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**This content was completed in collaboration with Ashley Silvera.

Standard I: Develop and use in-depth knowledge o sub!ect matter

Artifact I: In this arti act" a lesson plan on the #ivil $ar" the teacher utili%es her in-depth knowledge o the topic to relate the material to a sub!ect that matters to the student. She utili%es two hip-hop icons to create a power ul task or the students. LESSON PLAN Day #5 Instructors Name: Ashley Silvera Grade Level/Subject: &&th'(.S. )istory n!t/Instruct!onal Se"uence: The #ivil $ar Durat!on o# Lesson: *ne +lock ,eriod Lesson $!tle: A -ation Divided I. Lesson Overv!e%: Students are learning about the series o con licts and comprises that led to the increased tension and sectionalism o the (nited States ultimately leading to the secession o . states and the start o the #ivil $ar. II. Standards Addressed: NCSS Standard Strand: Time" #ontinuity" #hange: /nowledge and understanding o the past enable us to analy%e the causes and conse0uences o events and developments" and to place these in the conte1t o the institutions" values and belie s o the periods in which they took place. Common Core: ##SS.23A-3iteracy. 4). &&-&5.6-Integrate and evaluate multiple sources o in ormation presented in diverse ormats and media 7e.g. visually" 0uantitatively" as well as in words8 in order to answer a 0uestion or solve a problem. South Carolina Standards: (S)# 9-The student will demonstrate an understanding o how regional and ideological di erences led to the #ivil $ar and an understanding o the impact o the #ivil $ar and 4econstruction on democracy in America. o Indicator 2con 9.5.- Summari%e the course o the #ivil $ar and its impact on democracy" including the ma!or turning points: the impact o the 2mancipation ,roclamation: the une0ual treatment a orded to A rican American military units: the geographic" economic" and political actors in

the de eat o the #on ederacy: and the ultimate de eat o the idea o secession. III. Lesson Object!ves: Students will e1amine the di erent aspects o the #ivil $ar and how lead to the de eat o the idea o secession. Students will apply their knowledge o the di erent aspects o the #ivil $ar and understand how it a ected American democracy. Students will compare and contrast A rican American military units to all white military units. Students will recogni%e the political actors associated with the ultimate loss o the con ederacy.

I;. &ater!als: <uided -otes" (nit -otes" )ardtack" #ivil $ar =usic" Song Analysis Sheets" Instrumental o Tupac > +iggie music 7any two songs can be chosen8. ;. Procedures: The teacher will begin the lesson by giving the students the opportunity to copy down and answer the 0uestion o the day as determined by the coaching teacher. *nce the students have received the opportunity to copy and answer the 0uestions" the teacher will then go over the 0uestion and begin going over the term o the day 7chosen by the coaching teacher8. The students will be given the de inition o the term" the important acts o the term" a sentence associated with the term" and a 0uestion associated with the term. (20 minutes) A ter going over the term o the day" the teacher will continue with the notes rom the previous class meeting (45 minutes) and will then proceed to continue with the activity rom the day be ore. The teacher will play instrumentals rom Tupacs ?/eep @a )ead (pA and ?BuicyA by +iggie Smalls to illustrate the economic battles between the -orth and the South. The students will analy%e the songs and draw bigger 0uestions regarding the purpose o the #ivil $ar. Students with then be introduced the cultural aspects o ood and music during the #ivil $ar. The teacher will provide them with the chance to try hard tack and listen to the music o the #ivil $ar along with printed lyrics" providing them with the opportunity to get a more interesting way o looking at the cultural aspects o the -orth and South. The students will then be asked to right two .-6 word sentences that summari%es the li e o (nion soldiers and #on ederate soldiers. ;I. Assessment/Evaluat!on: ,articipation in the activity. Students will take a 0ui% at the end o the unit.


