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CAT and Community Actions at SFUU

CAT and Community Actions at SFUU

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Published by Jan Dash
Larry Danos reports on Climate and Community Actions by San Francisco UU's Climate Action Team.
Larry Danos reports on Climate and Community Actions by San Francisco UU's Climate Action Team.

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Published by: Jan Dash on Dec 14, 2013
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CA1 and Commun|ty

Act|ons at UUSI
1he not|on of a C||mate Act|on 1eam (CA1) and
how that m|ght work at our church has been an
ongo|ng process that's yet to be def|ned. 1hus
far, 1.) UU-UNC, 2.) Green Comm|ttee, 3.) UUs
for Þeace work together as a team on c||mate
change |ssues, as we|| as, other soc|a| [ust|ce
events and act|v|t|es |nc|ud|ng meet|ngs, ra|||es,
marches, and protests. Some of the members of these
comm|ttees are members of a|| 3 of the ment|oned comm|ttees.

UUs for Þeace has brought a commun|ty organ|zat|on |nto the church ca||ed SI 99¼ Coa||t|on that has an
env|ronmenta| component and a|so another organ|zat|on ca||ed Iood & Water Watch. 1he Green
Comm|ttee has brought |n 3S0 SI to the church, wh|ch |s |nvo|ved |n C||mate Change act|v|sm. 3S0SI |s
|ntegra||y connected w|th 3S08ayArea |n 8erke|ey, wh|ch g|ves us a un|que connect|on throughout the 8ay
Area, e.g. 3S0 Mar|n, 3S0 Sonoma, 3S0 Santa Cruz, and 3S0 Þen|nsu|a.

kecent accomp||shments of these connect|ons have resu|ted |n the fo||ow|ng:
Worked w|th 3S08A.org and the 8ay Area A|r Çua||ty Management D|str|ct |n the|r future Þ|an for
the 8ay Area to set better goa|s |n the|r reduct|on of GnG em|ss|ons.
Marched on Chevron k|chmond kef|nery (Last 8ay) w|th some members gett|ng arrested |n
protest|ng the ref|nery's acceptance of kL Þ|pe||ne o||.
1ook part |n Iood & Water Watch's "G|oba| Irackdown", wh|ch was an effort to un|te |n an
|nternat|ona| campa|gn aga|nst hydrau||c fractur|ng.
Þresent month|y f||ms through Sens|b|e C|nema featur|ng a speaker - very often someone from one
of our commun|ty organ|zat|ons.
1here have been severa| un|ted efforts ||ke pet|t|ons and protests |n an effort to change Governor
8rown's m|nd to not a||ow frack|ng |n Ca||forn|a.
Io|ned w|th 3S08A |n a ra||y regard|ng the dec|s|on to not a||ow the kL Þ|pe that co|nc|ded w|th
Þres|dent Cbama's fund ra|s|ng |n San Iranc|sco and took p|ace |n the street |n front of the venue.
We staff a tab|e at |oca| farmer markets w|th |nformat|on about frack|ng and a pet|t|on, sponsored
by Iood & Water Watch, to the Governor ask|ng for a ban on frack|ng |n the State of Ca||forn|a. 1he
tab|e has |nformat|on about frack|ng, kL Þ|pe||ne, and other |nformat|on from our commun|ty

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