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ATTORNEYS & ADMISSION TO BAR Rule 138 Section 1. Who may practice law. - Any person hereto ore !

uly "!#itte! "s " #e#$er o the $"r% or here" ter "!#itte! "s such in "ccor!"nce &ith the pro'isions o this rule% "n! &ho is in (oo! "n! re(ul"r st"n!in(% is entitle! to pr"ctice l"&. Sec. ). Requirements for all applicants for admission to the bar. - E'ery "pplic"nt or "!#ission "s " #e#$er o the $"r #ust $e " citi*en o the +hilippines% "t le"st t&enty,one ye"rs o "(e% o (oo! #or"l ch"r"cter% "n! " resi!ent o the +hilippines"n! #ust pro!uce $e ore the Supre#e .ourt s"tis "ctory e'i!ence o (oo! #or"l ch"r"cter% "n! th"t no ch"r(es "("inst hi#% in'ol'in( #or"l turpitu!e% h"'e $een ile! or "re pen!in( in "ny court in the"n ro$les 'irtu"l l"& li$r"ry Sec. 3. Requirements for lawyers who are citizens of the United States of America. .iti*ens o the /nite! St"tes o A#eric" &ho% $e ore 0uly 1% 1213% &ere !uly license! #e#$ers o the +hilippine B"r% in "cti'e pr"ctice in the courts o the +hilippines "n! in (oo! "n! re(ul"r st"n!in( "s such #"y% upon s"tis "ctory proo o those "cts $e ore the Supre#e .ourt% $e "llo&e! to continue such pr"ctice " ter t"4in( the ollo&in( o"th o o ice5 "I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha"in# been permitted to continue in the practice of law in the $hilippines do solemnly swear that I reco#nize the supreme authority of the Republic of the $hilippines% I will support its &onstitution and obey the laws as well as the le#al orders of the duly constituted authorities therein% I will do no falsehood nor consent to the doin# of any in court% I will not wittin#ly or willin#ly promote or sue any #roundless false or unlawful suit nor #i"e aid nor consent to the same% I will delay no man for money or malice and will conduct myself as a lawyer accordin# to the best of my 'nowled#e and discretion with all #ood fidelity as well to the courts as to my clients% and I impose upon myself this "oluntary obli#ation without any mental reser"ation or purpose of e"asion. So help me (od." Sec. 1. Requirements for applicants from other )urisdictions. - Applic"nts or "!#ission &ho% $ein( 6ilipino citi*ens% "re enrolle! "ttorneys in (oo! st"n!in( in the Supre#e .ourt o the /nite! St"tes or in "ny circuit court o "ppe"ls or !istrict court therein% or in the hi(hest court o "ny St"te or Territory o the /nite! St"tes% "n! &ho c"n sho& $y s"tis "ctory certi ic"tes th"t they h"'e pr"ctice! "t le"st i'e ye"rs in "ny o s"i! courts% th"t such pr"ctice $e("n $e ore 0uly 1% 1213% "n! th"t they h"'e ne'er $een suspen!e! or !is$"rre!% #"y% in the !iscretion o the .ourt% $e "!#itte! &ithout e7"#in"tion. Sec. 8. Additional requirements for other applicants. - All "pplic"nts or "!#ission other th"n those re erre! to in the t&o prece!in( sections sh"ll% $e ore $ein( "!#itte! to the e7"#in"tion% s"tis "ctorily sho& th"t they h"'e re(ul"rly stu!ie! l"& or our ye"rs% "n! success ully co#plete! "ll prescri$e! courses% in " l"&

