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Shi'Ism and the Shia (By Imam Muhammad Shirazi)

Shi'Ism and the Shia (By Imam Muhammad Shirazi)

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Shia'ism and Shia.
Shia'ism and Shia.

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Published by: Shia Books For Download on Aug 27, 2009
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Islam is a complete way and system of life which brought
happiness to humanity for centuries, then was confined to beliefs
in the minds of people. Recently, however, there are signs which
show that Islam will shortly return as a system for life for the
Muslims are tired of sectarianism and they are tired from the
experience of other philosophies and ideas and now nothing
remains for them except to:

1. Unite the Islamic sects under the banner of the Qurv"n
the book of Alla>h, and the family of the Messenger of
Alla>h (a.s.).
2. Propagate Islam in its practical form throughout the
When this happens there will be an end to wars, anxiety, and
unemployment and there will be progress in all fields.
We Muslims are in dire need today of amity and mutual
understanding. Therefore whoever believes in Alla>h and the last
day and takes the Qurv"n as a syllabus and the Prophetic traditions
as a constitution must strive to put an end to these sectarian
disputes so that things may run their natural course and so that the
unity that the Muslims have lost may return to them. If not then it
will be like: eShe who unravels her spinning into strands after it
has become strongf320



Islam has suffered from various calamities and the unbelievers
have plotted against it throughout history since the mission of the
Messenger of Alla>h (N). The greatest of these was probably the
Mongol invasions of the lands of Islam. But Islam has withstood
all these plots and has moved forward with great and firm steps
until the last dark century when foreign powers confronted the
lands of Islam with material and intellectual attacks.


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