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Some people ask: does it even make sense to manage ideas? A key distinction in Idea Management is to differentiate between the generation of an idea, and what you do with an idea after it has been generated. Generating an idea can be the result of a systematic technique, or the idea might arise as a result of quite a complex psychological process. However, once an idea has been generated, wherever it came from, what your organization does with the idea is a process that should be managed. The idea needs to be reviewed and perhaps improved, and evaluated against a set of investment criteria to determine whether the costs of implementing the idea are outweighed by the likely benefits. Takeaway: The "management" in Idea Management is focused on what to do with a valuable idea once it has been generated. What systems and processes do you have in place to ensure that the good ideas are adopted and put in to action to generate results, while no resources are wasted on implementing poor ideas?