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Alert Number

Safety Alert
Prepared by Tim McGrath/John Hatcher Date 7-Aug-09 Canadian R&M Manager John Hatcher

R&M Manager Tim McGrath

Summary of Alert:
Employee struck in the arm by fragment from a cold chisel

Detailed Description:
On August 4, 2009an employee in AEC received an injury when a piece of the cold chisel he was using fragmented and imbedded into his forearm. The injury required a visit to the hospital where it was determined that removal of the foreign object could cause more harm as it had entered approximately 1.25 into the muscle area. The employee was given a tetanus shot and told to return for further evaluation if the injury became red, swollen or caused discomfort.

Puncture site

Alert Number

Safety Alert
Prepared by Date Canadian R&M Manager

R&M Manager

Tim McGrath/john Hatcher


John Hatcher

Tim McGrath

The incident happened while the employee was trying to remove a kicker pad from a clamp plate assembly. The pad was unusually difficult to remove and an attempt to use an air Chisel proved unsuccessful. The pad and clamp plate assembly was placed on a work bench, and 2 cold chisel were placed behind the hinges to remove the pad at an even rate otherwise it would bind and stick. He proceeded to hit the chisel one at a time to wedge the pad out and it was during one of these blows that a fragment flew off and hit him in the arm.

Chisel fractured in this area.

Lessons learned:
1) Investigation revealed that the chisel manufaturer was unknown, as no manufacturers name was found to be stamped into the chisel. The only markings on the chisel were Made in China and Wear Safety Glasses. The remedial action will be to replace all chisels with a high quality issue for traceability. 2) PPE policy was not followed correctly. The employee while working had his sleeves partially rolled up on his arm. The sleeves could have lessened the impact of or, deflected the foreign object. The remedial action will be to review PPE policy will be reviewed with all employees

3) A HARC should be completed while working outside the normal work scope.