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Amit Budhwani Comp 2 11/17/2013

Global warming The Video Global Warming was posted on YouTube May 18, 2007. This video describe lot of facts about this world in an effective manner. This video showed us how can we save our earth or if we not what circumstances we have to deal with in future. In future there is a chances that we are going to see symptoms of global warming in upcoming days. (Madhaya). This type of warning released by Meteorologist in somewhere around 1960. (Envoimental Answered)This type of warming will cause rising sea level, High latitude climates, Increase of diseases. In which there are chances of decreasing this type of global warming by making our self and our neighbors and this planet Green. This video have a lot of meaningful appeal done to this video. This video have a message for the audience who look more on channels like National Geographic or study weather. This video is made by the biggest discovery on earth channel National geographic They are inspiring humans to save our only home and trying to make changes around when the global warming started. This video represents our Nature and global warming and we should be aware of this. This appeal works with the audience who likes nature and want to save our planet. This video they made is to make changes around us and change what we are thinking about this earth. The target audience is ages 10 and up humans who knows more about weather and science audience audiences who are more interested in our planet. Cutting trees from our planet is destroying atmosphere of animals and other living beings god created. The message video giving us is how we can save our planet. The message in my video is use less energy to save our planet,

recycle more and save our planet. The 5 minute video of saving earth Global warming video is an effective way of show all audiences what can we do to save earth and what will happen if we do not. This video begins from showing our planet from space. Then the crowded public and lot of cars and traffic these are some of the symptoms which is creating Global warming. Then this video showed some of car making industry and oil refinery which create a lot of pollution to increase global warming. This video have power to change human lives in this earth. We all need to change our habits its a matter of our only home which is earth and we cannot see our earth destroyed in front of our eyes. There are voice effects of animals that are also live in this planet. There are voiceover in a video describing todays world and focus the video on global warming and some of repeated symptoms. Using less fossil fuels and saving usage of cars and other industrialized things could save or earth. This video is showing global warming symptoms may occur in fast pace and tornadoes and hurricanes and flood will be more frequent than ever. Scientist believe that we humans are the only reason global warming is causing and it is true this video shows that industrial revolution are the most greenhouses gas trap heat this video shows the process of how greenhouses gas generate through sun and other sources of energy. The video describes why earth climate is changing frequently and tells us what years are the hottest year of the earth history. According to studies of NASA Antertica is also shrinking and will shrink a lot by end of the century. Researchers are predicting about future and facts are shown in the video.

This video represents ethos and our earth beauty and symptoms of global warming which audiences may like to see what our earth will look like. The speaker in the video is from national geographic channel and speaking to us as how can we save this earth and what do we have to do

in order to save this earth. The National Geographic is a channel based on our envoirment and how we live in this world describe our earth in lot of ways. This video have real facts and ethos understanding of what global warming really is and how it is destroying or world. The making of a video has understand the audience and then made a video about global warming. In this video speaker is a great source he knows all about world leading cause and he knows about global warming to educate other people what global warming is. This video is great for audiences which understand science and predict weather and who is interested in science and believe that we can make difference in the world which we live in.

The video is persuading audience to believe in global warming this video have shown pathos and the fossil gases and coal and how are they destroying our nature and many others species on this earth. Humans will have great effect on them we will lose lot of humans by having symptoms of global warming. This envoirment will suffer from this deadly chemicals and gasses such as coal, gas and many other substances that will not save earth (Video). We as humans need to think about our envoirment in which we live in. We live in a modern world where everything opens up is green green car or greenhouse or building. The video shows pathos as a emotional appeal a very great way. Humans need to understand the more we use highly and deadly chemicals it will give problem to our envoirment in future and it will affect our world that way humans will die because of climate change, spreading diseases. In that video it shows the green gas making and other related substance which will harm our envoirment and other species around the world.

The argument in this video logos is saving earth, the way this video arranged to make an argument about why are we not doing anything to save our earth. The video describes lot of logos and temperature, Fahrenheit of earth in last century earths climate have risen faster about 1.2 and 1.4 Fahrenheit. The audiences know about the argument and they are trying to help our earth by using green energy and hybrid vehicles and many more things that will use green energy. We need to start saving our only planet which we live in by using less chemicals and by using less stuff for our self. We need to help this earth as much as we can by recycle donating, helping kids and teach them how and why to use green energy to save our only planet earth. The message sent to public is their logic reasons and what they think we should do is best to do and actually if we follow the steps they have given we can save our earth.

The video describe us and teach us what global warming is in much clear ways and help us understand what it means and help us get more information about Commercial and industry world and ethos, pathos, logos Which this video is a great source of showing us how our envoirment works The video is describing how we should live on this planet and get more closer in more details which big companies hide from us. Yes this video explain our envoirment in a great way and we should improve our envoirment by using more vehicles and having traffic jam and other sort of things have chances of global warming come closer to us. To save our planet we all need to use green energy and clean energy. This video is a great knowledgeable source this will help us explain global warming more clearly to explain people who dont know about global warming. Save our only planet EARTH.

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