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Shi'Ism and the Shia (By Imam Muhammad Shirazi)

Shi'Ism and the Shia (By Imam Muhammad Shirazi)

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Shia'ism and Shia.
Shia'ism and Shia.

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The Sh:!a believe in the permissibility, indeed, the merit of
weeping for the tribulations of the Prophet (N) and his pure family
(a.s.) and it is for this reason that they hold mourning ceremonies
particularly for the martyred Imam Žusayn ibn !Ali ibn Ab: ª"lib
(a.s.). The Prophet (N) ordered Muslims to weep for his uncle
Žamza the martyr of the battle of U9ud180

, and he also wept for

Imam Žusayn before his martyrdom.181

This has been a normal

practice for Muslims since the advent of Islam.

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