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Japan has secretly drawn up a master plan to seize and occupy the Diaoyu Islands but that secrecy

is now in doubt because of some details put out by the vaingloriously pompous Jap prime minister and his sidekicks most especially his defence minister. It appears that the Japanese miltary has agreed to US suggestions to purchase a number of the super expensive troop transporting aircraft called the sprey. !he aircraft will be used to ferry Japanese paratroopers to take control of the Diaoyu Islands at the earliest opportunity" most likely when #hina is busy celebrating the $unar %ew &ear at the end of January. 'lso" in addition to the purchase of aircraft" the Japanese have handily agreed to ac(uire a big number of amphibious armoured vehicles capable of swimming ashore from tank landing ships. !hus the Japanese military is seriously preparing to assault and occupy the Diaoyu Islands. )ermanently. !his operation by the Japs could come as early as next year. Japan has been hankering for the establishment of a permanent physical presence in the Diaoyu after the successful %ato advance in %orth 'frica but the recent decision by #hina to create its first 'DI* was e(uivalent to +it, throwing the proverbial straw that broke the camel-s back. !he Japanese militarists- camel-s back .ust couldn-t take it at all.