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C.Custance English 1102 Professor Germain 12/11/13 Final Reflective Letter Dear Prof.

Germain, Over the course of this semester I have come to write a multitude of papers, essays, narratives and journal entries that have challenged my focus and sparked my creativity to a point of keen interest in the topics that have been involved. I have re-written and revised the major papers a combination of over 15 times and have learned and adapted many new and different techniques into each of these papers that have in some way affected my papers for a change of good or bad, depending upon the reader. The different free writes have allowed me to look into deeper understandings of the different aspects of each project and essay so as to explore any and every possible angle in order to tweak and twist my work for a better version or a higher standard of work for myself to aspire towards in the future. The project that I liked the best was actually the E-portfolio in its entirety because of the fact that I was able to display a collection of my work from the entire semester and to demonstrate my individual skills and technique as they pertain to the individual works that I displayed. The project was a challenge in itself because of the fact that I not only had to pick and choose which pieces of my work I wanted to put on display for anyone to see but also, I had to tell people why I chose those particular pieces and for what reason should I display them. Designing a website was also a new experience for me as well as I have never had any hand in building or constructing anything on the internet before. I think that from what I learned in English 1102 I will be able to apply several aspects into not only my college career but after it as well. The research and data that I had to acquire and incorporate into my papers and essays had a profound impact on the way I do research for other classes and topics in the future. On the other hand however, there are some aspects of myself that I wish had not changed as much since I completed English 1102. The way in which I write papers has evolved to the point to where I completely plan out the entire paper down to the content of almost every sentence, whereas before I wrote most of my paper with my gut. It has been evident to me that the styles are totally different from one another and when I look back at papers that I wrote for English 1101 is appears that there is a different kind of passion and style since the completion of 1102. Overall, my experience in 1102 has been very informative and a successful challenge that I have overcome and a generally positive task on my road to graduating college. I hope that I will be able to utilize more aspects that I have learned in your class that may surprise me, Best regards, C.Custance