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Government shutdowns

The History
   There have been a total of eighteen federal government shutdowns since 1976. The first government shutdown was September 30, 1976. The ending of a continuing funding resolution caused this shutdown. Government shutdowns have necessitated the furloughing of several hundred thousand federal employees and affect all sectors of the economy. The longest shut down in history lasted 21

Cause and Effects
     As far as politics go, government shutdowns are, by far, the most concerning and disturbing situation’s in history. The cause of this era resulted shutdown from the congress and the president, being unable to come to an agreement of federal bills being passed before the October 1 deadline. The consequences of their actions have a major effect on the public and also members of federal staffing. Most important on federal employees is furloughing(placing in a temporary, non-duty, non-pay status) The effects of government shutdowns on the public are Health, Law Enforcement/ public safety, Parks/Museums/Monuments, Visas/Passports, American Indian/Other Native Americans, American Veterans, and Federal Contractors

    If there are no longer any funds to pay salary because a certain government activity is shut down, employees would not be paid and be furloughed. Presidential appointed employees do not get a pay cut and constitutionally cannot change their salary during any time period. Employees cannot take paid time off during a shutdown. If an employee is absent from work then they will be furloughed because that action is against policy. Only certain situations (i.e. pregnancy or something pertaining to an active duty spouse) will be waived and no furlough notice will be sent out. Basically, pay will be deducted if you miss any work days during a government shutdown

Recent Shutdown
    most recent government shutdown started in October 1,2013-October 16,2013 OMB (The Office of Management and Budget) are the main people who plans out a government shutdown Government shutdown costed us $24 billion this year debt cushion, not really over our financial problems

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