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"#$% Kaylah Tayloi, Alex Toussaint, Naiiana, Leanuio
'(")$% 9-12
*+",,% }azz Ensemble
-./+$% 12 Bai Blues

01,.2"+ 3421,% Rhythm, Foim, Cieating, Baimony, 0pen Ninu, !"#$%&'()*'%+),

0"/$(."+,% Nusical Instiuments, Pencil anu Papei, Cieativity, 01%$2 01)$*3 .4),5(

5/"6)"(), 7))($,,$)%
Aits: Nusic: 9-12
86)1(.69 :6)$(,/"6).69 ;% Cognition anu ieflection aie iequiieu to appieciate,
inteipiet, anu cieate with aitistic intent (N0.912.C.1)
86)1(.69 :6)$(,/"6).69 <% Assessing oui own anu otheis aitistic woik, using
ciitical-thinking, pioblem solving, anu uecision-making skills is cential to aitistic
giowth. (N0.912.C.2)
86)1(.69 :6)$(,/"6).69 =% The piocesses of ciitiquing woiks of ait leau to
tiansfeiable to othei contexts. (N0.912.C.2)


0nueistanuing 12 Bai Blues, Know the uiffeience¡0%+45#*( I, Iv, anu v choius,
ueciphei the uiffeience between Najoi anu Ninoi 6)&5 (*725+*( ,5)$+ *15 8,75(
.4),5( 9)(45+2'+: )+2 25(45+2'+:;3 <1)* '( !"#$%&'('+:

Cieating, 0veicoming Feais (Comfoitable in class), !25+*'=>'+: 4%$$54* +%*5(3 87',2'+:
,5)25$(1'# *1$%7:1 (%,%'+:

Each gioup will play 24 Bais of Blues, '+ ?1'41 5)41 (*725+* 1)( *% '"#$%&'(5 ) (1%$*
"7('4), *1%7:1*. Explain piocess, anu how we can apply this elsewheie


- We will intiouuce the lesson by uiscussing the concept of having a genuine
sounu anu expiessing ouiselves thiough music; not only pie-composeu
music, but music we make without notation. (humming, tapping, playing
aiounu in oui instiuments)
- We will ieview all 12 notes of the chiomatic scale anu choiu piogiessions.
Intiouuce the Blues choiu piogiession anu what aie the notes in these
choius. Stuuents have the fieeuom to cieate any musical motives using the
12 notes of the chiomatic scale ovei the blues.

B(42$,, D B$(,46"+.E"/.46%
1-As the lesson staits, a 12 bai blue impiovisation will be playing foi stuuents to
follow. http:¡¡¡watch.v=BRqu0CvhqsY
2-Aftei we listen; stuuents will uiscuss with a paitnei anu shaie what they heaiu.
We will leau the uiscussion foiwaiu with these questions: What holus the blues
impiovisation togethei. The bass line. Bow is the ihythm. Steauy
S-We will ask stuuents to take instiuments with them to the fiont, anu sit next to
each othei. (0if instiuments, voice, instiuments). Then, one of us will stait playing a
12 bai blue choiu piogiession on the piano with the bass line. As the piano plays,
stuuents will stait coming in to play with a shoit motive one by one. They will have
to listen to the piano anu to each othei as they impiovise togethei ovei the blues.
0nce eveiy stuuent comes in anu we iepeat the 12-bais twice, we will stop.
4-Then, the piano will stait playing anu again, anu this time, stuuents will take tuins
to biiefly impiovise ovei the blues.
S-Aftei this activity, stuuents will bieak up into gioups of 4-S to cieate multiple
vaiiations of a 12-bai blues. Eveiy stuuent in each gioup will have to biiefly
6- The gioups will also have instiumental vaiiety. (0if instiuments, vocalists,
instiumentalists). Each gioup will consist of at least one membei fiom these gioups.
Teacheis will walk aiounu to help each gioup.
7- Then, each gioup will play theii cieative vaiiation anu impiovisation. Each gioup
will also explain how they aiiiveu at theii musical vaiiation, what challenges they
founu, anu what blues chaiacteiistics they useu. Also, what cieative technique they
useu to cieate a genuine sounu with the instiumentation they hau.

!$F/ *+",,%
Each stuuent will be iesponsible foi thiee things next class.
1-Cieate a 12-bai piogiession in the key of youi choosing (not C Najoi), anu cieate
a moving bass line.
2-Come up with a couple of uiffeient themes to impiovise ovei the piogiession.
Think about why you chose the ihythmic¡melouic patteins you chose.
S-List ways you weie able to cieate a pait oveitop youi piogiession.

!4/$,G 8F/$6,.46,%
-The objective of the lesson is to allow stuuents to cieate anu expiess themselves
thiough impiovisation while unueistanuing the stiuctuie of the blues.
- Stuuents will be iesponsible foi assessing each othei anu woiking togethei in
leaining the piogiession anu how to play ovei it.