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vn Tp HCM 06/05/2012


Trang1 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

1. 2. GII THIU CITRIX .......................................................................................... 4 GII THIU CNG NGH O HA ............................................................... 5 . XENSERVER ....................................................................................................... 6 . XENDESKTOP .................................................................................................... 7 . XENAPP .............................................................................................................. 7 3. 4. SO SNH CITRIX VMWARE ........................................................................ 8 CI T V CU HNH .................................................................................. 14 . XENSERVER ..................................................................................................... 14 . XENCENTER .................................................................................................... 25 . XENDESKTOP .................................................................................................. 37 . XENAPP ............................................................................................................ 53 . BACKUP ............................................................................................................ 84 . XENCONVERT ................................................................................................. 87


Trang2 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

1. GII THIU CITRIX Citrix l mt tp on a quc gia c thnh lp vo nm 1989, chuyn cung cp cc gii php v o ha my ch v Desktop, mng, Software-as-a-service (SaaS), cng ngh in ton m my v c cc sn phm m ngun m Xen.

Citrix hin c khong 230,000 c s trn ton cu, tr s chnh t ti Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Nhng sn phm chnh ca Citrix l Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, Citrix XenServer. Nm 1995, Citrix gii thiu n th gii nn tng o ho u tin ca mnh trn NT 3.5 WinFrame, mt gii php o ha ng dng. Sau , h nng cp nn tng o ha ca mnh trn NT 4.0 Terminal, mt gii php o ha Desktop. L mt trong nhng ngi i tin phong trong cng ngh o ha, Citrix l cung cp cc gii php o ha ng tin cy v c nhiu doanh nghip tin dng.


Trang3 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

2. CNG NGH O HA CA CITRIX 1. XenServer: l gii php o ha min ph ph hp vi cc doanh nghip va v nh. XenServer cung cp nhng tnh nng cao cp khng tr ph, bao gm: H tr s lng my ch khng gii hn, my o v b nh vt l. Cho php chuyn i t mt my ch o thnh mt my ch vt l v ngc li nu cn (tnh nng ny c tnh ph). Chia s! h thng lu tr SAN v NAS gia cc my ch. Qun l d dng cc my ch o t mt ni duy nht. Khi my ch vt l b" li, nhng my o b" nh hng s# c t$ ng khi ng trn mt my ch vt l khc. Mt th vin my o m%u c cu hnh s&n. Qun l tp trung vic cp nht cc bn v li cho my ch o. Nhn bn d dng cc my ch o t my ch vt l ny sang my ch vt l khc. XenServer l m ngun m nn c u th l nhiu ngi cng ng gp v xy d$ng. XenServer tng thch hu ht vi phn cng hin ti.


Trang4 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

2. XenDesktop: l gii php o ha Desktop ca Citrix. XenDesktop s# phn phi giao din ngi dng n bt c u. Cc tnh nng bao gm: Ngi dng c th truy cp vo giao din ngi dng ca h bt k u v trn nhiu thit b" h tr khc nhau nh PC, Mac, Smart Phone,... 'c ti u ha hiu sut v bo mt cho ngi dng. Tng thch vi hu ht ht thit b" ngi dng u cui.


Trang5 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

3. XenApp: l gii php o ha ng dng ca Citrix, cho php ngi dng kt ni tr$c tip n ng dng Windows thng qua mt my Desktop hay mt trnh duyt web. Nhng tnh nng bao gm: Truy cp ng dng Windows trn cc thit b" s( dng h iu hnh khng thuc Windows, c hn 30 h iu hnh c h tr. Gii php ny yu cu ch) mt bn sao o ca ng dng nh l Office c ci t, trong khi n cho php s lng khng gii hn ngi dng truy cp v s( dng. *ng dng c th c truyn i tr$c tip t my ch n ngi dng ang lm vic trong mng cc b hay xa, cho php ngi dng ti v truy cp ng dng trong khi ang Offline. Tng thch vi hu ht ht thit b" ngi dng u cui.


