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Kalynne Miller 2013

Academic Internship Proposal
Company Description: Founded in 1930, Baldwin & Lyons specializes in marketing and underwriting insurance for the transportation industry. Today, they operate three domestic property and casualty insurance companies that provide both admitted and excess and surplus lines platforms, a Bermuda-based captive solution, a fully licensed Canadian branch and two brokerage firms. Their companies accept risks covering more than a dozen different specialty products and services and provide brokerage services for virtually any property and casualty risk. Goal #1: Applying theories and concepts of rhetoric on the job, while gaining a richer understanding of rhetoric theory. Rationale: In any world of work it is important to be able to apply the things you have learned in class to real world situations. Applying and using rhetoric in my internship will further help me in being able to make the transition from knowledge learned in class, to putting that knowledge to use. Objective: Reading the books assigned, in addition to talking frequently with Dr. Bettler whenever I am faced with a question I can’t answer. Time Frame: Entire Internship Goal #2: Learn to use Adobe Creative Suite. Rationale: In order to be a contributing member in the communications department at Baldwin & Lyons it is crucial that I learn to work all the design software. Objective: Utilize the training videos and efficiently execute projects. This can also be accomplished by obtaining mentorship from other influential designers. Time Frame: Weeks 1-2 Goal # 3: Being able to translate my creative skills into finished projects in order to develop a portfolio. Rationale: I love being creative and using my artistic abilities however no one would ever be able to tell without the completions of works to display your talents. That is why it is important to have finished pieces/ projects to demonstrate your skills, and be able to show employers what you are capable of. Objective: Develop creative ideas by brainstorming and sketching, and being able to successfully translate ideas with new developed software skills. Time Frame: Entire internship.

Kalynne Miller 2013 Goal #4: Develop practical business skills. Rationale: Business skills are crucial no matter what the occupation. Having professional experience and being able to work with others is a skill that will be beneficial for me for the rest of my life. Objective: Working with my co-workers on projects, and communicating in a professional manner, through email and various correspondences. Time Frame: Entire Internship

Additional Department Objectives (As discussed by on-site supervisor)
             Develop and enhance corporate websites Implement a corporate social media strategy with input from social media steering committee Research and develop mobile marketing plan Launch a health and wellness program for employees Produce all corporate events with excellence Support the Board of Directors activities and materials Provide executive level administrative support Create and implement a New Hire Orientation program Implement a leadership development program for Tier 2 management Collaborate with Sales and Marketing to develop effective advertising and marketing campaigns for products within the Strategic Plan Work with business areas to complete project requests and company publications on time, and define measures of the effectiveness of the Corporate Communications Department Increase the company’s community outreach efforts through volunteer opportunities in addition to financial support Operate within 5% of budget

Course Work: For my internship at Baldwin and Lyons I will be using a mixture of skills learned from both my communications courses and art courses to serve as a background for my work. Classes including graphic design, photography, visual communication, and media criticism are some of the few, which will be beneficial in providing a solid background of information to better prepare myself for my experience as an intern. On-Site Supervisor : My on-site supervisor is Valerie Wilson. She works in my department and is in charge of assigning me to various projects and oversees my work before it moves on to our manager for a final revision. Faculty Supervisor: My faculty advisor is Bill Bettler, and we have met and discussed the requirements for me to complete throughout my internship in order

Kalynne Miller 2013 to obtain academic credit. We email each other as a form of communication, and even mentioned visiting me on the job to check in! Reading Requirement: o How To Think Like A Great Graphic Designer By: Millman, Debbie o The Brand Gap By: Neumeir, Marty o PRINT Magazine Academic Work: Through out my internship I will be writing a daily journal to keep track of my work and what occurs on each day. I will also be writing a three-page paper (summary) for each book I have been assigned to read. In addition, I will be taking brief notes over each book, to better help in writing my papers down the road. Grading: 5 Part Grading Sytstem: 20%: Journal 20%: Papers 20% : Presentation 20%: Final write-up 20%: On-site supervisor evaluation