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Community Problem Report Plan B Emergency Contraceptive

Plan B Emergency Contraceptive Jennifer Tena Unitversity of Texas at El Paso

English 1311 Plan B Emergency Contraceptive

Abstract The removal of age restrictions for The Morning After Pill is a controversial topic that has been debated between many for over a decade now. The Catholic Church argues against the removal of the age limit for purchase. Strongly believing, in doing so would promote promiscuity among young teenagers. In addition, the morning after pill is not a guarantee of not becoming pregnant and it does not protect against any STDs. However on the opposing end of this argument politicians disagree. Their stand is the morning after pill would decrease the incidents of unwanted pregnancies, and in the long term reduces the number of abortions. Not to mention it would be taking a step forward for women and reproductive rights.

English 1311 Plan B Emergency Contraceptive

Plan B/ One Step Emergency Contraceptive The morning after pill that has set off a long and dreadful battle between the courts, president Obama and his social conservatives are now available on store shelves and will continue to become increasingly available without any restrictions. In June 2013, after 10 months of reviewing data. The Food and Drug Administration approved Teva’s request to sell Plan B over the counters. The Plan B One Step pill is a type of emergency contraceptive. This is a birth control that can prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex. For instance if a condom breaks, birth control is skipped, or if no contraceptives is used at all. Plan B is also known as a “morning after pill.” However that doesn’t nesscacrly mean that the pill can only be consumed the morning after. If you take the pill within the first 72 hours after unprotected sex, Plan B One Step can reduce the risk of pregnancy by 80%. If you take Plan B with 24 hours, it is about 95% effective.

English 1311 Plan B Emergency Contraceptive Depending on where a women stands, the morning after pill may work in three ways.    It make prevent or delay ovulation It may interfere with fertilization of the egg Prevents implantation of a fertilized egg

Plan B One Step is not the same as RU-486 (the abortion pill). It will not cause miscarriage, abortion, or any other stops of development once the egg is fertilized. In other words if you are already pregnant and attempt to take the pill, there will be no termination of pregnancy. In addition Plan B One-Step is not as effective as a regular birth control method and should not be used like a main birth control. When Plan B One- Step is used as directed, possible side effects may result. Sides effects that may be include are, nausea, abdominal pains, tiredness, dizziness, vomiting, menstrual changes, and breast pains. Unlike before Plan B One-Step can now be purchased over the counter by anyone. There’s no need to show prescription or proof of age regardless of age. The reality of the situation is that both parents and teenagers are reluctant in discussing sexuality and reproductive health. Making teens desperate with nowhere to turn in difficult situations. In 2013, Brooklyn Federal Judge Edward Korman ruled that the controversial, over the counter emergency contraceptive Plan B can be sold to anyone with out age restrictions. However two opposing perspectives make a case for why the decision is either a pro or a con, targeting young adolescents (teenagers). Many in the community were surprised by the judges decision to allow a young girl who menstruates access to the Plan B, stating, “ the judge had no right to make this

English 1311 Plan B Emergency Contraceptive decision, putting young children at risk with out our parents knowledge.” Arguing that Judge Korman and our society are exposing young children to promiscuous behavior. President NOW President Kim Gandy added,” This is just another in a long line of decisions that make women’s health secondary to right-wing politics.” Science is consistently subsumed by politics, women, and young women in particular, are the latest victims of the rights wing’s war on science. On the opposing end, statistics prove that by the 12th grade, 60% of teens are sexually active. The goal of the courts is to continue to reduce the rate of teen pregnancy as it has been in recent years. Pregnant teens often stop their education and do not get to achieve their aspirations. The impact of a pregnancy on a young person that s not ready for a child is immense. Not just on their physical health, but on their entire well-being and future. To some this is another step taking the community in the right direction, and to encourage young people that no obstacle is unattainable. Conclusion In spite of the pros and cons presented by the community, the decision has been by the courts. Plan B emergency contraceptive is not available for sale for all women of child bearing potential. Whether is was the right or wrong choice, only time will display the repercussion. The government has either, improved and protected the youth of the nation, or it has become an enabler of promiscuity and irresponsibility. History of Plan B Morning after pill The history of the morning after pill is a long line of complex court battles.

English 1311 Plan B Emergency Contraceptive   Being in May 1999, Plan B was first approved by the FDA. By December 2003, the FDA convenes advisory committee, which votes 23-4 in favor of taking Plan B over the counter.  In May 2004 the FDA rejects the application to switch Plan B from Rx to over the counter, citing lack on data on females younger than 16.  July 2005, HHS Secretary Leavitt promises that the FDA will act on Barr’s application by September 1, 2005, to ensure a vote on Senate confirmation of Lester Crawford as FDA Commissioner  In August 2005, FDA announces that Plan B is safe for OTC use by women 17 and older, but with indefinite delay, citing three major concerns. o Can Plan B be both Rx and OTC depending on age? o Can Rx and OTC versions of Plan B be marketed in the same package? o Can an age restriction for Plan B be enforced?  In November 2006, FDA announced women ages 18 and older would be able to purchase Plan B without prescription.  2011, the federal government has until Dec.7 to responf to a request from Teva, to make Plan B available for purchase direct from drug stores, just like condoms.  June 20, 2013, the FDA announced it has approved Plan B available for sale to all women regardless of age.

English 1311 Plan B Emergency Contraceptive


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