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Financial Magnetism

Financial Magnetism

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Financial Magnetism

by Etienne Charland 2009


© Shamanic Attraction 2009 by Etienne Charland All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any matter whatsoever without written permission, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews, without the prior written permission of the author.

.................................................................................................................................................................................................. 26 Resources ......................................................................................................................................................................... 29 iii | S h a m a n i c A t t r a c t i o n ........................................................................................... 4 Chakras System.......... 21 New Economy ... 4 Seven Misconceptions of Money ............................................................................................................................... 27 Conclusion ..Contents Introduction ............... 11 Getting a Good Job ................. 18 Investing in Projects ............................................................................................................ 19 New Jobs .....................................................................................

When you give or receive money. Ultimately. the transaction represents an exchange of energy. I am not a millionaire. I also develop projects on my own. a few are really good. Though most of them are bullshit.Introduction Tons of products out there promise to help you get more money. and getting from others. Seven Misconceptions of Money Like everything else. and that kind of mind-set attracts only more scarcity. Most of the time. you get $5. when you trade time for money. I don’t even look at those products. My main complaint about them is that they are usually about getting. but I see a high-paying job as a temporary income that finances other projects. Thus. However. This is not a book about finances or management. it’s about spirituality and opening your mind. In this book. You give someone an apple. you want to develop a process and business that automatically brings massive value to colleagues and customers. Due to my young age. but I have learned valuable lessons from several people who applied these principles to become millionaires. You transform someone’s 4|S ha manic Attraction . you get $1. money is energy. They are developed from a mind-set of scarcity. you cannot leverage the value you bring to others. rather. I have a very good job and get new job offers by e-mail almost every week. getting. You give someone a lift. we will explore a new approach: attracting prosperity as a result of giving value to others.

You could meet with someone who feels very good because of the energies you project and. and then you’ll attract money. you should be able to have all that you need just by giving to people energetically and helping them heal physically. but you’re actually giving him energy. he offers to pay for your lunch. Money doesn’t fill your inner voids. we live in a world of abundance. or energy.life or heal his cancer. Misconception 1: Money Will Make You Happy There is a common belief that you must get money. as a result. It’s not about getting money: it’s all about bringing value in the form of products. Since the apparent scarcity of this world is a lie. emotionally. When you really feel good about and grateful for whatever you have. You may also give love and listen to an old person who desperately needs it. In a world of abundance. you get $10. so let’s go through a few of them.000. That’s giving energetically. if you lost your money. If you aren’t happy with your life without money. and customers feel more Sha ma nic Attr act io n |5 . colleagues. The only reason scarcity appears so real is because people believe so much in it. You must be happy. services. and spiritually. then you won’t be happier with money because you would always be defensive and fearful about it. you might fall into a depression. It may seem you’re taking from him. It doesn’t work that way. and then you’ll be happy. There are so many misconceptions about money that you must unlearn. people.

Misconception 2: You Must Work Hard for Money We hear all the time that studies and hard work are the keys to success.comfortable around you and you attract relationships. experience. As for me. and effort. What do you think matters the most between knowledge. Honestly. but sometimes I’m asked to work with technologies I’ve never touched before. and effort? Many people mostly rely on their knowledge. while those who earned Cs tend to step back and see the broader picture. clarity of mind. but I couldn’t maintain the concentration required to work at that pace forty hours a week. and to conceive more effective and simple designs. I could work at least two times faster. However. so you can achieve the same results while working five times less if you focus on what matters. clarity of mind matters the most because it allows me to work faster. and money into your life. It is also a fact that 80 percent of results come from 20 percent of your effort. to be more focused. experience. my experience matters because I learn from my mistakes. Why? Because those who earned As are very good at a specific task. Next for me. I work as a computer programmer. Knowledge also matters for me. statistics show that those who earned As in school work for those who earned Cs. time. 6|S ha manic Attraction . I always finish work ahead of schedule. As for time and effort. contracts. they are very relative. As for me.

