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BHUVANENDRA BHAGAWAN DIES: At Allahabad due to gas poisoning Allahabad, Jan 12.

In the house of a Pujari, at Dariaganj, an Allahabad suburb, 9 out of 13 pilgrims who slept in one room, including a five-year-old boy and six other women were found dead.These people sleeping in a closed room and to keep themselves warm in the cold January night heated the room with pieces of burning coal - a common practice resorted to in winter.This 13 are part of a team of 35, from Trivandrum who reached here on Friday at the confluence of Yamuna and Ganga - to participate in the Magha Mela and lodged in the house of a Pujari As none came out of the closed room on day break, others in the party knocked at the door but of no avail, and hence broke open the door to notice nine deadones and another four in unconscious state.The latter were quickly removed to the hospital, while the dead bodies were taken for postmortem, before burial in Triveni Sangamam. Gas poisoning was attributed as the cause of death. The dead included Bhuvanendra Bhagawan, Rudrayani Amma, Parvathy Pilla, Lakshmy Pilla, Janardanan Pilla, Narayana Pilla, Janaki Pilla Thankachi, Lakshmy Kutty Amma and Ananthan Pilla. [Recently, in Kerala and in the Kerala Kaumudi, the name Bhuvanendra Bhagawan became popular as well as controversial. Shri Varinjam RaghavanPillai in his biography on "Bhuvanendra Ghadgi" narrates and documents several miracles of Bhuvanendra Bhagawan. "My experience",a short essay (in Kerala Kaumudi of Dec. 12, 1951), by Sri Srikandath Gopala Menon (Professor of Physics, University College, Trivandrum),sums up some miracles of this boy sage, is perhaps fresh in the minds of our readers]. (This transcription bases,a PTI report on the demise of Bhuvanendra Bhagawan in the Malayalam Daily, the Kerala Kaumudi of Jan.15, 1952, published from Trivandrum.), The English transcription is by Thrivikramji -------