Trang6 Tp HCM 06/05/2012


Version Edition Assessment Maturity
Market Position

vSphere 5

Hyper-V R2 SP1

XenServer 6

Enterprise Plus
ESX: 2001/2002, ESXi: Dec Dec2007 (vSphere 5: GA Aug-2011 Aug - ESXi only - NEW!) Leader (P1) Ent+: $3,495/socket/enables 96GB vRAM (NEW!) + S&S: $734 (B) or $874 (Prod), vSphere Desktop: $65/active desktop $4,995(S) + $1,049 (B) or $1,249 (P), $1,495(Fnd) + $545(B) or $645(P) See Enterprise+ Acceleration Kit Not included

Hyper-V Jun 08, Hyper-V Server: Oct 08 Leader (P2/3)

Platinum Edition
Xen - 2003, Citrix XenServer 2007, 5.6SP2 March 2011, v6: Sept 2011 Leader (P2/3)


Virtualization ($)

DataCenter: $2,999/socket

$5000/server+$3000 (support)

Management ($) Bundle/Kit Pricing ($) Guest OS Licensing

SMSE: $1569/host) or SMSD: $1310 SMSD/CPU (2 CPU min) n/a yes - unlimited (Windows)

Free (XenCenter) n/a No

Version Edition General
Central Management Virtual and Physical RBAC / ADIntegration Cross-Vendor Mgmt

vSphere 5 Enterprise Plus

Hyper-V R2 SP1


XenServer 6 Platinum Edition

Yes (XenCenter), SCVMM (new) Limited Yes (hosts/XenCenter) Very Limited

Yes (vCenter Server + vCenter Yes (SCVMM/SMSE/SMSD) appliance - NEW) No Yes (vCenter and ESXi hosts) No (experimental: XVP) Yes vMotion and Metro vMotion Yes (EVC) Yes Yes (SCVMM and hosts) Limited

VM Mobility

Live Migration of VMs Migration Compatibility Maintenance Mode

Yes Live Migration (1)

Yes XenMotion (1)

Yes (Processor Compatibility)

Yes (Heterogeneous Pools)




Automated Live Migration Power Management

Yes (DRS) - Storage (NEW), CPU, Mem, Yes (DPM)

Semi-Integr.(CPU,Mem,3rd party) Limited

Yes (WB) - CPU, Mem, D, N


DRS Storage Migration Yes (Storage vMotion / DRSautomated - NEW)

Limited (Partially Live)

No (offline only)


Trang7 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Cluster Size Integrated HA (Restart vm) Automatic VM Reset VM Lockstep Protection Application/Servic e HA
32/TBC Yes (VMware HA) - incl Storage heartbeat Yes (VMware HA) Yes (Fault Tolerance) HA Application Monitoring API - NEW 16/1000 Yes 16/800 Yes

Yes No

No No



Site Failover

No (SRM fee-based fee Add-On)

Yes (Basic, MS Site Recovery), Integrated Disaster Recovery Opalis (no storage array control)

Hypervisor Updates and Backup Upgrades

Yes (Update Manager) enhanced


Limited (rolling upgrade wizard - new)

VM Patching VM Snapshot Backup Integration API Integrated Backup Deploymen VM Templates

Limited (Update Manager) - no guest patches - NEW Yes Yes (vStorage API Data Protection) Yes (Data Recovery) Yes Yes (Host Profiles) - enhanced for Auto Deploy - NEW Yes (Profile-Driven Storage) Yes Stand-alone only (Converter)

Yes Yes Yes (VSS API) Yes (WSB&DPM) Yes

No yes limited Yes (VMPR) Yes (templ + PVS)

Host Profiles Storage Profiles Resource Pools P2V

No 0 No Yes

No No No Yes (XenConvert)


Service Portal / Catalogue Orchestration / Workflows Security

No (vCD fee-based Add-On)


Web Self Service

Yes (vCenter Orchestrator) Yes (ESXi Firewall - NEW) and (vShield Zones)

Yes (Opalis, SC Service Mgr)

Yes (Workflow Studio)



Systems Management

SNMP+CIM, esxcli - NEW

Yes (WMI + PowerShell)


Version Edition General vSphere 5 Enterprise Plus
Hypervisor Details/Size
ESXi only - NEW (build xxxx)

Hyper-V R2 SP1

Hyper-V R2

XenServer 6 Platinum Edition

XenServer 6 (Xen 4.1)


Trang8 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Host Config

Max Consolidation Ratio Max CPU Host Max Cores per CPU

512vm, 2048 vcpu

384 vm, 8/12 vCPU per core,

75 (up to 130 - see details)

160 (Logical)

64 (Sockets) 64(Logical)

64 (logical)