then you can achieve a lot with only a little money. I found a programming consultant job even though I didn’t Sha ma nic Attr act io n |7 . When I left for Spain.Finally. Do you think the Spanish patrons of the Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona need money to pay for the construction? No. restaurants. and I didn’t know anyone. you are bound to work from nine to five no matter what you achieve. but what matters even more are creative ideas. or if you just have good charisma. and hotels. You can work when you get there if you are very good at something. I didn’t speak the language. Misconception 3: Projects Require Money It is true that most projects require some money. You don’t need money either to travel. If you want to achieve more and get more money with less effort. I only had enough money to last three months. It doesn’t take much money to release my e-books either. Misconception 4: Traveling Requires Money I traveled around the world for many years. if you can do whatever people need. Many people go to foreign countries and work in bars. If you have a creative. inspired project and attract the right people to work with for other interests than money. you must free yourself from that constraint by working from home or by working freelance. and many people ask me how I got the money to do so. they finance it entirely with entrance fees and donations from the public—even if it takes them more than a hundred years to raise the funds to build it. Others go to remote places and gather the harvest. In Spain. when you have a full-time job.

You should also know that in places such as the north of Thailand. And if you have $10. Live Anywhere. for example. Fourth.000 for three months. Instead. You could take six months off every one or two years.000. Misconception 5: You Must Save Money Until You Retire It makes me sick when I look at people working their whole lives thinking they’ll enjoy life once they retire. First. they aren’t experiencing the best years of their lives. the money they save now won’t be worth as much once they retire. with inflation. you can arrange your schedule as you want and work with your laptop on the beach. Third. they won’t have the health to enjoy life by the time they retire. if they like what they’re doing. I highly recommend the book The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5. what I recommend is that you take frequent mini-retirements. you can live on $1. they’d get bored after retirement and they would most likely still continue to do some kind of work they enjoy. 8|S ha manic Attraction . No matter what you get paid. you can easily take a whole year off in Thailand—and that includes the cost of your round-trip plane ticket. For practical ideas and advice about how to live alternative lifestyles and about how to be more effective at work. and Join the New Rich by Timothy Ferriss. If you work remotely or have your own business.speak Spanish. Second. the experience is really worth it.

don’t view money as something of value to hold onto. but American money could lose 90 percent of its value just before the government replaces it with the Amero. and so forth. a new currency for North America. but it crashed. taking their investments with it. Your $5 bill is a promise to pay for the debts. public and private. The only thing that gives it value is how we perceive it. silver. vegetables. If you know how to generate wealth. We’re exchanging debts between each other and we think they have value?! How did we get there? I Sha ma nic Attr act io n |9 . look at an American (or Canadian) dollar bill. That way. The same applies to the stock market: many people believed it held real value and they invested in it. you can always get abundance back. On the bill. and leave the money on the floor. Really. Nothing is certain yet. Our perception of value can change at any time. it doesn’t matter what currency or trade method you use. If you know how to bring value and receive wealth. you’ll see the language “This note is legal tender for all debts. To go deeper down the rabbit hole.Misconception 6: Money Is Value Everything that comes from the Earth has value: gold. German money was once so low that robbers would break into a house. even if you lose everything. cows. you are not dependent upon any system. Money is nothing more than a piece of paper.” What the hell does that mean? What the hell is a “note” or “bill” anyway? Your phone bill is a promise to pay for your phone calls. steal the shoes. human beings. View it as it was meant to be—as an exchange of energy and services.

Later. However. you realize you exchanged your gold for debts and you want your gold back. My boss also gave me official permission to work from home one day per week. he cannot because the company belongs to another company that decided to suspend hiring due to the current state of the economy.” That’s how all countries under the Queen and other conquered territories got dispossessed of their wealth and resources. 10 | S h a m a n i c A t t r a c t i o n . but that’s about it. but it’s good to understand the general idea so we can see where abundance has gone. The bank will laugh at you and say “we don’t need your million dollars. since it represents only debts. If my boss can’t make any meaningful decisions. and you cannot bring about social movements or inspire people with it. and my boss wants to hire me as a full-time employee. but keep in mind that money isn’t real value. Misconception 7: Money and Status Are Power Money does give you the power to buy stuff and invest in projects. You can’t change the system so easily.won’t go into the details. we can print it anytime. It has nothing to do with money. but he got into trouble for that. If you want real power. Let’s say you have a ton of gold. know this: power lies in your mind and in the effect your mind has on the world. You give it to a bank in exchange for a million dollars. although money greatly helps as a tool. You cannot change the financial system with money. It’s merely a contract. What about status—does it give power? I work as a programming consultant for a company.

