Exercice2 Structural Chemistry-V20130911

Monabiphot – Fundamental Chemistry

2. Structural Chemistry Exercises for Training
General Method for e!is Structure "ra!ing# 1/ Sum the number of electrons on the outer shell for each atom (add 1 e – for a negatively charged ion, subtract 1e– for a positively charge ion) Ex: atoms Ex: */ +dd other e– (usually several ,e-is structure can be obtained) Ex: $% e!is Structure and &SE'( !"– : # $ " (%) $ 1 & 1' e– "/ (lace the less electronegative atom at the center ( usually), and lin) it by a single bond to other

1/ .rite the ,e-is structure (including non/bonding electron pairs and/or vacant orbitals) for the follo-ing ions or molecules (central atom is bold): 0"), *1*, +0*, C02, S!", S!"3l", $3l*, '!3l*, (C!*)"–, (+!")$ (this requires the determination of the outer shell configuration for each element involved) "/ 4ra- the geometry of these molecules using 5SE(6 theory $$% $mplicit Electrons, Electron 'airs and Empty )rbitals 7dentify single electrons, bonding and non/bonding electron pairs, σ or π bonds and vacant orbitals for these compounds: 0"S, 81*, 30*$, 3l30&30", 0*3–!0 , 0"3&30–30"$, !" $$$% (esonance ,et9s consider 3! (carbon monoxide), !*– (nitrate ion), 3l!2– (perchlorate ion): 1/ 4ra- the ,e-is structure -ith the appropriate geometry "/ 7f several reasonant forms are possible, specify -hich is the ma;or one */ Specify the geometry of the molecule/ion by applying 5SE(6 theory


$&% Molecular orbital energy le-el diagram# )2 1/ 4ra- the <! energy level diagram (only consider valence orbitals): "/ Explain -hy dioxygen is often =ualified as a >biradical?: */ .hich magnetic property can you expect for this molecule @ 2/ 3alculate the bond order: &% Molecular orbital energy le-el diagram# C) Ahe <! energy diagram is given belo-:

1/ .hat is the electronic configuration of the molecule @ "/ .hat is the meaning of σ, π, x and y @ */ .hich atomic orbitals are used in the construction of molecular orbitals #σ, 1πx and 1πy @ 2/ 4ra- a schematic representation of 1πx:


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