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Design for Learning

Instructor: Victoria Bye Grade Level/Cooperating Teacher: 2nd Lesson Title: An Awesome Dream Date: 11 December 2013 Curriculum Area: Language Arts Estimated Time: 1 hour Standards Connection: Language Arts 2nd (40) With guidance and support from adults, demonstrate understanding of word relationships and nuances in word meanings. [L.1.5] • Identify real-life connections between words and their use. [L.1.5c] Learning Objective(s): When given a matching sheet, students will correctly identify all of the definitions of given words. Learning Objective(s) stated in “kid-friendly” language: Today friends, we will be learning some new words from our book and then complete a fun matching sheet. Evaluation of Learning Objective(s): Students will complete a matching worksheet. The words “dream,” “fantastic,” “practical,” and “wonder” will be on the left side of the paper and the students will match them with their correct definitions on the right side. After the lesson and practice, students should be able to identify all four correctly. Engagement: Numbers one through ten please come have a seat in front of the red chair. Now numbers eleven through twenty may come sit down. Okay awesome friends, I am going to need a lot of awesome help today so I need everyone to put on your awesome thinking caps and get ready to think and talk about the awesome ideas you come up with! I am going to ask you some awesome questions and when you have an awesome answer, I want you to give me a thumbs up. When your awesome friends give answers and you think it was an awesome answer, give me our “me too” sign using your hand not your mouth. Ok, let’s begin. If your house could be made out of anything, what would you want it to be made out of? If you could have any super power, what would it be? If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? If you could get in a time machine and go back in time, what time would you go back to and why? If everyday could be a holiday, which holiday would you want it to be? If you could eat any food you wanted to for every meal for the rest of your life without your parents getting angry, what would it be? Girls, if you could be any Disney princess, who would it be? Boys, if you could be any Disney prince, who would you be? If you could be an superhero, who would you be? If you could be a famous athlete who would you be? If you could be any superstar, who would you be? Wow! Those were some awesome answers! Give me a thumbs up if it would be a dream come true those awesome ideas actually happened in your life! Today we are going to read an awesome book about dreams and and learn some new vocabulary words all while having an awesome time! (The instructor will purposefully use the word “awesome” many times to prepare students for the book.) Learning Design:

I. Teaching: The awesome book we are going to read today is by Dallas Clayton and is called An Awesome Book! How cool is that? Let’s look at the cover of the book and think about the title for a minute. Who has an idea about what this awesome book could have to tell us? Give me a thumbs up if you have an idea. Those were some pretty awesome guess! Let’s see if anyone was correct. I want you to pay attention very closely as we read because I am going to stop and ask you several questions throughout the book and afterwards we are going to learn four new vocabulary words! I want you to listen for the words: dream, fantastic, practical, and wonder. The instructor will read the book. “There are places in the world where people don’t dream...” Wow, that’s a really sad beginning. I can’t imagine a world without dreams! “There are places in the world where people don’t dream... of rocket-powered unicorns... and candy cane machines... of magic watermelons... and musical baboons, or teeny tiny trumpet players training pet raccoons...” Wow! These are some crazy dreams! Have you ever had an crazy dreams like these? “Yes, there are places in the world where people dream up dreams so simply un-fantastical and practical they seem... to lose all possibility of thinking super things... of dancing wild animals with diamond-coated wings...” I don’t ever want you to lose the ability to think about super things even if they might seem unrealistic to everyone around you! “Instead they dream of furniture... of buying a new hat... of owning matching silverware... could you imagine that? Instead they stay awake at night wishing for a car... Not one that runs on jelly beans... but one that’s regular.” How boring is that! “They dream of breakfast sandwiches. They dream of telephones. Sometimes they even dreams of dreams that aren’t there own. Yes, there are places in the world where dreams are almost dead...” Oh no! I don’t want dreams to die! “So please, my child, do keep in mind before you go to bed... to dream a dream as big could ever dream to be... then dream a dream ten times as big as that one dream you see...” Those could be some really big dreams the author wants you to dream, huh? “Then once you’ve got that dream in mind please dream a million more... and not a million quiet dreams, a million dreams that roar... A million dreams so loud they scream... So loud they scream and shout!...” Those are some really loud dreams! “So super huge they say ‘hey, world! Guess what I’m dreamin’ ‘bout... I’m dreaming about everything that no one ever thought to wonder... Dreams so big that they’ve got dreams and they’ve got dreams up under...” That is a whole bunch of dreams! “Please dream for those who’ve given up... for those who’ve never tried... Please use your dreams to make new dreams for all the dreams that died... ‘Cause you’re the one whose dreams can be whatever dreams you want... Whose dreams can change the way things are and they way that things are not...” I wonder if our dreams could change things too. “And if they say that all your dreams seem to big to come true... You tell them that I told you... ‘that’s what dreams are meant to do!’ They’re meant to make you seem as if you don’t know up from down... Because dreams are dreams and that’s why dreams are worth having around!... So when you think your dreaming’ done... Just remember what I said... ‘Close your eyes, my child and dream that perfect dream inside your head...’ The end.” Boys and girls, this is my absolute favorite book! What was your favorite part of this silly, awesome book? Can anyone tell me what the author wanted to teach or tell us with this book? I think Dallas Clayton is trying to tell everyone who reads this book to never stop dreaming, never give up on their dreams, and to never let anyone else tell you that your dreams can’t come true. That’s a whole lot about dreams. Today we are going to talk about

