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Brogan Schaeffer

169 S. 2800 E.  Paul, Idaho 83347 Phone: (208 431!3328  E!"a#l: $ro%&eagle'


My objective is to become a member of the Teaching Staff at Burley High School and thereby to make a positive impact upon its students.

,-,., 0eacher 2006!2010 Paul, I/

During High School, served as an assistant and a teacher in !"!#! a $eekly after%school Bible program fro children age & to 'th grade. taught the (indergarten Boys) class for t$o years and taught * rd +rade +irls for one year. "#n#do1a 2oun*3 4a#r and 5odeo 5odeo 7ueen 2011 5u6er*, I/

served as an ambassador for my community as their ,air and -odeo .ueen. represented my county across the state and also stood as a role model for the children of my community.

My hobbies include reading, $riting, sno$boarding, riding horses and cooking. also enjoy traveling and e/ploring ne$ areas and cultures.

0he 2had9#c1 2oo1 2012!2urren* currently $ork at The 0had$ick. t is a small restaurant $ith great opportunities. started as a line cook, but due to the si1e of the restaurant, the line cook is not just responsible for the line, but for the entire duties in the kitchen. have also become responsible for creating numerous specials. have learned ho$ to take the kno$ledge learned at school and apply it to my ne$ job in a business. have also improved my ability to multi%task and $ork $ith speed and accuracy. Burle3, I/

4#r%* 2hr#%*#an Pra#%e 2ha6el 2u%*od#an 2010!2012

5u6er*, I/

served for several years as the custodian for ,irst 0hristian 2raise 0hapel. My duties included cleaning the entire interior of the church building as $ell as attending to various maintenance duties as they may arise. During my time there $as faithful and reliable. controlled my o$n schedule and assumed full responsibility for the cleanliness of the church building.

Idaho S*a*e :n#+er%#*3 2013!2urren*

am currently pursuing my Bachelors at the daho State 3niversity. am studying Secondary 4ducation $ith a concentration in 4nglish and a minor in History. 2ollege of Sou*hern Idaho 2010!2urren*

am currently finishing my !ssociates at the 0ollege of Southern daho. completed the 0ulinary !rts program and have also studied Secondary 4nglish 4ducation.

am an eager and $illing $orker. can $ork $ell $ith other people and respect those in authority. am able to multitask efficiently and accurately. am enthusiastic about furthering my education and al$ays gaining more kno$ledge and ne$ skills. am self%motivated and $ill gladly step up and take more responsibilities to get a job done in a timely manner.

"#chael ;ohn%on Desert 567! 0ollege of Southern daho *58 ,alls !ve. 2.9. Bo/ 5:*; T$in ,alls, D ;**6*%5:*; <:6;= 7*:%'*;5 ;u%*#n -#ll#a'% :*56 Hillcrest Dr Burley, D ;**5;%:75: <:6;= *&6%*757 2her3l "a3 5&8 S. :;66 4. 2aul D. ;**&7 <:6;= &*;%;88;