That’s what the most successful people in the world do. Whoever prints the money of a country controls that country. Each chakra represents an aspect of our lives and has a specific vibration frequency and color.what power does he have? He manages daily operations but cannot make any decisions that go against the will of his supervisors. Here we will view chakras from a business and financial perspective. Our emotional system is actually more complex than that. That’s about it. He’s just the president of a company. but you can also apply chakras to healing and seduction. It consists of the seven main energy centers. It’s not much different than the powers of our government or the army. or energy wheels. When you refuse to take authority from anyone and only have win-win relations with independent people. Energies are vibrations. The prime minister manages daily operations. but we’ll use this system since it is easy to understand and complete enough for our practical use. but he doesn’t have the power to make the most important decisions. Inc. and the money of Canada belongs to Deutsche Trust Europe Bank. you are free to achieve whatever you want to achieve without limits. Chakras System The chakras system provides a great way for us to understand our emotional system. is registered in Washington. What power does the prime minister of Canada really have? Canada belongs to the Queen. in our body. Emotions are energies in S h a m a n i c A t t r a c t i o n | 11 . Relational independence is power. Canada.

If someone betrays you. you might feel pain at the base of your spine. the base chakra is grounded in Earth energy and the top chakra is grounded in universal energy. creating your aura. Interestingly enough. you might feel pain in your solar plexus. Energy is at the base of everything: all that is created in this world is the consequence of energy. 12 | S h a m a n i c A t t r a c t i o n . and the colors appear in the same order. spiraling around each chakra. The seven chakras go from the base of your spine to the top of your head. All that energy radiates around you. If you have financial instability issues.motion. If you have headaches while working. Energy flows up through you from the Earth to the universe and down from the universe to the Earth. Light and colors are energies of specific vibration frequencies. When chakras are open properly. making the chakras spin like wheels. Each chakra provides an angle from which we can look at our lives and diagnose problems. it might mean that your work is not following your life purpose or that you don’t let creative ideas come in. chakras have the same colors as a rainbow.

the feeling of financial stability. financial stability. The first chakra. sex. By awakening your other chakras. stuck. gain control over your life. and attract financial and sexual abundance. survival. and try to describe it and S h a m a n i c A t t r a c t i o n | 13 . It is associated with the color red. behind your genitals. the sense of belonging to a group. and the grounding to your human instincts. and monetary issues. pay attention to these tensions. and the feeling of stability with your house. often called the root chakra. the social circle. Notice how you feel: the grounding to the physical reality. Focus your mind on your root chakra and visualize the color red. It is located at the base of your spine at the center point between your legs. If you feel pain. represents survival. which fall within the two lower chakras. the stability with your family. or negative feelings in your red root chakra.Most people are stuck in tribal. Notice how it feels. you will recover your intuitive abilities. It represents finding your tribe at home and at work.

The third chakra. Tensions. Describe and write down any pain or uncomfortable feeling in your yellow solar plexus. vitality. Describe and write down any uncomfortable feeling in your orange sex chakra in as much detail as possible. it might 14 | S h a m a n i c A t t r a c t i o n . Notice how you feel: the power and control over your life. integrity.write the description down on paper. which directly affect your financial bottom line. pains. self-care. self-esteem. abundance. often called the sex chakra. The second chakra. monetary boundaries. If you feel an uncomfortable tickling in your plexus. Creativity and money are linked together because creative ideas attract money. Usually. right below where the ribs join together in the center of your torso. We will later explore techniques to liberate these blockages. and fluidity. Notice how you feel: you should notice creativity. It is located at your navel and in your back at the same position. Focus your mind on your solar plexus and visualize a yellow burning sun. creativity. and negative energies indicate issues in those areas of your life. selfcare. represents sex. honor. and sexual polarity. money. It is the sensitive spot in the middle of your body. Focus your mind on your sex chakra and think about the color orange. integrity. you don’t even have to find solutions for your issues: you just have to let them go. and honesty powering up your life. and relationships. often called the solar plexus. It is associated with the color orange. magnetism. represents personal power. self-esteem. spontaneity. It is associated with the color yellow.