Max Memory - Host




VM Config

Max vCPU per VM


4(Win) / 4(Linux)

8 (Win) / 32(Linux)

Max RAM per VM


64GB yes Limited (SCSI disk only)

32GB No Yes (disk, NIC)

Yes (incl. vSPC) Serial Ports Hot Add/Plug Yes (CPU, Mem, Disk, NIC)


Supported Storage SAN Multipath Shared File System Boot From SAN Boot from USB Virtual Disk Format Thin Disk Provisioning NPIV Support Linked Images

DAS, NAS, FC, iSCSI, FCoE (HW&SW - NEW), SSD for DAS, iSCSI, FC, SAS (no NAS) DAS, SAS, iSCSI, NAS, FC Swap-NEW Yes Yes Yes (limited for SAS)

Yes (VMFS v5 - NEW)

Yes (CSV)

Yes (SR)

Yes (FC, iSCSI, FCoE) Yes vmdk, raw disk (RDM) Yes Yes (RDM only) No (only VMware View and vCloud Director)

Yes (iSCSI, FC) No vhd, pass-through (raw) Yes Yes

Yes (iSCSI, FC) No vhd, raw disk (LUN) limited No


Yes (clone, PVS, IntelliCache)

Storage Integration (API)


Windows Ecosystem

Integrated StorageLink

Storage QoS

Yes (SIOC) - incl. NFS - NEW Yes Yes Yes

No 3rd Party Yes Yes

Basic Yes Yes Yes (guests)


NIC Teaming VLAN IPv6


Trang9 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

I/O PassThrough Jumbo Frames Offload Support Distributed Network Switch

Yes (VMDirectPath)



Yes Yes (TSO, NetQueue, iSCSI)

Yes Yes (Chimney, LSO, VMQ)

Yes Yes (TSO)

Yes (vDS), NetFlow + Port Mirror + LLDP - NEW


Yes (Fail-Save Mode - new)

Network QOS Yes (NetIOC), custom Resource

Pools + IEEE 802.1p - NEW




Dynamic / Yes (Memory Ballooning) Over-Commit Memory Page Yes (Transparent Page Sharing) Sharing Yes Large Pages HW Memory Yes Translation
Yes Comprehensive

Yes (Dynamic Memory) No Yes Yes (SLAT) No Windows Ecosystem

Yes No No Yes Yes, incl. vApp (new) Improving

Interoperability OVF Support

HW Compatibility Guest OS Support Scripting / APIs Cloud API

Very Comprehensive CIM / SMASH API, SDKs for web services, Perl, Power CLI etc vCloud API



Yes (PowerShell, WMI API)

Yes (SDK, API, PowerShell)


CloudStack & OpenStack API

Tham Kho thm ti:


Trang10 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

4. QUI TRNH CI T XENSERVER: Ch vic ci t s# ghi ln ton b cng, v th hy backup li d liu trn cng trc khi th$c hin ci t. Yu cu phn cng ti thiu:
CPU RAM HDD NETWORK 1 CPU 64bit x86 1.5GHz c h tr Intel VT hoc AMD V-64bit 2GB PATA/SATA/SCSI trng 16GB 100 Mbps

Sau y l qui trnh ci t:

Chn Keyboard Layout cho vic ci t. Lu trong sut qu trnh ci t, cc bn c th s( dng phm F12 sang bc k tip, TAB di chuyn gia cc Options, Space hoc Enter chn, F1 tr gip.


Trang11 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Mn hnh Welcome xut hin. XenServer h tr hu ht cu hnh phn cng server hin ti, tuy nhin nu bn khng ch+c ch+n v tng thch, bn c th nhn F9 thm Driver cn thit vo. Chn OK.

Chng ta c th s( dng phm Pg Up hoc Pg Down c cc iu khon. Chn Accept EULA.

-Trong mt s trng hp, cc bn s# nhn c thng bo yu cu bt tnh nng o ha t BIOS. Nu khng th ngh" cp nht BIOS. B,ng khng vic ci t s# gii hn mt s tnh nng quan trng. Chn OK. -Nu trn Server tn ti mt phin bn XenServer ci t trc , bn s# c 3 ty chn. 1. Ci t mi hon ton Clean Installation. 2. Cp nht phin bn mi Upgrade. 3. Restore nu tn ti bn sao lu trn Server. -Chn ci t mi hon ton.


