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10 Visa-free Destinations for Indian Citizens 2013

10 Visa-free Destinations for Indian Citizens 2013

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Travel visa free
Travel visa free

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Published by: jolybird on Dec 14, 2013
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10 visa-free destinations for Indian citizens 2013

Indian travellers may rue the declining rupee but there are other perks to being an Indian citizen. Holders of Indian passports have visa-free and visa-on-arrival access to about 2 countries and territories around the !orld. "t least 2# of these nations allo! Indian passport holders to visit !ithout a pre-issued visa. In many cases$ an Indian citizen%s country of residence determines the degree of access to other countries. Indian citizens holding permanent resident &'reen (ard) status in the *nited +tates do not re,uire visas to visit (anada$ -e.ico and some (aribbean islands. Indians of particular professions !ith a residency in 'ulf (ooperation (ouncil &'(() countries are e.empt from visas to enter the *nited "rab /mirates. Indian citizens do not$ similarly$ need a visa to enter 0epal or 1hutan. 2o note$ ho!ever$ that getting to some of these destinations might involve a significant air travel cost. "lso bear in mind that visa-free access$ though it may be permitted$ is not necessarily a right. 3ermission to enter a country is granted sub4ect to the decision of border and immigration officers. 5isiting for reasons other than tourism may re,uire a pre-issued visa.

1hutan$ the happiest little nation in the !orld$ is among the most sought-after Himalayan destinations for tourists but the Himalayan mountain kingdom is very conservative !hen it comes to tourism. 6ravel !riter 3ico Iyer mentioned it in his book$ 7alling off the -ap$ as one of the !orld%s remotest places. *ntil recently$ 1hutan restricted tourist numbers. 6hough that has changed$ the country still re,uires foreign tourists to pay for their entire holiday in advance and travel on a pre-issued tourist visa. 7lying into 1hutan%s solitary airport at 3aro is possible only through the national carrier 2ruk "ir$ !hich operates flights from 2elhi$ 8olkata$ 1angkok and 9angon. Indian citizens$ ho!ever$ have it easier. :n production of a valid passport or voter%s identity card$ a permit is issued that is valid for t!o !eeks


-ost Indians need to look up the 1ritish 5irgin Islands on a map. 6hey lie in the (aribbean +ea$ and include over ;0 islands and keys$ of !hich about <3 are uninhabited. Indian citizens are granted a 31-day visa-free stay in the 1ritish 5irgin Islands for tourism purposes. :ne of the best !ays to visit the islands is by cruise ship$ as many cruises operate from the *nited +tates to the nearby *+ 5irgin Islands. 6here are no direct flights bet!een India and the 1ritish 5irgin Islands. "ppro.imate cost of round trip flight= I0> 1$;0$000 &via 3aris and +aint -aarten)


6he (ook Islands lie in 3olynesia$ off the coast of 0e! ?ealand. 6hey are named after (aptain @ames (ook$ !ho discovered them for the !estern !orld in 1AA0. +ince 1B; $ the islands have been self-governed !ith free association to the government of 0e! ?ealand$ !hich controls the islands% defence$ foreign affairs &including passport control) and currency. Immigration is strictly controlled. Indian citizens are allo!ed to stay for up to 200 days !ithout a visa$ but must sho! proof of reserved accommodation and are not e.empt from paying the departure ta. of 0?C for adults and 0?C1 for children. >arotonga International "irport$ the main port of entry to the (ook Islands$ is connected to "uckland via daily flights and !eekly flights from +ydney$ 7i4i and Dos "ngeles. "ppro.imate cost of round trip flight= I0> 1$;0$000 &via +ingapore and "uckland)


0ot to be confused !ith the (aribbean nation kno!n as the 2ominican >epublic$ the island of 2ominica !as the last of the (aribbean islands to be colonized by the 1ritish. It has beautiful hiking trails$ rainforests and beaches !ith great opportunities for snorkelling. Indian citizens are allo!ed to stay for 22 months !ithout a visa. "ppro.imate cost of round trip flight= I0> 2$00$000 &via 3aris and +aint -aarten)

uate funds.visitmontserrat.comF 7.5. EL SALVADOR /l +alvador$ the most densely populated country in (entral "merica$ lies bet!een 'uatemala and the Honduras.haititourisme. Indian tourists can travel visa-free in 'renada for up to B0$ but must sho! proof of sufficient funds to cover the cost of their travel. :ne of the poorest countries in the Eestern hemisphere$ its current political situation and concerns over the safety of tourists has prompted many countries to issue strict travel advisories.imum stay of three months. "ppro.imate cost of round trip flight= I0> 1. "ppro. HAITI Haiti is off the travel map for most tourists o!ing to the devastation left by the 2010 earth.0$000 &via Dondon and -iami) 6ourism information= http=FF!!!.orgF 8. Hongkong G 5isa on "rrival .uake. "ppro..imate cost of round trip flight= I0> 1$<<$000 &via 3aris and -iami) 6.imate cost of round trip flight= I0> 1$ 2$000 &via 2ubai and 0e! 9ork) 6ourism information= http=FF!!!.imate cost of round trip flight= 1$ 3$000 &via 2ubai and 0e! 9orkF 6oronto) 6ourism information= http=FF!!!. months and sufficient proof of funds and on!ard travel.imate cost of round trip flight= 2$0<$000 &via Hong 8ong$ 'uam and 6ruk) 6ourism information= http=FF!!!.uaint cultures$ e. +outh 8orea G 5isa on "rrival 12. +ince 1B#B$ hurricanes and volcanic eruptions forced its closure but the island is slo!ly limping back.0A islands in the Eestern 3acific :cean$ comprising the states of 9ap$ (huuk$ 3ohnpei and 8osrae.imum of three months !ithout a visa.ue islands.comF 9. MICRONESIA 6he far-flung 7ederated +tates of -icronesia are a group of . :ld colonial to!ns and *0/+(: Eorld Heritage +ites beckon heritage tourists.visit4amaica. "ppro. "ppro. GRENADA 6he beautiful (aribbean islands of 'renada offer much to tourists in the form of beaches$ !aterfalls$ historic forts and spice gardens. "ppro.fmF 11.grenadagrenadines. 5olcanoes$ mountains and cloud forests offer plenty of nature discovery and hiking opportunities. Indian tourists can stay !ithout a visa on producing a passport valid for si.comF 10. Indian citizens can travel visa-free for 30 days upon producing proof of sufficient funds$ on!ard travel and accommodation.otic food and pictures.visit-micronesia. 6hat said$ Indian tourists are !elcome !ithout a visa for a ma.imate cost of round trip flight= 1$30$000 &to "ntigua$ via Dondon) and a 1 -minute air-hop from "ntigua to -ontserrat &about I0> $000) 6ourism information= http=FF!!!. MONTSERRAT 0ot to be confused !ith the +panish region of the same name$ -ontserrat is an island in the (aribbean southeast of 3uerto >ico and once a popular resort. Indian nationals are permitted to stay for a ma. JAMAICA @amaica is the most populous of the /nglish-speaking (aribbean countries and its easygoing culture$ cuisine and music$ besides its many beaches$ are attractive to tourists. Indian citizens must sho! proof of citizenship but can travel visa-free on furnishing proof of on!ard travel and ade. It is considered one of the most remote and beautiful places in the !orld$ !ith pristine coral reefs$ .

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