.@e("l Ethics "n! +r"ctic"l E7ercises =in +le"!in( "n! . Sec."n ro$les 'irtu"l l"& li$r"ry Sec.amination by questions and answers and in writin#. Sec.onstitution"l @"&% +u$lic . +ime for filin# proof of qualifications. I not e#$r"ce! &ithin sections 3 "n! 1 o this rule they sh"ll "lso ile &ithin the s"#e perio! the " i!"'it "n! certi ic"te re9uire! $y section 8% "n! i e#$r"ce! &ithin sections 3 "n! 1 they sh"ll e7hi$it " license e'i!encin( the "ct o their "!#ission to pr"ctice% s"tis "ctory e'i!ence th"t the s"#e h"s not $een re'o4e!% "n! certi ic"tes "s to their pro ession"l st"n!in(.on'ey"ncin(>.school or uni'ersity% o ici"lly "ppro'e! "n! reco(ni*e! $y the Secret"ry o E!uc"tion.+ersons t"4in( the e7"#in"tion sh"ll not $rin( p"pers% $oo4s or notes into the e7"#in"tion roo#s.Re#e!i"l @"& =. Sec.ri#in"l @"&.All "pplic"nts or "!#ission sh"ll ile &ith the cler4 o the Supre#e .ourt in ne&sp"pers pu$lishe! in +ilipino% En(lish "n! Sp"nish% or "t le"st ten =1?> !"ys $e ore the $e(innin( o the e7"#in"tion.Merc"ntile @"&. .+olitic"l @"& =.s !e(ree in "rts or sciences &ith "ny o the ollo&in( su$:ects "s #":or or iel! o concentr"tion5 politic"l science% lo(ic% en(lish% sp"nish% history "n! econo#ics.Applic"nts% not other&ise pro'i!e! or in sections 3 "n! 1 o this rule% sh"ll $e su$:ecte! to e7"#in"tions in the ollo&in( su$:ects5 . 3. ."r hi(h school course% the course o stu!y prescri$e! therein or " $"chelor.ri#in"l +roce!ure% "n! E'i!ence>.Intern"tion"l @"& =+ri'"te "n! +u$lic>. No "pplic"nt sh"ll $e "!#itte! to the $"r e7"#in"tions unless he h"s s"tis "ctorily co#plete! the ollo&in( courses in " l"& school or uni'ersity !uly reco(ni*e! $y the (o'ern#ent5 ci'il l"&% co##erci"l l"&% re#e!i"l l"&% cri#in"l l"&% pu$lic "n! pri'"te intern"tion"l l"&% politic"l l"&% l"$or "n! soci"l le(isl"tion% #e!ic"l :urispru!ence% t"7"tion "n! le("l ethics. -.T"7"tion.@"$or "n! Soci"l @e(isl"tion. ..orpor"tions% "n! +u$lic O icers>. The 9uestions sh"ll $e the s"#e or "ll e7"#inees "n! " copy thereo % in . 1?. <.ourt the e'i!ence re9uire! $y section ) o this rule "t le"st i teen =18> !"ys $e ore the $e(innin( o the e7"#in"tion. The " i!"'it o the c"n!i!"te% "cco#p"nie! $y " certi ic"te ro# the uni'ersity or school o l"&% sh"ll $e ile! "s e'i!ence o such "cts% "n! urther e'i!ence #"y $e re9uire! $y the court. .Notice o "pplic"tions or "!#ission sh"ll $e pu$lishe! $y the cler4 o the Supre#e .amination% sub)ects.i'il @"&.i'il +roce!ure% . . /ar e. Applic"nts sh"ll "lso ile "t the s"#e ti#e their o&n " i!"'its "s to their "(e% resi!ence% "n! citi*enship.otice of applications.No "pplic"nt or "!#ission to the $"r e7"#in"tion sh"ll $e "!#itte! unless he presents " certi ic"te th"t he h"s s"tis ie! the Secret"ry o E!uc"tion th"t% $e ore he $e("n the stu!y o l"&% he h"! pursue! "n! s"tis "ctorily co#plete! in "n "uthori*e! "n! reco(ni*e! uni'ersity or colle(e% re9uirin( or "!#ission thereto the co#pletion o " our. 2. $re-*aw.