Trang12 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

-Nu bn c nhiu cng, bn hy chn cng cho vic ci t, ng thi check vo Enable thin provisioning s( dng tnh nng IntelliCache -IntelliCache c h tr khi s( dng kt hp XenServer vi XenDesktop, mang li hiu qu kinh t bi cho php s( dng kt hp gia Shared Storage v Local Storage, tt c VMs chia s! chung mt OS image, v th gnh nng lu tr s# gim, hiu xut tng ln. 'ng thi lu lng mng c-ng gim ng k v Local Storage cache li Master Image t Shared Storage. -Chn OK.

-Chn Source ci t. Nu ci t s( dng PXE boot qua card mng, th chn HTTP or FTP, hoc NFS. . y ta chn ci t t Local Media Ci t t CD Source. V v ci t t CD Source nn mn hnh tip theo s# hi r,ng bn c mun ci t thm cc gi b sung t CD hay khng.
CITRIX Trang13 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Ta khng cn ci t b+t k gi no b sung nn

Chn No.

Bc ny hi bn c mun kim tra li tnh ton v/n ca CD Source hay khng. Nu c th thut ton MD5 checksum ca cc gi trong CD s# kim tra. Qu trnh kim tra s# mt t pht. ' cho nhanh, chn Skip verification

't mt khu cho Root, Ta s# s( dng mt khu ny logon t XenCenter hoc ng nhp t tip vo xsconsole trn chnh XenServer.


Trang14 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Chn Card ginh cho vic qun l XenCenter s# kt ni n Card ny.

Cu hnh IP cho Card mng va chn. Lu nn chn Static configuration v sau ny khi Join vo mt Pool no , XenServer cn c mt IP c inh. . y ta c th chn DHCP cp IP t DHCP Server, nhng cn c thng s Reservation c cp mt IP c "nh

-'t tn cho XenServer. Lu ch) t tn my, khng t theo FQDN v s# gy ra li trong qu trnh chng th$c. -Cu hnh Prefer DNS b,ng tay hoc thng qua DHCP Server. Nu cu hnh b,ng tay, DNS Server 1 phi c cu hnh, DNS Server 2-3 ty chn.
CITRIX Trang15 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Chn Time Zone cho XenServer. S( dng phm k t$ u, PgUp, PgDown.


Trang16 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

' thit lp thi gian local, ta c th cu hnh b,ng tay (yu cu cu hnh sau khi ci t hon tt), hoc chn Using NTP.

Nhp "a ch) ca NTP Server trong h thng. Trong h thng nn c mt NTP Server lm nhim v ng b ha thi gian, m bo tnh nht qun thi gian trn NTP client.

-Chn Install XenServer. -Nu bn chn cu hnh thi gian b,ng tay th bc cui s# c yu cu.


Trang17 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

-Nu bn chn ci t thm cc gi b sung, bn s# c yu cu ly CD XenServer ra v a CD cha gi b sung vo.

Mn hnh ci t XenServer hon tt, ly CD Source ra v chn OK Reboot li h thng.

-Mn hnh xsconsole, s( dng Shell Alt+F3, tr v xconsole Alt+F1. -Nhng t nay ta s# qun l XenServer thng qua mt Windows Host c ci t XenCenter ch khng ngi trn XenServer qun l.
CITRIX Trang18 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

5. QUI TRNH CI T V QUN TR XENCENTER: XenCenter l cng c qun tr" XenServer b,ng giao din, c ci t trn h iu hnh Windows. Source ci t XenCenter c s&n trong CD Source ci t XenServer. Ngoi ra bn c-ng c th cp nht phin bn mi nht cho XenCenter ti Yu cu ci t: Operating System WindowsXp/Vista/7/2003/2008/2008R2 .Net Framework 3.5 CPU Ti thiu 750 MHz RAM Ti thiu 1GB HDD Ti thiu 100MB Sau y l cc bc ci t v cu hnh c th: -Lu : Uninstall phin bn c- ca XenCenter Ci t mc "nh.

Giao din u tin khi khi ng XenCenter, chn ADD a server.

Nhp vo "a ch) IP v ti khon qun tr" XenServer.

CITRIX Trang19 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Do s( dng phin bn XenServer Free nn ta ch) c thi hn s( dng trong 30 ngy, v th cn active. Chn vo Tool License Manager.

