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IELTS Lesson plan Group 1

Date: 02.12.2013 Students number: 5 Objectives: by the end of the lesson students will be able: - to learn each other better; - to test discuss the parts of the IELTS; - to set the goals for the course; Goal: acquire skills for passing IELTS structure and reading sections and broaden vocabulary Materials: paper, board, markers, computer, projector, course books. Lesson Development Organizational moment: I Greeting: T: Welcome to the IELTS course! My name is Nadezhda. Im very glad to have all of you in this group and hope that together we will achieve success in passing IELTS! First of all lets discuss what IELTS is and what type of tasks will you face while taking this course (10 min) - How many skills are tested? - What are they? - How many modules are in there in IELTS? - What are they? - Who is going to take the academic module? - Who is going to take general module? - What are the differences between them? - How many tasks will you have in the listening section? - How many parts will you have in the reading section/ - How many tasks will you have in the writing part? - How many parts will you have in the writing part? Open class brainstorming. Teacher fixes answers on the board. II Acquaintance / Interview Format: Right now I want you to prepare three interview questions on 3 different topics that concerns: life, interests, and different activities. (5 min) Students work I pairs. They ask questions to each other in turns. While one student is answering the other takes notes and gets ready to make comments afterwards. T: Right now I want each of you to come up to the board, write down your name, and tell us your name and why you are in this group. (10 min) III Speaking task 2: (15 min) Within 1 min students prepare the answer to the question about themselves. They get a card with the task. After that each student comes up to the board and presents the topic. Everybody takes notes and prepares to make comments at the end. After each presentation students receive 3 min to write down the comments and overall impression of the speech. The discussion will take place after all the presentations. 1 Students, 2 Teacher. Tell about yourself - What kind of person are you? - What is your occupation? - What are your interests? - What are your eating habits?

IV Pre-reading (15 min) T: Continuing the topic of the eating habits I want you to discuss the following questions. 1. How are the eating habits changing in our country? Teacher elicits ideas from the students and fixes them on the board. 2. What are the results of these changes a)on peoples health; b) social relationships? Pair work: each group receives the card and discusses their topic. After that each group voices their ideas while another group takes notes.

V First reading (10 min) Look through the text and compare your ideas with the information given in the texts. VI Vocabulary work. (10 min) - Now I want you to look at three underlined words in the text 1 and 2 and decide which two of them are important for each text. Reason your answer. - Find and underline the phrases in which the meanings of these words are explained. VII Post-reading (10 min) True-False Questions (15 min) T: One of the types of the questions you can meet during the IELTS test is a True/False type of questions where you will have 3 possible options for your answer: true/false/not given 1) Right now please look at the statements given on p. 9 in questions 1-6 and underline the key words. 2) Now go back to the text A and match each statement with the passage. CCQs What do you have to do? Do you have to answer the questions now? (no) 3) Right now please read the appropriate parts of the text carefully and answer the questions. VIII Summary of the lesson IX Home work p. 10, ex 4. Complete the summary, p. 10, ex. 5 write an essay, question 1. Write down translate and learn all the unfamiliar words from the texts.