Yes we'll rally round the flag, boys, we'll rally once again, Shouting the battle cry of freedom, We will rally from the hillside, we'll gather from the plain,

Shouting the battle cry of freedom! (Chorus) The Union fore er! !urrah, boys, hurrah! "own with the traitors, up with the stars# While we rally round the flag, boys, rally once again, Shouting the battle cry of freedom! (Chorus) We are springing to the call of our brothers gone before, Shouting the battle cry of freedom! $nd we'll fill our acant ran%s with a million freemen more, Shouting the battle cry of freedom! Chorus We will welcome to our numbers the loyal, true and bra e, Shouting the battle cry of freedom! $nd although they may be poor, not a man shall be a sla e, Shouting the battle cry of freedom! (Chorus) So we're springing to the call from the &ast and from the West, Shouting the battle cry of 'reedom# $nd we'll hurl the rebel crew from the land that we lo e best, Shouting the battle cry of 'reedom( (Chorus)


)ur flag is proudly floating on the land and on the main, Shout, shout the battle cry of 'reedom! *eneath it oft we' e con+uered, and we'll con+uer oft again! Shout, shout the battle cry of 'reedom! (Chorus) )ur "i,ie fore er! She's ne er at a loss! "own with the eagle and up with the cross We'll rally 'round the bonny flag, we'll rally once again, Shout, shout the battle cry of 'reedom! )ur gallant boys ha e marched to the rolling of the drums( Shout, shout the battle cry of 'reedom! $nd the leaders in charge cry out, -.ome, boys, come!Shout, shout the battle cry of 'reedom! Chorus They ha e laid down their li es on the bloody battle field(

Shout, shout the battle cry of 'reedom! Their motto is resistance / -To the tyrants ne er yield!Shout, shout the battle cry of 'reedom! Chorus While our boys ha e responded and to the fields ha e gone( Shout, shout the battle cry of 'reedom! )ur noble women also ha e aided them at home( Shout, shout the battle cry of 'reedom! Chorus

Artifact 2: This arti act is an e1ample o student work in which the teacher illustrate in-depth knowledge o the sub!ect matter. +e ore beginning units on geography" the teacher knew how important it was or students to understand why geography was important and relevant to them. As a result the students did a pro!ect on geographic literacy.

Arti act 9: This is an e1ample lesson plan o the ;ietnam $ar or a (S )istory class. The lesson plan illustrates the teachers attempt to utili%e her in-depth knowledge o the content to give her students power ul and e ective tasks to complete that not only aligned with the standards" but also their interest. The pro!ect completed by the students illustrates the idea that she wanted them to have an en!oyable means o learning about the topic. #ontroversy > $ar (.S. )istory

SC History Standards: C.& 21plain the develo'ment o# t(e %ar !n )!etnam and !ts !m'act on Amer!can *overnment and 'ol!t!cs+ !nclud!n* t(e Gul# o# $on,!n -esolut!on and t(e 'ol!c!es o# t(e .o(nson adm!n!strat!on+ 'rotests and o''os!t!on to t(e %ar" the role o the media" the policies o the -i1on administration" and the growing credibility gap that culminated in the $atergate scandal. C.D Analy%e t(e causes and conse"uences o# t(e resur*ence o# t(e conservat!ve movement+ !nclud!n* soc!al and cultural c(an*es o# t(e /012s and /032s and Supreme #ourt decisions on integration and abortion" the economic and social policies o the 4eagan administration" and the role o the media. Common Core Lan ua e Arts Standards: Standard 5b - Develop the topic thoroughly by selecting the most signi icant and relevant acts" e1tended de initions" concrete details" 0uotations" or other in ormation and e1amples appropriate to the audienceEs knowledge o the topic. Standard 6 - #onduct short as well as more sustained research pro!ects to answer a 0uestion 7including a sel -generated 0uestion8 or solve a problem: narrow or broaden the in0uiry when appropriate: synthesi%e multiple sources on the sub!ect" demonstrating understanding o the sub!ect under investigation. Historical Content: The ;ietnam $ar provided another issue that split conservatives and liberals in the post$orld $ar II era. The war in ;ietnam developed as a result o #old $ar ears and was a mani estation o the containment policy. A ter $orld $ar II" the French attempted to restore their control o Southeast Asia. )owever" they met with resistance rom the nationalist orces" the ;iet =inh" under the leadership o )o #hi =inh. Despite American aid rom both the Truman and the 2isenhower administrations" including arms and money" the French were de eated. The <eneva Accords provided that ;ietnam be divided at the &6th parallel until elections could be held. claiming that the ollowers o )o #hi =inh were communists directed rom =oscow and +ei!ing and citing the domino theory" the (nited States backed an unpopular and corrupt government in South ;ietnam. The South ;ietnamese government re used to hold the elections called or in the <eneva Accords because )o #hi =inh would have won and the 2isenhower administration supported the South ;ietnamese government in this decision. The ;iet #ong were ormed as a resistance movement to the South ;ietnamese government. The (nited States supplied military aid and military advisers to the government o South ;ietnam. -orth ;ietnam supplied support to the ;iet #ong. Determined to contain communism in the wake o the ailed attempt to overthrow #ubaEs Fidel #astro G+ay o ,igsH" /ennedy steadily increased the number o military advisers sent to South ;ietnam. The South ;ietnamese support in the government continued to erode. A #IA-supported coup overthrew the corrupt president o South ;ietnam" who was assassinated" shortly be ore ,resident /ennedy was assassinated. ,resident Bohnson took o ice in -ovember &IJ9 and continued the policies o previous