Phn mm c thi hn l 30 ngy k t ngy ci t XenServer


Trang20 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

'ng nhp trang ch ca Citrix ng k License.

Sau khi ng k v ti License min ph v, ta import vo b,ng cch chn Activate Free XenServer Apply Activation Key. By gi, thi hn tng ln mt nm s( dng.


Trang21 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

' d dng trong vic trin khai h iu hnh, ta cn thm vo Source cha file ISO ci t h iu hnh. . y ta s# ly th mc trn mt my v Share th mc ra.

Chn Windows File Sharing (CIFS)


Trang22 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Nhp vo ng d%n n th mc Share v ti khon truy cp th mc.


Trang23 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Th vin Source ci t c cp nht, y ta c Source Redhat5.6

Chn vo New VM to mt my o mi, chn h iu hnh cho VM


Trang24 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

't tn cho my o

S phn Install from ISO library or DVD drives xung, ty chn ci t t DVD Drives l n gin nht nhng khng hiu qu. Cc bn chn ci t t ISO library thm vo t trc. Chn Next.


Trang25 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

-S vi x( l h tr: 32 cho linux v 8 cho Windows. Dung lng RAM h tr ti a 32GB ty h iu hnh trin khai. Tham kho bng sau:
Operating System Windows 7 (32 bit) Windows 7 (64 bit) Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 bit) Windows Server 2008 (32/64 bit) Windows Server 2003 Windows Vista (32 bit) Windows XP SP3 CentOS Red Hat Enterprise Linux SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Oracle Enterprise Linux Debian Minimum RAM 1GB 2GB 512MB 512MB 256MB 1GB 256MB 256MB 256MB 256MB 512MB 128MB Maximum RAM 4GB 32GB 32GB 32GB 32GB 4GB 32GB 16GB 16GB 32GB 16GB 32GB Disk space Minimum 16GB, 40GB or more recommended Minimum 20GB Minimum 32GB Minimum 10GB, 40GB or more recommended 2GB 16GB 1.5GB 800MB 800MB 1GB 800MB 4GB


Trang26 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Yu cu phn cng ngh". Chn Properties thay i tn v kch thc. ' thm cng o, chn Add..

Bng tm t+t cc thng s, chn Finish hon tt vic chun b" phn cng v quay tr li Tab Search.


Trang27 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Mt biu tng my o mi c to n,m bn tri c(a s , chn VM v chuyn sang Tab Console xem VM Console. Qu trnh ci t hon tt v Reboot VM. By gi ta s# ci t XenServer Tool, cng c h tr nng cao hiu nng truy xut cng v bng thng mng. XenServer Tool cho php shutdown, suspend, reboot hay Live Mirgrate. ' ci t XenServer Tool cho VM, chut phi vo VM chn Install XenServer Tools.

-Yu cu ci t XenServer Tool l my ang chy. -Vo giao din VM.

-Cn khi ng li VM XenServer Tool hot ng.


Trang28 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

-Sau khi ci t XenServer Tool, cc bn c th ci t thm cc ng dng cn thit, cc Setting cho h thng. -Vic ci t mt VM tn kh nhiu thi gian, Citrix h tr 2 cng c cho vic to Template l to Snapshot v To Template, tin li cho vic to file nh tc thi hin trng ca VM, t ta c th to ra c nhiu my o hn mt cch nhanh gn. -' to mt Template, ta lm nh sau:

Chut phi vo VM chn Convert to Template

-Qu trnh Convert s# din ra ngay sau khi chn Convert.

' to mt VM mi, chut phi vo Template, chn New VM wizard.


Trang29 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Chn Next.

't tn cho VM mi, chn Next.

-. y ta khng cn Source ISO na, chn Next. -Qu trnh Convert hon tt VM s# t$ ng c khi ng. VM mi c to ny s# mang Identifier v Computer Name khc vi Template.
CITRIX Trang30 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Bn cnh cng c to Template ta c-ng c th to Snapshot cho mt VM.

Chn vo VM Take a Snapshot

't tn cho Snapshot Take Snapshot

To Snapshot thnh cng. Ti Tab Action, s xung chn Save as a Template to mt Template t Snapshot.