It is located in the throat and is associated with the color blue. It means speaking your message openly. The opposite of love is fear. Doing what you love is important. the sparkles in your eyes. unconditional love. It is associated with the colors green and rose. you can then burn the paper to symbolically get rid of your fears and move on. Focus your mind on your throat chakra and feel the color blue. You cannot effectively help others if you don’t take care of yourself first. Notice how you feel: the passion to follow your life purpose and to make a difference in the world. and the love for all the objects around you. The fifth chakra. Listening to your heart is the key to prosperity. and the power of choice.indicate the person in front of you is not being honest with you or with himself. Focus your mind on your heart chakra and feel the green color. represents self-expression. choices S h a m a n i c A t t r a c t i o n | 15 . If it helps you. Notice how you feel: the ease of expressing who you are and what you do to a larger audience. then visualize a burning ball of fire in fusion that looks like a small sun with the plasma moving. the compassion. desires. communication. Pay attention to any fears you feel in your heart and describe them on paper in as much detail as possible. often called the heart chakra. but you must also have strategies to make your goals concrete. the love for others. represents passion. and compassion. often called the throat chakra. the selflove. self-love. It is the middle chakra and the central powerhouse of the human emotional system. The fourth chakra.

you feel a tension or pain in your throat. When there’s something you should say but you keep it to yourself. Focus on any fears you feel in your throat. or rejected if you share your thoughts. Focus your mind on your third eye and visualize the color indigo. I believe most people are clairvoyant. 16 | S h a m a n i c A t t r a c t i o n . The sixth chakra. such as fears of being judged.over what you do. We are all connected by our emotions and intuitions through a web of creative spiritual energy. nothing more. intuition. you start seeing the next layer of emotions underneath it. That’s all they are— just fears. and options opening up. wisdom. As you let go of your headache and other feelings. and intuition. laws of attraction. and describe them on paper in as much detail as possible. and that includes whatever you fear. It is located on your forehead and is associated with the color indigo. ridiculed. your karma. clairvoyance. but they usually don’t know how to interpret what they see. often called the third eye. ignored. Notice how you feel: you should be aware of emotions around you. You will use this chakra to set your intention of how much money you want to attract into your life. and intuitive wisdom. Whatever you focus on consciously or unconsciously is attracted into your life and affects people around you. represents the power of the mind. Have you ever had a headache? Great! You are clairvoyant too! That means something you are doing isn’t in alignment with your life purpose. Pay attention to any stuck feelings or blockages in your indigo third eye and describe them on paper in as much detail as possible.

You had all these abilities when you were born. your chakras open.The seventh chakra. Write down on paper the advantages and disadvantages of accepting the full power and ego of God. the grounding into universal energies. Let God inspire you. We can call this to walk both on Earth and in Heaven. Would you be comfortable with it? You would then have to ignore what people think about it and to decide what you will achieve in your life with all that money. you should read Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing from Caroline Myss. It is the sense of being connected with everything. a New York Times bestseller. It is located at the top of your head and is associated with the color violet. but then social conditioning and all kinds of fears blocked them out. the light flowing through you and shining around you. represents our divine connection to God. abundance and circumstances flowing to you. Focus your mind on your crown chakra and notice how you feel. life purpose. When you remove the crap covering your purity. the transmutation of your personal power and ego into the power and ego of God. often called the crown chakra. and a sense of inner guidance and life events flowing one after the other. and abundance. as well as any other uncomfortable feelings in your violet crown chakra. and your energies ground to the Earth and into consciousness. awareness of universal energies. If you want to learn more about chakras. S h a m a n i c A t t r a c t i o n | 17 . consciousness. Imagine that you instantly won a million dollars.

I personally get job offers by e-mail almost every week without even looking for them. You offer employers what they want on a silver platter. Employers give you work. in practice. Even if you want to own your own business. 18 | S h a m a n i c A t t r a c t i o n .com/coaching. talented. and you do it without creating a hassle. Getting a Good Job An important part of financial magnetism is the ability to easily find a good job. and you are reliable. you never know when it will be done.I also cover many practical techniques to heal your energies in my e-book Sexual Magnetism Spiritual Blueprint. and you face all kinds of hassles. Now let’s say you are very effective at what you do: you have initiative and creativity. I don’t know whether you’ve ever tried to find someone to do some work.shamanicseduction. but it is very hard to find someone who is reliable. available at http://www. However. When you give him work. Even when you give work to a good friend. honest. They will all want you and will pay you more than anyone else. you should be good enough at what you do to be able to get jobs at any time.html. you always deliver ahead of time. you should get expected results ontime without a hassle. and motivated. You can achieve this level of productivity by healing your energies and awakening your abilities. most people don’t really care about what they produce: you have to describe all the details to them.

