplest way to take a general objective and formulate it in a few statements and an illustration

that gets the readers attention and fully portrays it as well.

The second genre I chose was a diagram in which the intent was a cause and effect style analysis of what happens when you eat fast food and how it negatively affects one's body. I wanted to do this genre because like the article it was a way to analyze this topic by listing the facts of what something does. It provides an easy layout that is set up so that all viewers can understand it.

For the last genre I did I had trouble choosing what I wanted to do mainly because how much time was given to get this project done. The things I wanted to do would have taken loads of time and possibly resources I don’t have access to. As a result I chose to do something such as a parody of an advertisement. Like the bumper sticker the purpose was to humorously point out the negative effects of eating fast food. It was set up similar to a coupon as well. What I expected it to represent is how information is always hidden and how I could imitate an advertisement while still supporting the opposition of doing something. Like the article I pointed out the harmful effects of fast food while still making it appealing to viewers.