Trang31 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

-Citrix khuyn co trc khi to Template t mt Windows VM ang chy hay t Snapshot, hy Sysprep Windows VM trc khi to Template. V n gin mt VM hay mt my tnh thng thng s# cha nhiu yu t i hi tnh duy nht nh l Identifier, Computer Names, Security. Nu nhng thnh phn ny c Copy sang mt my khc trong mng, li s# lp tc ny sinh.

T CD Source ta copy file cha sysprep tool, Copy vo v di chuyn n th mc ch tool, chy lnh sysprep.


Check vo Generalize, chn OK

my tnh s# t$ ng khi ng li.


Trang32 Tp HCM 06/05/2012


Nh cc bn thy, y l m hnh chun ca nn tng o ha Citrix, bao gm mt pConsole l my tnh ci XenCenter qun tr" XenServer. My ch XenServer l tp hp ca cc my ch o bao gm mt Domain Controller qun l min, mt my XenDesktop Controller qun l vic phn phi giao din ngi dng Desktop n thit b" u cui ca ngi dng nh l Desktop, Laptop, PDA thng qua Web-based. Mt my m%u dng trin khai n ngi dng u cui, vi h iu hnh v phn mm c ti u ha cho vic s( dng. Vic n gin ngi dng phi lm l m trnh duyt Web ln v truy cp Website do ngi qun tr" my ch XenServer cung cp cng mt ti khon ng nhp. Mc ch sau cng l to mt mi trng thn thin v d tip cn vi ngi dng. Sau y l cc bc cu hnh v ci t. Yu cu ci t:
CPU RAM HDD NETWORK Operating System .NET Framework 1 CPU 64bit x86 1.5GHz c h tr Intel VT hoc AMD V-64bit Ti thiu 4GB PATA/SATA/SCSI ti thiu 150GB 100 Mbps

WindowsXp/Vista/7/2003/2008/2008R2 2.0 Service pack 1


Trang33 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

S vt l:

2 my controller v master phi c kt ni domain controller Quy trnh ci t trn my Master:

Chn Install Virtual Desktop Agent


Trang34 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Chn Advanced Install

Mn hnh thng bo my tnh cha c ci t WinRM, mt cng c qun l t xa, ta tip tc m khng cn ci t


Trang35 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

'ng cc iu khon

Chn Virtual Desktop Agent v ta cha cn cc ng dng ha

CITRIX Trang36 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Ci t Citrix Receive, cng c cho php client kt ni n

. y chng ta khng to 0a o cho client, c ngh0a l khng cho php client c th lm bt k thay i g trn Desktop nh l ci t ng dng hay thay i thit lp h thng.
CITRIX Trang37 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Nhp vo tn y ca my ch XenDesktop (controller)

'ng m mt s Port hon tt qu trnh ci t


Trang38 Tp HCM 06/05/2012


Trang39 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Qui trnh ci t v cu hnh trn XenDesktop Server ( controller):

Chp nhn nhng iu khon


Trang40 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Check chn cc phn cn ci t

Cu hnh Port cho Firewall



Trang41 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Tin trnh ci t kh lu do phi ci cc thnh phn b tr nh MS SQL 2008, Visual C++,

Sau khi ci t xong, vo Desktop Studio Quick Deploy trin khai nhanh


Trang42 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Nhp "a ch) ca XenServer v ti khon qun tr"


Trang43 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Chn Card mng cho my o

Chn 1 cng vt l cho my o


Trang44 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Chn my o c ci t hon ch)nh trin khai

Nhp s lng my o cn to v cc thng s cu hnh

CITRIX Trang45 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Chn user hay group cho php ng nhp vo my o

Tin trnh trin khai hon tt


Trang46 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Giao din u tin ca XenDesktop


Trang47 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Qu trnh ci t thnh cng. Test trn mt my tnh bt k b,ng cch ng nhp "a ch) ca XenDesktop Serverhttp://

C(a s xut hin, chn INSTALLER


Trang48 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Lu , nu ng nhp b,ng IE s# c ngn ng ting Anh


'ng nhp ti khon c cho php cc bc trc

'ng nhp thnh cng, c th ni cc bc ng nhp trn Client l c$c k2 n gin.


