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Consultation Report Child: Elizabeth Date of Birth: October 4, 2008 Date of Evaluation: November 2, 2013 School: Hutchins Elementary

Age: 5 years 29 days

Background and Referral Information: Elizabeth is from a middle class family with two siblings and both parents. She is a very bright child and loves playing with her older siblings. She has a big interest in animals like dogs, cats, and horses. She enjoys reading books and being read to by her family. She recently had to start wearing glasses and does not like this addition. Other than the glasses she is a healthy child who is loving kindergarten and looks forward to going into first grade next year.

Test Administered: The test that was used in assessing Elizabeth was the Denver II or DDST-R. The DDST-R is a 125 question test with four sectors: Gross motor, Language, Fine Motor – Adaptive, and Personal – Social. This test was used because of its broad area of influence and ability to target proficiency and failures in multiple areas of development.

Observations During Testing: While performing the personal and social tasks Elizabeth excelled and was very excited to show her skills at making cereal and getting dressed quickly. Elizabeth also loved drawing and could draw and copy each required item very well and enjoyed doing so. I could tell that this child spent time with her older siblings because of her advanced language skills. She was very talkative and excited to be the center of attention and often gave

more information than required. She was a little clumsy but could perform the asked tasks completely even if she was not completely graceful.

Test Results: Elizabeth scored normal on all areas and was too old to qualify for any advanced scores. She scored “P” or passing on all tasks asked of her and did not receive any “F” or ”N” scores on any questions.

Impression: The test reveals that Elizabeth is well beyond proficient in all developmental areas. There is not any area that needs work to gain proficiency as she is already at that level. She is very well developed in all areas and I assume it is due to her family’s involvement in her education and development.

Recommendations: My recommendation for Elizabeth is that she should continue to learn and spent time with her older siblings and parents. The parents are very involved in her life and it really shows in her test results. Her zeal for learning and proving what she has learned is exciting to watch and leaves me with no worries for her future.


Aaron Bradly Conner Student Intern