Sec.aminers. No or"l e7"#in"tion sh"ll $e (i'en. The c"n!i!"te &ho 'iol"tes this pro'ision% or "ny other pro'ision o this rule% sh"ll $e $"rre! ro# the e7"#in"tion% "n! the s"#e to count "s " "ilure "("inst hi#% "n! urther !isciplin"ry "ction% inclu!in( per#"nent !is9u"li ic"tion% #"y $e t"4en in the !iscretion o the court.. E7"#inees sh"ll not pl"ce their n"#es on the e7"#in"tion p"pers.Secon! !"y5 .Thir! !"y5 Merc"ntile @"& =#ornin(> "n! .+olitic"l "n! .6ourth !"y5 Re#e!i"l @"& =#ornin(> "n! @e("l Ethics "n! +r"ctic"l E7ercises =" ternoon>.i'il @"& =#ornin(> "n! T"7"tion =" ternoon>.E7"#in"tions sh"ll $e con!ucte! $y " co##ittee o $"r e7"#iners to $e "ppointe! $y the Supre#e .i'il @"&% 18 per cent. E7"#inees sh"ll "ns&er the 9uestions person"lly &ithout help ro# "nyone.En(lish or Sp"nish% sh"ll $e (i'en to e"ch e7"#inee. Only noiseless type&riters sh"ll $e "llo&e! to $e use!. They sh"ll $e hel! in our !"ys to $e !esi(n"te! $y the ch"ir#"n o the co##ittee on $"r e7"#iners.@"$or "n! Soci"l @e(isl"tion% 1? per cent.ourt #"y "llo& such e7"#inee to use " type&riter in "ns&erin( the 9uestions.ourt.amination. The n"#es o the #e#$ers o this co##ittee sh"ll $e pu$lishe! in e"ch 'olu#e o the o ici"l reports. .ri#in"l @"&. 1). &ommittee of e. 0isciplinary measures. 11.ourt% &ho sh"ll "ct "s ch"ir#"n% "n! &ho sh"ll $e !esi(n"te! $y the court to ser'e or one ye"r% "n! ei(ht #e#$ers o the $"r o the +hilippines% &ho sh"ll hol! o ice or " perio! o one ye"r.1? per cent.ri#in"l @"& =" ternoon>.Merc"ntile @"&% 18 per cent. .ch"n ro$les 'irtu"l l"& li$r"ry Sec. The su$:ects sh"ll $e !istri$ute! "s ollo&s5 6irst !"y5 +olitic"l "n! Intern"tion"l @"& =#ornin(> "n! @"$or "n! Soci"l @e(isl"tion =" ternoon>. 13. /pon 'eri ie! "pplic"tion #"!e $y "n e7"#inee st"tin( th"t his pen#"nship is so poor th"t it &ill $e !i icult to re"! his "ns&ers &ithout #uch loss o ti#e% the Supre#e . Sec. . Sec. $assin# a"era#e. Annual e. 11.E7"#in"tions or "!#ission to the $"r o the +hilippines sh"ll t"4e pl"ce "nnu"lly in the . ch"n ro$les 'irtu"l l"& li$r"ry The co##ittee o $"r e7"#iners sh"ll t"4e such prec"utions "s "re necess"ry to pre'ent the su$stitution o p"pers or co##ission o other r"u!s.In or!er th"t " c"n!i!"te #"y $e !ee#e! to h"'e p"sse! his e7"#in"tions success ully% he #ust h"'e o$t"ine! " (ener"l "'er"(e o <8 per cent in "ll su$:ects% &ithout "llin( $elo& 8? per cent in "ny su$:ect. This co##ittee sh"ll $e co#pose! o " 0ustice o the Supre#e .No c"n!i!"te sh"ll en!e"'or to in luence "ny #e#$er o the co##ittee% "n! !urin( e7"#in"tion the c"n!i!"tes sh"ll not co##unic"te &ith e"ch other nor sh"ll they (i'e or recei'e "ny "ssist"nce. In !eter#inin( the "'er"(e% the su$:ects in the e7"#in"tion sh"ll $e (i'en the ollo&in( rel"ti'e &ei(hts5 . .ity o M"nil".