If you post your resume online. you will have much higher chances of getting jobs if you have charisma. he goes there to work energetically on healing the owner. You can also easily find work through personal contacts. Who do you think the owner will call next time he needs renovation? You can find work by posting your resume on a website such as Monster. Investing in Projects Having a well-paid job can allow you to live comfortably. but it has its limits. I have a friend who does house renovation contracts for friends and who is a very good healer.Productivity is not everything. You cannot sell your skills if you cannot sell yourself first. Employers will read between the lines and equate the potential perfection of your work with the perfection of what you present them in your resume. When he renovates a bathroom. No matter your skills. make sure it clearly portrays who you are. you will attract many people into your life and develop a large social network. If you want more income for less work. What employers want first is someone who will integrate well in a team and who is pleasant to work with. you will need to find ways to S h a m a n i c A t t r a c t i o n | 19 . polished resume. Charisma also allows you to make friends and find work in new countries where you don’t know anyone. Renovations are just an excuse to be there.com or through personal contacts. If you have good charisma.com to help you draft a professional. and don’t be afraid to hire a professional on Elance.

you will need your own business and projects. What you want is a structure that offers you massive value and brings you plenty of money with little effort. To do this.provide greater value more effectively. View yourself as an architect. you can declare investments as expenses and save on taxes. If you want to sell your consulting services to clients for $200 20 | S h a m a n i c A t t r a c t i o n . make sure you count it in your hourly rate. With that kind of savings. don’t be reluctant to invest in your projects. Under the law. You can hire many people with a lower hourly rate than yours to do routine kinds of work. There’s nothing wrong with working sixty hours a week to set up a business structure. your business can run on a deficit for only a certain number of years. One warning: the government can refuse your expenses if it believes your business will never be profitable. You shouldn’t care about small sums of money then. Check with your accountant for the current laws that apply to your location. The idea is to set up a system that automatically delivers value to others in exchange for money without requiring much intervention from you. You may pay 45 percent of your income as taxes. That means that the cost of whatever website design or programming work you outsource or the cost of any seminar you attend actually costs you half the price you pay. You can delegate or automate all tasks. It is a very good combination to have a job and to invest in projects at the same time. If you keep routine work for yourself. but you shouldn’t have to spend more than four hours a week on routine work. but if you also work freelance.

Now that I don’t really care about money anymore. Similarly. a psychiatrist could see a woman every week for years with moderate progress. It’s also not worth it for you to ask for money for small services. More concretely. all he could find was a small cavity right next to a previous filling.per session. people around me don’t care either. They then went to see an alternative medicine healer. but when I went to the dentist to fill them all a year later. I’ve even experienced this personally. while a spiritual healer would solve her problems within a few sessions. I had a dozen cavities in my teeth. and people around me were always counting their dollars and cents and not giving me anything for free.000 per week. My dentist never told me teeth could heal by themselves. When you don’t care about money. and their pain was gone within half an hour. people are more likely to just give you things for free because they appreciate your presence and because you project the vibe that you don’t care about money. Let’s look at some examples of how you could work more effectively than most educated people. Once. I didn’t have much money. you’ll find options everywhere. I achieved in two years of natural grounding what many haven’t achieved in S h a m a n i c A t t r a c t i o n | 21 . but when you realize most jobs are outdated and most people barely use their true human potential. why would you charge a friend $5 for your help? When I was younger. If you earn $1. I’ve heard about several cases of people who went to see a doctor for back pain but it didn’t help. don’t sell them a cup of tea for $1. New Jobs You may not know what projects to work on or what skills to specialize in.