what a dream is- the type of dream that we read about in An Awesome Book! and how we can use the word “dream” in our everyday lives. We are also going to learn about three other words from An Awesome Book!: fantastic, practical,and wonder and how we can use them when we speak and write. Our first vocabulary word for today is “dream.” I am going to write the word “dream” on the board and then we are going to practice spelling it together. Ready, go. D-r-e-a-m. Now, let’s sound it out together. Dr-ea-m, dream (the instructor will use the pointer to underline each part and then the entire word). Many of you may think that a dream is just the thoughts and visions you expeience during your sleep, but we are going to talk about a different type of dream. A dream is a strongly desired goal or purpose. This is the type of dream that the author is talking about in our book. I want you to turn to your neighbor and talk about a dream you have. It can be a dream for your life, your family, a dream job, or a crazy dream. Sally, what is a dream you have? Awesome! Now we are going to make one of Mrs. Bye’s favorite things, a frayer model, for the word “dream.” You all are going to tell me what to write in the four boxes. So, for our first box, what is our word? Dream, yes! Now, someone give me a definition of dream for our second box. The teacher will call on students until a correct answer is given. Box number three: who can tell me an example? And finally for box four, who can give me a non-example. This box might be a little more difficult for the students to think of ideas; therefore the teacher will provide help if needed. Throughout the frayer model activity, the teacher will add reinforcement and explanation where necessary. Our next word is “fantastic.” I have written “fantastic” on the smartboard. Let’s spell it together: f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c. Now, let’s break it apart and say it all together: fan-tast-ic. fantastic. Who has an idea of what fantastic could mean? We use the word “fantastic” to describe something that is extremely good! Turn to your partner and tell them something that you think is fantastic. David, what did your partner say he thinks is fantastic? Now let’s make another fantastic model for the word “fantastic!” The teacher will use the same format and discussion as used with the previous vocabulary word. Our third word is “practical.” Let’s spell practical together. Look up at the board with me. Pr-a-c-t-i-c-a-l. Now let’s break it up: prac-ti-cal, practical. We use practical to describe something when it relates to real life but is not very creative or fun. Talk about some practical things or ideas in the world around you with your partner. Does anyone have an idea they would like to share? Those are great ideas! Let’s use them to create another frayer model to hang with the other two. The teacher will use the same format and discussion as used with the previous vocabulary word. And finally, our last word for today is “wonder.” Spell it with me: w-o-n-d-e-r. Now let’s break up and put it back together: won-der, wonder. Wonder means to be very curious about something or to want to explore something. Turn to partner and come up with something that both of you wonder about. I want each partner group to share starting with John’s group over here and ending with Lucy’s on this side. Wow friends, you wonder about a lot of things! I love that! Guess what time it is now? Frayer time! The teacher will use the same format and discussion as used with the previous vocabulary word.

Now that we have learned about the words: “dream, fantastic, practical, and wonder,” I want each of you to return to your seat and we are going to practice using these words with our table groups. II. Opportunity for Practice: We are going to do a super fun activity for practice today! Each table group will be given one of the vocabulary words, and you will use your word to create a cartoon on a posterboard. I want everyone to look up here and I am going to put an example up on the elmo. I want you to model your cartoon after this example. You will include the word; a definition in your own words; the part of speech- noun, verb, or adjective; a large cartoon drawing; and a sentence using the your word to describe the cartoon. Remember that everyone is required to participate in group work, so I need to see everyone working together to create some awesome cartoons. Group 1, your word is dream. Group 2, your word is fantastic. Group 3, your word is practical. Group 4, your word is wonder. You have twenty minutes to complete the activity, and then your group will share your cartoon with the class. You may begin. Groups 1 and 3 please return to the red carpet with your cartoon posters. Now groups 2 and 4 please come to the red carpet. I loved seeing each group work together, and I cannot wait to see the awesome ideas and drawings you have used on your cartoons. Group 1, will you please come to the front and present your cartoon? Tell us your word, the definition, part of speech, a little about the cartoon drawing, and read us your sentence. Each group will present and the instructor will guide conversation, provide extension, and provide clarification after each vocabulary word is presented. III. Assessment: We have learned four awesome words today and practiced using them. Now, I want each of you to show me what you have learned. For your exit ticket today, you will complete this fun, little worksheet with our new vocabulary words and their definitions on it. Draw a line to connect the vocabulary word to the correct definition. Be sure to write your name on your paper before you begin. If you finish early, begin using your new vocabulary words to write sentences on the back of your paper. IV. Closure: Ok, friends! Who can tell me what vocabulary words we learned today? Very good. We learned about the words “dream,” “fantastic,” “practical,” and “wonder.” And what book did we read with all these words in it? Very good, we read An Awesome Book!. My favorite vocabulary word we talked about today is “dream.” I loved talking about your dreams and I hope that you will always remember what An Awesome Book told us about dreams. Does anyone remember? So boys and girls, dream fantastic dreams, do not worry about being practical all the time, wonder about the world around you, and use your dreams to change world! Never give up on your awesome dreams! Materials and Resources: An Awesome Book! by Dallas Clayton Smartboard Elmo Posters

Markers Assessment Differentiation Strategies (including plans for individual learners): High- Students who finish the worksheet early will use each word in context in a sentence. Low- Students may use a dictionary for assistance or have the number of choices narrowed to two for each vocabulary word. Data Analysis: I had one student complete the assessment, and she scored a proficient score of four out four. Reflection: I had planned to teach this lesson to my cub club group on a smaller scale as a small group lesson; however, I only had one student show up, and our time was cut short because she arrived at 7:40. Therefore, I was not able to fully complete my teaching and had to ask her to complete the assessment with completing the practice portion. If I had taught this lesson in it’s entirety, I think I would be more pleased with the results because this is my favorite lesson that I wrote this semester.

Name: _____________ Match the word with the correct definition. practical
a strongly desired goal or purpose


a strongly desired goal or purpose


something that is extremely good


to be very curious about something or to want to explore something

Cartoon example