Trang49 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

By gi bt k2 u, bn c-ng c th em c chic my tnh ca mnh theovi ch) vi thao tc n gin. 7. CI T V CU HNH XENAPP XenApp l mt h thng phn phi ng dng Window nh,m qun l cc ng dng trong trung tm d liu v phn phi chng nh mt d"ch v theo yu cu ca ngi s( dng ti bt c ni no. ng dng t phc v:XenApp t$ ng xc "nh phng php ti u v an ton nht phn phi ng dng ti ngi dng d$a trn kh nng ca thit b", quyn ngi dng, hiu nng mng li, v" tr kt ni v h s bo mt. Mi thit b, mi ni:Cung cp ngi dng truy cp nhanh chng, an ton cho d h ang dng desktop, laptop, Mactinosh, iPhone, Windows Mobile hay Android. Tri nghim ngi dng phn gii cao:Cng ngh XenApp HDX mang li ha nhanh, cao cp v giao din a truyn thng m khng cn mng n kh nng ca thit b" dng cui. An ton t thit k:Gi d liu trong c s d liu ng thi ch) chuyn cc cp nht mn hnh, c nhp chut v g phm qua mng li. Qun l 1 thi im:Loi b nhu cu ci t v qun l cc ng dng trn nhng thit b" c phn pht. Tnh m rng vt tri:' c chng minh h tr hn 100.000 ngi dng, m rng hn 1.000 my ch trong 1 ln trin khai v m bo t) l s&n dng ca ng dng l 99%. Yu cu ci t:
Operating System .Net Framework CPU RAM HDD 2008R2 3.5 1 CPU 64bit x86 1.5GHz c h tr Intel VT hoc AMD V64bit Ti thiu 512MB Ti thiu 3.2GB

Qui trnh ci t v cu hnh:


Trang50 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

T Source ci t XenApp, chn Install XenApp Server

Chn Add Server Roles


Trang51 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Chn phin bn ci t Platinum

'ng cc iu khon



Trang52 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Check vo 3 roles: - License Server: Yu cu ci t Farm - Web Interface: Cn thit cho vic to Sites - XenApp

Cc Roles ty chn ci i t, mc "nh

CITRIX Trang53

Next Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Bng tm t+t cc ty chn ci t

Cc thnh phn cn thit phi c ci t trc khi ci i XenApp Cc phn mm mi c ci nn cn Reboot li tr c khi th$c hin tip cc bc sau.


Trang54 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Kch hot Autorun th$c hin ci t mt ln na.

Chn Resume Install


Trang55 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Qu trnh ci t thnh nh cng

Tip tc chn Configure XenApp


Trang56 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

To mi mt Server Farm

't tn bt k cho Server Farm


Trang57 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Nhp tn y ca XenApp Server

New database nu Server Farm cha c Database



Trang58 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Xc th$c ti khon Administrator cho vic ci t


Trang59 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Cho php kt ni n t Client n Server

Nhp Zone Name


Trang60 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Tuy chn c th s(a hoc khng, y ta cho php XML Service chy Port 8080

To Users c php truy cp d"ch v XenApp

CITRIX Trang61 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Thng tin cu hnh nh ci t

Qu trnh ci t thnh nh cng khi ng li my. Sau khi khi ng my, vo All Program m trnh tr qun l XenApp Server Role Manager, mc Web Interface, chn Configure


Trang62 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

To mi mt XenApp Website mi

Check vo Set as the default page for the IIS site


Trang63 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

' mc "nh


Xc nhn thng tin cho Site mi


Trang64 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Next tip tc

't tn bt k mc Farm name. Thm my ch XenApp vo. v ' i Port XML thnh nh 8080


Trang65 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Check vo Pass-through through



Trang66 Tp HCM 06/05/2012


Trang67 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Restart li my. Sau khi khi ng li, m trnh qun l XenApp l ln


Trang68 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Next cho n kt thc Tm n ng d%n Application

Publish Application


Trang69 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Next tip tc

't tn cho trnh kt ni n Desktop qun tr"


Trang70 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Chn Server desktop


Add tn my ch XenApp vo v
CITRIX Trang71 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Add user qun tr" c quyn ng nhp d"ch v vo

' mc "nh Next cho n khi kt thc Sau khi trin khai Desktop Server, by gi ta s# trin khai Application
CITRIX Trang72 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Ta c-ng chn Publish Application ri nhp tn ng dng vo o

Mc "nh



Trang73 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Nhp chnh xc ng dng chy t Command Line

Ti y ta thm my XenApp Server vo



Trang74 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Ti y ta thm m Users c php truy cp ng dng, Next kt thc Tip theo ta s# to cc chnh sch cho vic truy cp ng dng

Tm n kha Policies, trong tab Computer



Trang75 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Nhp tn n cho chnh sch


Tm n XML service port

chn Add


Trang76 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

. mc Value, ta nhp Port 8080 v vo OK tip tc Tip theo tm kha TrustXMLRequest_Name Add

Chn Enabled Ok kt thc Ngoi ra tab User, ta c cn c th to ra cc 0a cho pha ngi dng OK, cc bc cu hnh hon tt, by gi trn n my Client, ta th$c hin kim tra kt ni.

