English III Transitions in American Literature Uncle Tom’s Cabin Research and Writing Standards: Objectives By the end

of this lesson, students should be able to: Understand the importance of American Slavery in the shaping of American culture. Understand and communicate the arguments for and against slavery presented at the time, citing examples from both internet and traditional sources. ite references from primary source material, reference boo!s, and the internet.

Procedures: Opening Lecture: itations Handout: In"text citation Important Information Uncle Tom’s Cabin is an excellent boo! to tie to a research paper # the institution of American Slavery is a fundamental point in our culture, even to the modern day. $ou can%t understand the importance of the election of Bara! &bama, the ivil 'ights movement, or even the concepts behind modern domestic current events (ithout understanding America%s past (ith slavery. In any paper dealing (ith real issues )as opposed to abstractions*, you are not dealing (ith a single correct choice versus a single incorrect one # the options are in fact a choice bet(een t(o or more bad outcomes, (eighing (hich solution is best considering all factors. +he cases made for and against slavery in the United States (ere presented in such a (ay for nearly a century # it is (hy the practice continued in this country long after it (as outla(ed and discontinued in other European nations. +he sub,ect matter is so polari-ing, ho(ever, that it is no longer presented (ith any sort of intellectual rigor. It is simply accepted that because it is (rong, it (as made unla(ful. +his treatment triviali-es the argument. +he institution of slavery is (rong in all its forms, but a student needs to be able to dissect the argument completely in order to understand why it%s (rong, and (hy it (ould be (rong in any political state, as opposed to ,ust this one. Practice Activity

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