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Hayes - Golding
(404) 934-8262 redacted home 672 Quillian Ave address and phone Decatur, GA 30032

Georgia T-5 Math (9-12) & Physics (9-12)

I have experience teaching grades 4-12 physics and mathematics as well as administering an independent school’s computer network.

Teaching Experience
The Westminster Schools Aug 2012 – Present ! Physics. ! Technology specialist – I assist colleagues in integrating tech into their courses & evaluate classroom tech. ! Robotics assistant coach & Jewish student group advisor. Clarkston High School

Master of Arts in Teaching Georgia State University Dec 2009

! 3.8 GPA in Secondary Mathematics ! Awards: Outstanding MAT Graduate & Jerry Robbins Memorial Scholarship in Mathematics in Spring 2009 Bachelor of Materials Engineering Auburn University August 1996

Aug 2009 – June 2012

! Mathematics 1 (9 grade, contains parts of Algebra 1 and Geometry) and Mathematics 2 (10 grade, contains parts of Algebra 2 and Geometry). ! Accelerated Physics (11 and 12 grades) including science fair. ! Boys’ Junior Varsity Soccer Coach & Muslim Student Association Advisor. Chrysalis Experiential Academy Aug 2004 – July 2009 ! Trigonometry & Pre-calculus, Geometry, Pre-algebra, Physics, Programming, Systems Administration, Digital Imaging, and others. ! Created “Physics of Superheroes” curriculum and named an 11 Alive Class Act Teacher for 2008. ! IT Coordinator.
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! 3.4 GPA overall, cum laude ! Outstanding Engineering Student ! Taught physics lab courses while in the undergraduate program (a rare occurrence) ! Coordinated a summer engineering program for minority high school students

Professional Activities
! Global Math Department founder. Free, online professional development for math teachers around the world. ! Conference presenter at America’s Choice National Conf. 2011, Georgia Educ. Tech. Conf. 2010, Georgia Independent Schools Association (GISA) Annual Conference, 2007. ! Active in professional social media including Twitter (@mgolding) and blogging at

Tech Industry Experience
SecureWorks, Inc DVT Corp. Jun. 2000 - Apr. 2004 Dec. 1996-Jun. 2000 ! Webmaster, Quality Assurance, & Technical Writer ! Writer, Trainer, Application Solver, User Interface Designer