King of wonders By: Matt Redman Verse 1: Bb Bb/D Gm Bb/D F/A Eb F/A Eb Gm F/A Bb/D Eb Bb F/A Bb/D Eb We could try to count the stars You already know them each by name Every single galaxy Is Your design In majesty displayed Pre-chorus: Cm Eb Bb Gm F/A Your glory shines before our eyes The more we see, the more we love You Chorus: Bb King of wonders, we stand amazed Eb There's no other, other than You Gm Eb Eb Gm Bb Bb/D King of wonders, You know the way to our hearts And the more we see, the more we love You

Verse 2: You reveal and we respond You have shown there's no one like You God Your love and mercy welcome us Into the beauty of this holiness © 2008 GloWorks Limited for CompassionArt (Registered with the UK Charit) .

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