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13. Supper Intelligent Robot Using Arm7

13. Supper Intelligent Robot Using Arm7

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problem statement of a developing a super intelligent robot using arm 7 microprocessor
problem statement of a developing a super intelligent robot using arm 7 microprocessor

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Published by: Keerthi Prathik Reddy on Dec 13, 2013
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Super intelligent Robot

ABSTRACT Now a day's every system is automated in order to face new challenges. In the present days Automated systems have less manual operations, flexibility, reliability and accurate. Due to this demand every field prefers automated control systems. Especially in the field of electronics automated systems are giving good performance. In the present scenario of war situations, unmanned systems plays very important role to minimi e human losses. !o this robot is very useful to do operations li"e detecting fire, obstacle, bombs and other things. In this pro#ect we are controlling a robot with wire. In this system, a robot is fitted with motors. A micro controller is used to control all operations. According to the motor operations the $%&%' will operate in specified directions. If any obstacle is observed by the robot it will change its direction or it will stop. (henever any land mine is detected, the &u er will %N. In this system we have one fire sensor. (henever the sensors sense the smo"e, bu er will %N and also we have used another sensor for detecting the bomb or any dangerous materials or land mines. A )*+ battery is provided to power the robot to perform all functions. 'his "ind of pro#ect is very useful where security is needed. Hardware components: • • • • • • • • • ,icrocontroller -ower supply .andmine sensor %bstacle sensor /ire sensor &u er

Software tools: 0eil A!, code Embedded 1

%'%$ " CRO CO&TROLL%R '& T B'.ilitary applications 2sed in Industrial applications. BLOCK D A!RA": (O)%R S'((L* '& T D1.• Express -1& • • Applications: 2sed in .%R + R% S%&SOR LA&D " &% S%&SOR ROBOT #H$BR D!%3 ..

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