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Joanna Yuhas Mrs.

Meyer 1st Grade Friday 11/15 10:30am-11am Title of Topic of Lesson and Grade Level Using Adjectives in Writing First Grade Lesson Essential Questions What is an adjective? How do you use adjectives when writing? Standards CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.1.1f Use frequently occurring adjectives. CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.1.3 Write narratives in which they recount two or more appropriately sequenced events, include some details regarding what happened, use temporal words to signal event order, and provide some sense of closure. Lesson Objectives and Assessments Lesson Objectives Students will be able to identify adjectives and use them correctly in their own writing. Assessments The student responses during the revising activity and later in their own narrative writing pieces will determine student understanding.

Materials Mad Libs adjective worksheet Story on poster paper Marker to revise paper Person worksheet List of common adjectives Back-up adjective worksheet Pre-Lesson Assignments and/or Prior Knowledge The day before they will be taught what an adjective is and given examples of frequently occurring adjectives. They will have some idea of how they are used based on the lesson from the previous day. Lesson Beginning Mad Libs Adjective Review Start by telling students that they will be playing a game called Mad Libs. Remind them that they have been learning about adjectives and that in this game they will have to think about certain adjectives that will be used in a mystery story at the end. Tell students the title of the mad lib so

they can think of adjectives that would be appropriate for that situation. You can use any mad lib but only have students think about adjectives. Instructional Plan Revising Activity (8-10 minutes) Have students on the carpet and show them a story that you wrote. Tell them that they will help you revise the story. Read the story to them and tell them to think about what pictures they can make in their mind when I read the story to them. Then tell them that we can use adjectives to make the picture even clearer. With the help of the students, go through the story and have students help think of adjectives to help describe the nouns in the story. Ask them specifically for colors, feelings, and size. Then reread the story to the students with all the adjectives. Ask them what was different about the picture they saw in their mind this time than the last time. Application (10-15 minutes) Describe the next activity and before having students go back to their desks. Tell students that they are going to use adjectives to describe themselves. Give them a handout that has a person on it and five spaces for five adjectives. Give students a list of common adjectives that they might want to use that they will put in their language arts folder at the end of the activity. Tell students that they can use the adjectives on that sheet or they can use different ones. Once they have finished writing their five adjectives and have had it checked by a teacher they can color their person to look like them. Differentiation: If students have trouble thinking about an adjective on their own help them by asking direct questions like How would you describe a monkey? What color? What size? What does it feel like? Questions: What kind of picture do you make in your mind when you hear this story? (various student answers) What is an adjective we can use to describe this person/place/thing? What color would this be? How big or little is it? What does it feel like? After reading the story with all the adjectives, what was the picture in your mind? How was the picture the same or different than the other picture from last time? Classroom Management: Have students on the carpet during instruction. Remind students of their jobs and the rewards that they will get for good behavior. When they are sitting at their desks, walk around to ensure that all students are on task and spend no more than a minute or two with each student. Use 123 eyes on me to get students attention. Transitions: Give all instructions before having students move to any new locations.

Closure Sharing (5 mins) Have two or three students share their person with the class and describe themselves. Extra Worksheet If there is still time left in the lesson, have students start to work on another worksheet about adjectives.