'ng nhp vi ti khon cho php lc ny


Trang77 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Chn Download

Bm Continue tip tc

Giao din ng nhp thnh th cng. Ta thy c 2 tab, mun s( dng ng dng ta ch) cn click vo ng dng v ch trong giy lt ng ng c ti v. Tab cn li l tab Desktop cho php ta Remote Desktop n XenApp Server.


Trang78 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

8. CI T XENCONVERTER Vn bo tr cho cc thit b" trong h thng mng l rt kh khn v tn km, c bit my ch. V th m gii php chuyn my ch vt l sang my ch o ang rt c cc doanh nghip quan tm. Vi ch) mt my ch vt l, cc bn s# c th to bao nhiu my ch o ty thch m khng phi lo n vn mua thit b" v bo tr. Citrix tch hp thm tnh nng XenConverter cho php chuyn t mt my ch vt l sang my ch o trn XenServer. Vic cn th$c hin l trn my ch vt l cn Convert, ta ci t phn mm Citrix XenConverter. (yu cu c .Net Framework 2)

Chn Install ci t .NET Framework 2.0


Trang79 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Qu trnh ci t .NET Framework

Sau khi ci t thnh cng .NET Framework tin trnh ci t XenConverter t$ ng c kch hot


Trang80 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Chn Next b+t u qu trnh ci t XenConverter

Chp nhn cc iu khon



Trang81 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

' ng d%n ci t mc "nh, chn Next tip tc

Chn tip Install


Trang82 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Qu trnh ci t kt thc Finish By gi vo All Program m phn mm XenConverter ln

From: Convert t my ch vt l To: XenServer (my ch qun l cc my ch o)


Trang83 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Chn phn vng cn Convert


Hostname: "a ch) IP my XenServer User name: ti khon qun tr" (root) Password: mt khu qun tr" Workspace: chn mt phn vng bt k trn my Local


Trang84 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

't tn cho my o


Chn tip Convert


Trang85 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Tin trnh Convert b+t u, nhanh hay chm cn ty vo phn cng ca my ch vt l Finish

9. BACKUP Gii php Backup lun l vn c quan tm hng u trong bt k h thng mng no. Mt h thng hot ng tt c-ng khng th no trnh khi nhng nguy c tim n khng lng trc c nh my ch b" die, Hacker tn cng, hay li phn mm. Gii php Backup ca Citrix a ra l kh n gin, ch) cn vi thao tc n gin l ta c th sao lu li bn gc ca my ch o ang hot ng trong tnh trng n "nh. Sau y l cc bc th$c hin.


Trang86 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Chn my o hoc Template cn Backup, chn Export File..

Chn ni sao lu file backup

Qua Tab Logs theo gii tin trnh Backup Cng vic by gi l ngi ch cho n khi tin trnh Backup hon tt Mt ngy /p tri, my o ca chng ta c vn . Rt n gin, chut phi vo tn Server


Trang87 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Chn vo Import..

Browse.. n ni lu tr file Backup



Trang88 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

' mc "nh, chn Next

' mc "nh, chn Import>


Trang89 Tp HCM 06/05/2012

Chn Card mng o s# gi gi tin yu cu file Backup Qu trnh Import kh nhanh so vi Export.


Trong trng hp my ch vt l XenServer ht ti nguyn, ta c th to thm mt my ch vt l XenServer khc v trn XenCenter kt ni n XenServer mi, th$c hin di di cc my ch o gia 2 Server. Xt mt cch ton din, nn tng o ha Vmware v%n ng u v hon ho hn so vi Citrix. Tuy nhin vi s$ ln mnh nhanh chng ca nn tng o ha Citrix, c bit l th" trng 'c, tin r,ng Citrix s# mau chng thay th Vmware v" tr ng u.