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1. What are the types of Thermoelectric advanced m/cing processes. *Plasma arc m/cing *Laser beam m/cing *Electron beam m/cing *Electric discharge m/cing *Ion beam m/cing 2. List the nconventional machining process! "hich ses Electrochemical Energy. *Electrochemical machining * Electrochemical #rinding * Electrochemical $oning * Electrochemical %eb rring
PART-B 1. &ompare the mechanical and electrical energy processes in terms of physical parameters.

'hape capabilities( Physical param ! rs The physical parameters of non)conventional machining processes have a direct impact on the metal removal as "ell as on the energy cons med in different processes.

*rom a comparative st dy of the effect of metal removal rate on the po"er cons med by vario s non)conventional machining processes


It is fo nd that some of the processes +e.g. E,-! E&-. above the mean po"er cons mption line cons me a greater amo nt of po"er than the processes +e.g. E%-! P/-!E&#. belo" the mean po"er cons mption line. Th s! the capital cost involved in the processes +E,-! E&- etc.. lying above the mean line is high "hereas for the processes belo" that line +e.g.! E%-! P/-! -&#. is comparatively lo". Capa"ili!y !# shap The capability of different processes can be analysed on the basis of vario s machining operation point of vie" s ch as micro)drilling! drilling! cavity sin0ing! poc0eting +shallo" and deep.! conto ring a s rface! thro gh c tting +shallo" and deep. etc.


*or micro)drilling operation! the only process "hich has good capability to microdrill is laser beam machining "hile for drilling shapes having slenderness ratio! l/D1 22! the process 3'-! E&- and E%- "ill be most s itable. E%- and E&- processes have good capability to ma0e poc0eting operation +shallo" or deep.. *or s rface conto ring operation! E&- process is most s itable b t other processes e4cept E%- have no application for conto ring operation.