T"7"tion% 1? per cent. . 18. The pro essors o the in!i'i!u"l re'ie& su$:ects "tten!e! $y the c"n!i!"tes un!er this rule sh"ll certi y un!er o"th th"t the c"n!i!"tes h"'e re(ul"rly "tten!e! cl"sses "n! p"sse! the su$:ects un!er the s"#e con!itions "s or!in"ry stu!ents "n! the r"tin(s o$t"ine! $y the# in the p"rticul"r su$:ect. $"r re'ie& course in " reco(ni*e! l"& school. .amination papers. .ourt the correspon!in( o"th o o ice. .An "pplic"nt &ho h"s p"sse! the re9uire! e7"#in"tion% or h"s $een other&ise oun! to $e entitle! to "!#ission to the $"r% sh"ll t"4e "n! su$scri$e $e ore the Supre#e .Re#e!i"l @"&% )? per cent@e("l Ethics "n! +r"ctic"l E7ercises% 8 per cent.The cler4 o the Supre#e . 18. Attorneys2 roll.It is the !uty o "n "ttorney5 ="> To #"int"in "lle(i"nce to the Repu$lic o the +hilippines "n! to support the .ourt sh"ll thereupon "!#it the "pplic"nt "s " #e#$er o the $"r or "ll the courts o the +hilippines% "n! sh"ll !irect "n or!er to $e entere! to th"t e ect upon its recor!s% "n! th"t " certi ic"te o such recor! $e (i'en to hi# $y the cler4 o court% &hich certi ic"te sh"ll $e his "uthority to pr"ctice. 13. Sec. 0uties of attorneys. &ertificate.. Report of the committee% filin# of e.Intern"tion"l @"&% 18 per cent.ourt sh"ll 4eep " roll o "ll "ttorneys "!#itte! to pr"ctice% &hich roll sh"ll $e si(ne! $y the person "!#itte! &hen he recei'es his certi ic"te. Admission and oath of successful applicants. 12.Not l"ter th"n 6e$ru"ry 18th " ter the e7"#in"tion% or "s soon there" ter "s #"y $e pr"ctic"$le% the co##ittee sh"ll ile its reports on the result o such e7"#in"tion.onstitution "n! o$ey the l"&s o the +hilippines=$> To o$ser'e "n! #"int"in the respect !ue to the courts o :ustice "n! :u!ici"l o icers=c> To counsel or #"int"in such "ctions or procee!in(s only "s "ppe"r to hi# to $e :ust% "n! such !e enses only "s he $elie'es to $e honestly !e$"t"$le un!er the l"&- . . 1ailin# candidates to ta'e re"iew course."n ro$les 'irtu"l l"& li$r"ry Sec.The Supre#e . Sec. The e7"#in"tion p"pers "n! notes o the co##ittee sh"ll $e i7e! &ith the cler4 "n! #"y there $e e7"#ine! $y the p"rties in interest% " ter the court h"s "ppro'e! the report. )?. 1<."n!i!"tes &ho h"'e "ile! the $"r e7"#in"tions or three ti#es sh"ll $e !is9u"li ie! ro# t"4in( "nother e7"#in"tion unless they sho& to the s"tis "ction o the court th"t they h"'e enrolle! in "n! p"sse! re(ul"r ourth ye"r re'ie& cl"sses "s &ell "s "tten!e! " pre. Sec. . Sec.

ch"n ro$les 'irtu"l l"& li$r"ry Sec. Sec. Authority of attorneys to bind clients.An "ttorney &ho "ppe"rs !e p"rte in " c"se $e ore " lo&er court sh"ll $e presu#e! to continue representin( his client on "ppe"l% unless he iles " or#"l petition &ith!r"&in( his "ppe"r"nce in the "ppell"te court.Attorneys h"'e "uthority to $in! their clients in "ny c"se $y "ny "(ree#ent in rel"tion thereto #"!e in &ritin(% "n! in t"4in( "ppe"ls% "n! in "ll #"tters o or!in"ry :u!ici"l proce!ure. )3. . Authority of attorney to appear.s c"use% ro# "ny corrupt #oti'e or interest=h> Ne'er to re:ect% or "ny consi!er"tion person"l to hi#sel % the c"use o the !e enseless or oppresse!=i> In the !e ense o " person "ccuse! o cri#e% $y "ll "ir "n! honor"$le #e"ns% re("r!less o his person"l opinion "s to the (uilt o the "ccuse!