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Week Two Quiz

PSY/480 Version 3

University of Phoenix Material
Week Two Quiz
Name: ___ ___

Multiple Choice: Read each question and select the correct answer, by changing the color of
the entire answer you choose.

1. A company wants to use a psychological test to screen for emotional stability for a
sensitive position. Which of the following tests is the best choice for the company to use?
a. Cognitive Assessment System
b. Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS-IV)
c. Woodcock-Johnson
d. Sixteen Personality Factors (16PF)

2. One of the common concerns associated with IQ testing is that
a. a wide variety of human behaviors is being measured
b. a person's performance is compared against others performances
c. testing is used to learn about cognitive strengths and weaknesses
d. there is a possibility of racial bias

3. An IQ test is given to a child on Tuesday. When given the test again on Thursday, the
childs scores differ significantly. This is an issue of
a. validity
b. reliability
c. observation
d. reflection

4. Which of the following is a multicultural issue for any of the psychological instruments
customarily used in the United States?
a. Level of acculturation
b. Preconceived notions
c. Theoretical orientation
d. Distortion of information

5. ________ testing uses ambiguous or unstructured testing stimuli to which a person
responds freely to the testing stimuli. ________ is an example of this type of testing.
a. Objective; MMPI
b. Projective; TAT
c. Functional; NEO-PI-R
d. Intelligence; Stanford-Binet

6. Which of the following is a potential threat to effective interviewing?
a. Time of day
b. Interviewer bias
c. Structured interviews
d. Self-monitoring

7. A potential limitation of a structured interview is that
a. it does not allow the flexibility to tailor the experience to the individual needs of
the person being interviewed
b. questions are organized in a logical flow
c. patients answers direct which additional questions they receive
d. clinical judgment is minimized

Week Two Quiz
PSY/480 Version 3

8. A crisis interview would be appropriate to
a. assess how family of origin influences a persons ability to handle a crisis
b. obtain a clearer understanding of a patients diagnosis
c. assess whether a depressed client with frequent suicidal thoughts has formulated
a detailed plan
d. screen for a patients level of psychological functioning

9. Anita, a 20-year-old college student, comes in for an evaluation. When the clinician asks
her what brings her in for therapy, she answers, I wanted to know how to get rid of the
fairies in my dorm room. They come out every night, and their pixie dust makes me
sneeze, so I cant go to sleep. Based on Anitas answer, which of the following is the
most appropriate tool to use for further assessment?
a. Crisis interview
b. Computer-based interview
c. Self-monitoring
d. Mental status interview

10. What is a risk factor when assessing for suicide?
a. The type of questionnaire used
b. Previous attempts
c. Watching movies about suicide
d. Maintaining an active social structure

1. D
2. D
3. B
4. A
5. B
6. B
7. D
8. C
9. D
10. B