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Welcome back students and parents! I hope you all had a wonderful summer and are ready
Welcome back
students and
parents! I hope you
all had a wonderful
summer and are
ready to get back to
learning in fun
ways! This year our
I am Ms. Brittany Hazzard, you’re new 3 rd grade teacher!
I am very
excited to get to
know all of you
class will have a
stronger focus on
incorporating the
use of computers in
as the year
continues, and
I hope you are
excited too!
the classroom.
Parents, if we are
working together
then the learning
will go much more
smooth so please feel
Here is an overview of the things we will be focusing on in the
classroom for each subject:
free to contact me
Reading- Now that your child reads at a fairly good fluency we will
begin to develop those skills further such as reading chapter books and
non-fiction. Use of grammer and summurization will be other skills
for help on any of
your child’s
assignments. I hope
that you as parents
insist that your kids
do well in school
and encourage them
to set their
standards high. If
Writing- Conveying and summurizing information is another skill we
will be perfecting as well as writing in cursive, on a regular basis.
Math- A slight advancement in multiplication and division will be
incorporated into our curriculm this year. I plan to help my students to
gain skills to complete mental math by the end of the year as well as
work with fracitons, estimate, interpret graphs and predict probability
and outcomes.
school is important
to you, it will be
Science- In third grade students begin investigating systems, sound,
habitats and natural science, all topics that require a lot of observation,
measurement and experimentation.
important to them!
Contact me at:
Or by email at:
Social Studies- Knowing more about their country and the world
around them is another ability I will be teaching to your children this
year, including map skills. Although we typically will be keeping the
focus on our own state, Idaho, and its unique qualities. I hope to help
them gain a basic understanding of economics and money by learning
about supply and demand as well.
It is important to note that our class will have a large focus on computer use,
It is important to note that our class will have a large focus on computer use, at many times this
will occur in the school lab. The students will begin to work on keyboarding in order to be able to
complete future projects, the skill of working well with technology is imperative for their future. I
know one problem is that many students still do not have computers at home so I plan to make
sure that each student has the same options in technology or keep the computer use in the school.
Class Expectations:
In order for our class to work in a great learning environment we have some important rules
that we must follow:
Respect each other by listening when others speak
Respect each other by keeping our hands and feet to ourselves
Respect the class by keeping your desk and area clean
Respect the teacher by asking questions politely
1st time is a warning.
2nd time is a conversation with the teacher.
3rd time is filling out an Expectations Sheet with a parent signature.
****Other ways for you as a parent to help:
Help keep up on homework assignments
Help quiz your child
Keep track of absences
Remind your child about the importance of school; attention and attendance
Talk to the me, the teacher, about ANY problems