% to present e'ery !e ense th"t the l"& per#its% to the en! th"t no person #"y $e !epri'e! o li e or li$erty% $ut $y !ue process o l"&. But they c"nnot% &ithout speci"l "uthority% co#pro#ise their client. . Sec.An "ttorney is presu#e! to $e properly "uthori*e! to represent "ny c"use in &hich he "ppe"rs% "n! no &ritten po&er o "ttorney is re9uire! to "uthori*e hi# to "ppe"r in court or his client% $ut the presi!in( :u!(e #"y% on #otion o either p"rty "n! on re"son"$le (roun!s there or $ein( sho&n% re9uire "ny "ttorney &ho "ssu#es the ri(ht to "ppe"r in " c"se to pro!uce or pro'e the "uthority un!er &hich he "ppe"rs% "n! to !isclose% &hene'er pertinent to "ny issue% the n"#e o the person &ho e#ploye! hi#% "n! #"y thereupon #"4e such or!er "s :ustice re9uires.s liti("tion% or recei'e "nythin( in !isch"r(e o " client.s $usiness e7cept ro# hi# or &ith his 4no&le!(e "n! "ppro'"l= > To "$st"in ro# "ll o ensi'e person"lity "n! to "!'"nce no "ct pre:u!ici"l to the honor or reput"tion o " p"rty or &itness% unless re9uire! $y the :ustice o the c"use &ith &hich he is ch"r(e!=(> Not to encour"(e either the co##ence#ent or the continu"nce o "n "ction or procee!in(% or !el"y "ny #"n. An "ttorney &il ully "ppe"rin( in court or " person &ithout $ein( e#ploye!% unless $y le"'e o the court% #"y $e punishe! or conte#pt "s "n o icer o the court &ho h"s #is$eh"'e! in his o ici"l tr"ns"ctions. )). Attorney who appears in lower court presumed to represent client on appeal.s cl"i# $ut the ull "#ount in c"sh. . )1.=!> To e#ploy% or the purpose o #"int"inin( the c"uses con i!e! to hi#% such #e"ns only "s "re consistent &ith truth "n! honor% "n! ne'er see4 to #isle"! the :u!(e or "ny :u!ici"l o icer $y "n "rti ice or "lse st"te#ent o "ct or l"&=e> To #"int"in in'iol"te the con i!ence% "n! "t e'ery peril to hi#sel % to preser'e the secrets o his client% "n! to "ccept no co#pens"tion in connection &ith his client. .

)<.$ut procee!in(s un!er this section sh"ll not $e " $"r to " cri#in"l prosecution. Sec.Sec. )1. . A &ritten contr"ct or ser'ices sh"ll control the "#ount to $e p"i! there or unless oun! $y the court to $e unconscion"$le or unre"son"$le. .A #e#$er o the $"r #"y $e re#o'e! or suspen!e! ro# his o ice "s "ttorney $y the Supre#e . Attorneys remo"ed or suspended by Supreme &ourt on what #rounds. . Sec.ourt or "ny !eceit% #"lpr"ctice% or other (ross #iscon!uct in such o ice% (rossly i##or"l con!uct% or $y re"son o his con'iction o " cri#e in'ol'in( #or"l turpitu!e% or or "ny 'iol"tion o the o"th &hich he is re9uire! to t"4e $e ore "!#ission to pr"ctice% or or " &il ull !iso$e!ience o "ny l"& ul or!er o " superior court% or or corruptly or &il ully "ppe"rin( "s "n "ttorney or " p"rty to " c"se &ithout "uthority so to !o. The pr"ctice o solicitin( c"ses "t l"& or the purpose o ("in% either person"lly or throu(h p"i! "(ents or $ro4ers% constitutes #"lpr"ctice. &han#e of attorneys. Bo&e'er% the "ttorney #"y% in the !iscretion o the court% inter'ene in the c"se to protect his ri(hts. Unlawful retention of client2s funds% contempt.An "ttorney #"y retire "t "ny ti#e ro# "ny "ction or speci"l procee!in(% $y the &ritten consent o his client ile! in court. )3. &ompensation of attorneys% a#reement