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Rigger Snagged and Lifted by Tower Crane


During a concrete pour, at 8:40pm on Oct 10 2009, a rigger instructed the tower crane operator to raise the hook. While hoisting, a tag-line hanging from the hook snagged the riggers harness and he was lifted approximately 1m before the crane operator stopped hoisting. A Loop and knot were tied at the end of the tag-line. Fortunately the rigger was not injured.

The tag-line was not long enough to be used effectively. Someone had tied a loop into the end of the tag-line. The tag-line was left hanging from crane hook.


The free-end of tag-lines should never have knots or loops tied into them. This will help to prevent snagging of nearby structures or personnel. Minimum inch diameter rope should be used for tag-lines to provide adequate grip. Taglines should be long enough to provide adequate control of the suspended load. Whenever practical, remove slings and tag-lines from crane hook when lift is completed. CHEC P Hanley Oct 19. 2009 Project Wide As required

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