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Alert No. 2009 13 The Incident Worker was attempting to position a 3 Lshaped pipe weighing approx 75kg with the help of another two co-workers. A co-worker was positioned on the scaffold platform while another co-worker was on the same level with him below the scaffold platform to maneuver the pipe into position. While they were shifting the pipe, his right hand thumb was caught and pinched between the pipe and a nearby scaffold member. At the time of the incident, he was wearing the correct gloves.

Pinch-Point Injury

Issue Date: 08 Oct 2009

What Went Wrong 1. Potential pinch-point during the work execution was not identified 2. Congested work area impeded proper maneuvering of the pipe

Key Learnings & Actions 1. Plan the work properly and clear or identify obstructions before executing the work. 2. Plan a way around obstructions which cannot be avoided to allow safe work execution. 3. Do a Take 5 to identify specific hazards such as pinch points 4. Always be alert do not under estimate simple routine tasks

For more details, contact Safety Focal Person: Helmi Zaidun, DCV/351 Tel: 62634343, Email: Helmi-Johan,