as to fees.ourt &ho h"s #is$eh"'e! in his o ici"l tr"ns"ctions. Sec. )8. A client #"y "t "ny ti#e !is#iss his "ttorney or su$stitute "nother in his pl"ce% $ut i the contr"ct $et&een client "n! "ttorney h"s $een re!uce! to &ritin( "n! the !is#iss"l o the "ttorney &"s &ithout :usti i"$le c"use% he sh"ll $e entitle! to reco'er ro# the client the ull co#pens"tion stipul"te! in the contr"ct. In c"se o su$stitution% the n"#e o the "ttorney ne&ly e#ploye! sh"ll $e entere! on the !oc4et o the court in pl"ce o the or#er one% "n! &ritten notice o the ch"n(e sh"ll $e (i'en to the "!'erse p"rty.An "ttorney sh"ll $e entitle! to h"'e "n! reco'er ro# his client no #ore th"n " re"son"$le co#pens"tion or his ser'ices% &ith " 'ie& to the i#port"nce o the su$:ect #"tter o the contro'ersy% the e7tent o the ser'ices ren!ere!% "n! the pro ession"l st"n!in( o the "ttorney. . 6or the p"y#ent o his co#pens"tion the "ttorney sh"ll h"'e " lien upon "ll :u!(#ents or the p"y#ent o #oney% "n! e7ecutions issue! in pursu"nce o such :u!(#ent% ren!ere! in the c"se &herein his ser'ices h"! $een ret"ine! $y the client.Ahen "n "ttorney un:ustly ret"ins in his h"n!s #oney o his client " ter it h"s $een !e#"n!e!% he #"y $e punishe! or conte#pt "s "n o icer o the . No court sh"ll $e $oun! $y the opinion o "ttorneys "s e7pert &itnesses "s to the proper co#pens"tion% $ut #"y !isre("r! such testi#ony "n! $"se its conclusion on its o&n pro ession"l 4no&le!(e. . Be #"y "lso retire "t "ny ti#e ro# "n "ction or speci"l procee!in(% &ithout the consent o his client% shoul! the court% on notice to the client "n! "ttorney% "n! on he"rin(% !eter#ine th"t he ou(ht to $e "llo&e! to retire.

33. Standin# in court of persons authorized to appear for (o"ernment. 3).??> in li(ht elonies. Sec.??> in (r"'e elonies other th"n c"pit"l o enses.The .No "ttorney sh"ll $e re#o'e! or suspen!e! ro# the pr"ctice o his pro ession% until he h"s h"! ull opportunity upon re"son"$le notice to "ns&er the ch"r(es "("inst hi#% to pro!uce &itnesses in his o&n $eh"l % "n! to $e he"r! $y hi#sel or counsel. /pon the receipt o such certi ie! copy "n! st"te#ent% the Supre#e . .ch"n ro$les 'irtu"l l"& li$r"ry Sec.Sec.=3> T&o hun!re! pesos =+)??./pon such suspension% the . Upon suspension by &ourt of Appeals or &ourt of 1irst Instance further proceedin#s in Supreme &ourt. Attorneys for destitute liti#ants.=1> 6i'e hun!re! pesos =+8??. . Sec. Sec. .??> in c"pit"l o enses.Any o ici"l or other person "ppointe! or !esi(n"te! in "ccor!"nce &ith l"& to "ppe"r or the Co'ern#ent o the +hilippines sh"ll h"'e "ll the ri(hts o " !uly "uthori*e! #e#$er o the $"r to "ppe"r in "ny c"se in &hich s"i! (o'ern#ent h"s "n interest !irect or in!irect. . But i upon re"son"$le notice he "ils to "ppe"r "n! "ns&er the "ccus"tion% the court #"y procee! to !eter#ine the #"tter e7 p"rte.ourt sh"ll #"4e ull in'esti("tion o the "cts in'ol'e! "n! #"4e such or!er re'o4in( or e7ten!in( the suspension% or re#o'in( the "ttorney ro# his o ice "s such% "s the "cts &"rr"nt. Ahene'er such co#pens"tion is "llo&e!% it sh"ll not $e less th"n thirty pesos =+3?.ourt " certi ie! copy o the or!er or suspension "n! " ull st"te#ent o the "cts upon &hich the s"#e &"s $"se!. Attorney to be heard before remo"al or suspension. &ompensation for attorneys de oficio.??