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Guided By, Dr. K.S.Sivanandan

Name: Dibyajyoti Kanu M120258EE M.Tech IPA

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Problem Definition. Significance. Literature review. 3rd semester work plan. 4th semester work plan. Work done.

Problem Definition
Modelling, Design and development of Assistive limb. Development of fuzzy logic classifier and Bayes classifier for classifying flexion/extension movements of human elbow using EMG signals from a single channel. Control of Assistive limb by EMG signal using PIC microcontroller.

Develop an artificial limb & its proper control by biomedical signal (EMG signal) is going to help those people who are disabled physically. And also it helps medical science in future aspects.

Literature review
Study about EMG signals. Fuzzy logic classifier. Bayes classifier.
Main paper: 1. Sensing, Processing and Application of EMG signals for HAL. 2. Speed based EMG classification using fuzzy logic. Others paper: 1. Techniques of EMG signal analysis: detection, processing, classification and application.

rd 3

semester work plan.

1. Taking EMG signal from fifty people of different age and sex. 2. Develop a Bayes classifier. 3. Develop a fuzzy logic classifier. 4. Comparison of the two classifiers. 5. Simulation 6. Implementation of the better classifier in PIC microcontroller.

4th semester work plan

1. Design and develop an artificial limb. 2. Mathematical modeling of the assistive limb. 3. Control of assistive limb using PIC microcontroller.

Work done
Acquired EMG signal from ten people (sex ., age group - ).

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