and The Matrix. and to do what businesses need.ten years of self-development. think about music videos based on fashion and social adaptation that introduce exciting choreography. When coaching on the phone. You will also notice that all music and movies that last through time are very natural and emotional—not in the sense of neediness. Think of series of movies like James Bond. clarity of mind. At school. You have unlimited potential as a human being. I dissolve people’s problems very effectively. You learn that what science cannot explain is not real. social conditioning. Fashion and society continuously change. These movies are classics and last through time. intuition. and they experience concrete and lasting changes because I deal with the roots of issues on an emotional level. Star Wars. wisdom. By healing and awakening your energies. Some of these videos are great. but fears. and limiting beliefs have hidden it. you have an advantage over everybody else in terms of charisma. leadership. and efficacy in whatever you do. Those who have master’s degrees from universities cannot compete with you either because school corrupts their nature. On the other hand. the most genius people in history were school drop-outs. but nature is eternal. to fit in the box. even 22 | S h a m a n i c A t t r a c t i o n . but we forget about them when fashion and trends fade away. In fact. you learn to think rationally. but in the sense of authenticity and inspiration.

but between two gyms of equal price. and that apartment is probably hard to rent for that reason. I also tend to go to shops that have good vibes. comfortable vibes over a bigger gym where I feel more disconnected from my emotions. I take product quality and price into consideration. car. gym. place. I will choose the smaller one that sends good. People who rent it may also leave within a few months because they have nightmares. as these preconceived ideas hide your intuition. If you have your third eye open and go to an apartment where there was a murder ten years ago. literally.though scientific beliefs change every ten years. Now S h a m a n i c A t t r a c t i o n | 23 . I know some people who buy buildings. or thing. clean them energetically. Places record the way people feel. When I choose an apartment. or hairdresser. you will feel uncomfortable. I usually choose based on the vibes I get from that person. You also realize that there is much that science doesn’t cover. You have to realize that a place’s vibes don’t depend on what you do or say. You unlearn every concept you ever learned. Between two identical fruit stands next to each other. Science is a religion and a set of limiting beliefs. You learn to develop your own unique skills and to think outside the box. associate. If you instead choose to develop your spirituality. and sell them at higher prices since buyers get better vibes when they visit it. you learn to think intuitively. I will buy from the friendlier seller. job. Of course. Most people who come out of universities are stuck in their heads.

circumstances. which will affect the energies of all the houses surrounding it. By getting back in touch with your nature and by recovering your true human potential. and people into your life to boost your success by focusing on what your heart desires. events.You can help people heal physically without being a doctor (although clients with serious diseases must still follow their doctors’ prescriptions). you should.You can clean buildings and places energetically to increase their value. Your intuition has its own globally interconnected intelligence that goes way beyond what you can conceive with your intelligent mind. you can do lots of things that you will never learn about in school.You can attract opportunities. Your intuition will always guide you to what is good for you. 24 | S h a m a n i c A t t r a c t i o n . If you don’t use your intuition to make decisions. . . They will measure their results with house sales and price fluctuations.they are working on energetically cleaning an entire lake. . .You can help people heal emotionally and spiritually without being a psychiatrist.You can also help heal relationship problems and reduce stress in work environments. .You can attract many customers to your shop through the energies you project. .

Also. Personally. Your options are limitless. There are so many things you can do. even though I am a Reiki Master. the most successful hairdressers are booked months ahead and must redirect customers even though they charge over a hundred dollars for a haircut. there is no way you could heal every single person in your city. or t-shirts. and you won’t have any competition since an overabundance of people can benefit from your services. Likewise.You can be very talented and effective in whatever you do by removing all insecurities that get in the way. if you are a very powerful healer. S h a m a n i c A t t r a c t i o n | 25 . however. For example. I don’t spend my time doing Reiki sessions and Reiki attunements since others can do it. use it as an extra tool to heal customers energetically when doing coaching even through the phone..You can produce very successful movies or music by working from a peak state of mind and by showing an authenticity and purity never seen before that touches people very deeply. I only spend my time doing what no one else is doing.You can have a website to sell Natural Grounding calendars. I only write what I can’t find clearly written anywhere else. posters. . and I recommend books that focus on related topics instead of trying to cover everything on my own. . I will.