> in "ny c"se% nor #ore th"n the ollo&in( "#ounts5 =1> 6i ty pesos =+8?. It sh"ll $e the !uty o the "ttorney so "ssi(ne! to ren!er the re9uire! ser'ice% unless he is e7cuse! there ro# $y the court or su icient c"use sho&n.ourt in the pre#ises.ourt o 6irst Inst"nce sh"ll orth&ith tr"ns#it to the Supre#e .ch"n ro$les 'irtu"l l"& li$r"ry Sec. Suspension of attorney by the &ourt of Appeals or a &ourt of 1irst Instance. )8.??> in less (r"'e elonies. . )2.ourt o Appe"ls or " . .A court #"y "ssi(n "n "ttorney to ren!er pro ession"l "i! ree o ch"r(e to "ny p"rty in " c"se% i upon in'esti("tion it "ppe"rs th"t the p"rty is !estitute "n! un"$le to e#ploy "n "ttorney% "n! th"t the ser'ices o counsel "re necess"ry to secure the en!s o :ustice "n! to protect the ri(hts o the p"rty.=)> One hun!re! pesos =+1??.ourt o Appe"ls or the .Su$:ect to "'"il"$ility o un!s "s #"y $e pro'i!e! $y l"& the court #"y% in its !iscretion% or!er "n "ttorney e#ploye! "s counsel de oficio to $e co#pens"te! in such su# "s the court #"y i7 in "ccor!"nce &ith section )1 o this rule. 31. .ourt o 6irst Inst"nce #"y suspen! "n "ttorney ro# pr"ctice or "ny o the c"uses n"#e! in the l"st prece!in( section% "n! " ter such suspension such "ttorney sh"ll not pr"ctice his pro ession until urther "ction o the Supre#e . 3?.

.The court #"y% in speci"l c"ses% "n! upon proper "pplic"tion% per#it the "ppe"r"nce% "s amici curiae% o those l"&yers &ho in its opinion c"n help in the !isposition o the #"tter $e ore it. 33. 31. Amicus curiae. In "ny other court% " p"rty #"y con!uct his liti("tion person"lly or $y "i! o "n "ttorney% "n! his "ppe"r"nce #ust $e either person"l or $y " !uly "uthori*e! #e#$er o the $"r. Sec. . . 38. Sec.No :u!(e or other o ici"l or e#ployee o the superior courts or o the O ice o the Solicitor Cener"l% sh"ll en("(e in pri'"te pr"ctice "s " #e#$er o the $"r or (i'e pro ession"l "!'ice to clients."n! he sh"ll h"'e the s"#e ri(ht "n! po&er o'er such :u!(#ents "n! e7ecutions "s his client &oul! h"'e to en orce his lien "n! secure the p"y#ent o his :ust ees "n! !is$urse#ents. Attorneys2 liens.An "ttorney sh"ll h"'e " lien upon the un!s% !ocu#ents "n! p"pers o his client &hich h"'e l"& ully co#e into his possession "n! #"y ret"in the s"#e until his l"& ul ees "n! !is$urse#ents h"'e $een p"i!% "n! #"y "pply such un!s to the s"tis "ction thereo .In the court o " :ustice o the pe"ce " p"rty #"y con!uct his liti("tion in person% &ith the "i! o "n "(ent or rien! "ppointe! $y hi# or th"t purpose% or &ith the "i! o "n "ttorney. Sec. /y whom liti#ation conducted. .Sec. 3<.or it #"y% on its o&n initi"ti'e% in'ite pro#inent "ttorneys to "ppe"r "s amici curiae in such speci"l c"ses. . Be sh"ll "lso h"'e " lien to the s"#e e7tent upon "ll :u!(#ents or the p"y#ent o #oney% "n! e7ecutions issue! in pursu"nce o such :u!(#ents% &hich he h"s secure! in " liti("tion o his client% ro# "n! " ter the ti#e &hen he sh"ll h"'e c"use! " st"te#ent o his cl"i# o such lien to $e entere! upon the recor!s o the court ren!erin( such :u!(#ent% or issuin( such e7ecution% "n! sh"ll h"'e c"use! &ritten notice thereo to $e !eli'ere! to his client "n! to the "!'erse p"rty. &ertain attorneys not to practice.