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Lesson Plan 3: Applying the Competencies

1. Lesson Title Understanding Culture 2. Grade/Age Level: University undergraduates in their 20s 3. Subject Area: International Business / Intercultural Communication 4. Time Allotted: 2 class periods - 6 Hours, plus work at home. 5. Description: In this lesson, learners will watch 2 different intercultural movies and identify scenes and scenarios that match the different 5 Hofstede Dimensions 6. Curriculum Standards met in this lesson: This lesson meets the following three standards of the National Business Associations Curriculum Forum for International Business: Full standards available at 1. II. The Global Business Environment: Achievement Standard: Describe the interrelatedness of the social, cultural, political, legal, and economic factors that shape and impact the global business environment. (NBEA) 2. III. International Business Communication: Achievement Standard: Apply communication strategies necessary and appropriate for effective and profitable international business relations. (NBEA) 3. VII. International Management: Achievement Standard: Analyze special challenges in operations, human resources, and strategic management in international business. (NBEA) 7. Instructional Objectives Students will be able to identify and analyze the 5 Hofstede cultural dimensions and apply them to viewed situations. 8. Instructional Procedures Lesson Set: Movie #1: My Big Fat Greek Wedding Movie #2: Outsourced Watch: of My Big Fat Greek Wedding Small Group Discussion 1: In groups, have a discussion in your shared language, attributes that you noticed in the movie. Watch 2nd of My Big Fat Greek Wedding Small Group Discussion 2: In groups, have a discussion in your shared language, more attributes that you saw in part 2. Using the Hofstede Dimension Worksheet, come up with 3 examples from of each dimension as a group. Repeat the same pattern for the movie "Outsourced"

9. Adaptations for special learners: This class is designed for subject learning in English to students whose second (or third) language is English. When assigning group discussion, try as best as possible to group people with similar language ability. 10. Supplemental Activities: Extension and remediation: The accompanying website exists for students to explore the content and remind them of what was discussed in class. 11. Assessment/Evaluation a. Learner Products: The learners will complete a Hofstede Cultural Dimensions worksheet (through group discussion) identifying and analyzing scenes from the film that match the 5 dimensions. * Note for learners: This lesson plan template is adapted from the model that is recommended in the book Preparing to Use Technology: A Practical Guide for Technology Integration.