This doesn’t work anymore. If you really can provide value and solve problems.New Economy There is an important factor you need to consider in your finances and business. Part of the reason is that people are awakening their consciousness and are looking for answers. If you follow your life purpose and bring more life to the world. it’s just that they’ve stopped spending. Another reason is that there currently are more needs than ever. According to me as well as many spiritual and business masters. We need to adapt the way we do business. The old way of doing business is to work hard to get as much money as possible. The planet’s awareness level is rising. 26 | S h a m a n i c A t t r a c t i o n . and these businesses are going bankrupt no matter how much they invest in publicity. When you focus on giving value and solving problems. there is abundance. you’ll see needs everywhere resulting from the economic crash. we aren’t just going through a recession. I know many people who are having their best year ever in their businesses. people have money to invest. The new way of doing business is to build your business as an extension of your life purpose that brings positive changes and value to the world in exchange for money. and this new level of consciousness doesn’t support the current economic system. It’s not that people don’t have money.

Turn the TV off and live in your own reality of abundance. but I have no affiliation with the other teachers. Even if S h a m a n i c A t t r a c t i o n | 27 . So long as you are not involved in the stock market or dependent on the financial or social systems. If you don’t let it affect your mind-set and if you aren’t dependent on the system. there is no reason the downturn should affect you at all. be able to help others. Here are some resources I highly recommend. It is the perfect time to step up and to build a new economy based on abundance and integrity. Many people watch the news and start thinking from a state of mind of scarcity. In fact. The first is another e-book I’ve written. They then start attracting and experiencing scarcity. Resources Now is the right time to invest in yourself so you can understand what’s really happening. many people need work. customers have more needs than ever: houses are cheaper. and prices are lower on all kinds of things. and recover your ability to shape your reality and attract abundance in all areas of your life. gas is cheaper.There is no reason the economic situation should affect you either. there is absolutely no reason it should affect you. They often offer free conference calls where they share very valuable insights. The recession is in people’s heads. The economic system is recycling itself to leave space for something new. which confirms what they heard.

davidneagle. the free stuff and free conference calls are well worth it.com/artofsuccess 3. http://www.000 per year. I am personally subscribed to a yearlong coaching program about applying the chakras system to business. Sexual Magnetism Spiritual Blueprint This e-book isn’t about finances.you aren’t ready to invest big sums of money.com/coaching/ 2. Just subscribe to their mailing lists. the Hand Analyst She has really great programs on uncovering your life purpose and building spirit-driven businesses. and it is really awesome. Sexual Magnetism Spiritual Blueprint and Financial Magnetism were meant to complement each other. 1. http://www. Baeth Davis.handanalyst. It is designed for men who want to get back in touch with their true nature to attract an abundance of women. David Neagle This business coach knows how to use the laws of the universe to create multimillion-dollar businesses. He offers premium coaching for $100. but it is the key to unlock the principles described in this book.com 28 | S h a m a n i c A t t r a c t i o n .shamanicattraction. You can attract financial abundance using the exact same principles. http://www. but he also has a free product that gave me great breakthroughs: The Art of Success.

A. Gina Cloud shares a similar message in her new book W. where I publish all kind of breakthroughs and articles about sexuality.David Neagle and Baeth Davis are my favorite teachers.shamanicattraction.A.M. It is very practical. which I highly recommend. and when you apply it.N. http://www. This just marks the beginning of your journey: there is so much you can develop in yourself! S h a m a n i c A t t r a c t i o n | 29 . magnetism. you can learn about several additional coaches and see which ones fit you best. and they often offer free conference calls with other coaches.O. you’ll experience concrete changes not only in your intimate relationships but also in your finances. and spirituality.M.: A New Definition. stands for Wild Open Magical Authentically Empowered Nectar. If you purchased this separately.com If you haven’t already.com/coaching/ Sexual Magnetism Spiritual Blueprint is designed for men but if are a woman. W. From there.O.N. make sure you read Sexual Magnetism Spiritual Blueprint as it explains in-depth how to unlock the potential described here. http://www. Conclusion This e-book is meant to complement Sexual Magnetism Spiritual Blueprint in a powerful way. abundance. This isn’t a teaser newsletter sending sales pitches: I provide very valuable information in my newsletter. make sure you sign up for my mailing list. and you can read the history of all the articles I’ve ever written.shamanicattraction.

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