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Integrating Technology

Summary of Case Study 10
David Collins Michael Stewart

Katherine Wilcox


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In this presentation we will provide: An Analogy: A trip to the Taj Majal

5 takeaways from the case study

Analogy to Case Study
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Vague: Visit a famous landmark Better: Visit the Taj Mahal in spring Acquire a map Establish a budget Research transportation Result: Clear objective gets you to the Taj

1. Set the Stage

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Professor: 10 years experience ID: Discussed roles and expertise
Established meeting schedule o Limited initial discussion to “bare essentials” o Avoided overwhelming professor

2. Overcome ID/Client Resistance
● Professor: Objectives “difficult to write” ○ Valued course flexibility over writing objectives ○ Favored course development over planning ● ID: Emphasized objectives as foundation

3. Identify the Gap in Instruction

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ID: Put objectives in context of syllabus o Software solution emerged Professor: Worried about course being canceled ID: Only lower objectives met with software -course still important

...Clear objectives = solution

4. Implement and Adjust Instruction • Proceeded with trial • Adapted course to use software • Some adjustments required (new instructions)

Professor: Lectured less; focused on details

5. Evaluate and Improve Materials
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Team assignments complicated Individual assignments easier to manage Agreed to consider constructivist approach Changed individual projects to team projects Result: Students better prepared; discussions improved

Wrapping Up
● ● ● ● Professors must trust ID to support them Identify gaps within transfer of instruction Agree upon ID/client goals Develop transfer of instruction by specifying objectives and content


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Initial discussions limited (bare essentials) Professor had been avoiding objectives Clear objectives lead to software solution Course reworked to use software Focus shifted from lecture to details Team projects improved student preparation

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