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CA1 and Commun|ty

Act|ons at UUSI
1he not|on of a C||mate Act|on 1eam (CA1) and
how that m|ght work at our church has been an
ongo|ng process that's yet to be def|ned. 1hus
far, 1.) UU-UNC, 2.) Green Comm|ttee, 3.) UUs
for Þeace work together as a team on c||mate
change |ssues, as we|| as, other soc|a| [ust|ce
events and act|v|t|es |nc|ud|ng meet|ngs, ra|||es,
marches, and protests. Some of the members of these
comm|ttees are members of a|| 3 of the ment|oned comm|ttees.

UUs for Þeace has brought a commun|ty organ|zat|on |nto the church ca||ed SI 99¼ Coa||t|on that has an
env|ronmenta| component and a|so another organ|zat|on ca||ed Iood & Water Watch. 1he Green
Comm|ttee has brought |n 3S0 SI to the church, wh|ch |s |nvo|ved |n C||mate Change act|v|sm. 3S0SI |s
|ntegra||y connected w|th 3S08ayArea |n 8erke|ey, wh|ch g|ves us a un|que connect|on throughout the 8ay
Area, e.g. 3S0 Mar|n, 3S0 Sonoma, 3S0 Santa Cruz, and 3S0 Þen|nsu|a.

kecent accomp||shments of these connect|ons have resu|ted |n the fo||ow|ng:
Worked w|th and the 8ay Area A|r Çua||ty Management D|str|ct |n the|r future Þ|an for
the 8ay Area to set better goa|s |n the|r reduct|on of GnG em|ss|ons.
Marched on Chevron k|chmond kef|nery (Last 8ay) w|th some members gett|ng arrested |n
protest|ng the ref|nery's acceptance of kL Þ|pe||ne o||.
1ook part |n Iood & Water Watch's "G|oba| Irackdown", wh|ch was an effort to un|te |n an
|nternat|ona| campa|gn aga|nst hydrau||c fractur|ng.
Þresent month|y f||ms through Sens|b|e C|nema featur|ng a speaker - very often someone from one
of our commun|ty organ|zat|ons.
1here have been severa| un|ted efforts ||ke pet|t|ons and protests |n an effort to change Governor
8rown's m|nd to not a||ow frack|ng |n Ca||forn|a.
Io|ned w|th 3S08A |n a ra||y regard|ng the dec|s|on to not a||ow the kL Þ|pe that co|nc|ded w|th
Þres|dent Cbama's fund ra|s|ng |n San Iranc|sco and took p|ace |n the street |n front of the venue.
We staff a tab|e at |oca| farmer markets w|th |nformat|on about frack|ng and a pet|t|on, sponsored
by Iood & Water Watch, to the Governor ask|ng for a ban on frack|ng |n the State of Ca||forn|a. 1he
tab|e has |nformat|on about frack|ng, kL Þ|pe||ne, and other |nformat|on from our commun|ty