administrations in ;ietnam. In &IJD" the <ul o Tonkin Incident led #ongress to pass the <ul o Tonkin 4esolution which authori%ed the buildup o American troops to help the South ;ietnam without the speci ic authori%ation by #ongress. #ongress never o icially declared war. 3ater" the Tonkin <ul incident was shown to have been e1aggerated. -ot wanting to lose the war or ear o being called ?so t on communismA by his conservative opponents" Bohnson initiated a bombing campaign against -orth ;ietnam and continued to send more ground troops to the region. +y &IJ6" there were .KK"KKK American troops in ;ietnam. *pposition to the war also grew. The ;ietnam $ar was seen as a ?poor manEs ight.A The dra t was seen as un air because some young men were granted medical e1emptions and college de erments or enlisted in the -ational <uard to avoid going to ;ietnam. A rican Americans served in large numbers as ground troops. *rgani%ations which had ormed in response to =c#arthyism and the #ivil 4ights =ovement turned their attention to the war. Some returning soldiers !oined the protest. As protests became more provocative" including the burning o dra t cards" protesters lost public support. 21tensive television coverage o the war and the protests divided the nation into hawks and doves. In Banuary o &IJC" media coverage o the Tet * ensive showed that the ;iet #ong orces could attack anywhere and anytime" thus leading to a shi t in public opinion against the war. The ;ietnam $ar" brought into American livings rooms on the nightly news 7(S)# C.98" intensi ied the generation gap and the polari%ation o society as America divided between conservative ?hawksA and liberal ?doves.A ,ictures o peace marches and the burning o dra t cards carried on the nightly news enraged conservatives. The all o ;ietnam to communists in &I6. intensi ied some conservativesE anti-communist world view and their ear that America was losing its place as a world leader. The counterculture that developed out o the anti-war movement contributed to the se1ual revolution o the &IJKs and urther alienated many conservatives. As drug use" the divorce rate" and the number o unmarried people living together climbed" conservatives bemoaned this decline o ? amily values.A 7Source: SC History support document under standard 8.18 The concentration o this lesson is on understanding the perspectives o those that opposed and those that supported the war. The students are receiving the opportunity to place themselves into the perspective o those during that period and capture their emotions and reasoning or their outlook on the war. -o perspective will be deemed right or wrong" but it will assist students in understanding the cultural di erences established by the war. !elated "oca#ulary: ;ietcong )awk Dove Dra t Students or Democratic Society $aterials and !esources: =usic: $ar 7$hat is It <ood ForL8 by 2dwin Star > ?+allad o the <reen +eretsA by +arry Sadler as well as lyrics: o 2dwin Star: http:'''bM6;JFAoT3c o +arry Sadler: http:'''hSm(*!N#nrO

4ead Aloud: Shooting the Moon e1cerpts to illustrate how one could support the ;ietanm $ar while others could oppose it. 7Author: Frances Dowell8 This lesson may re0uire use o a computer lab or student research depending on the availability o technology at the school. In schools that are one to one students can utili%e their own personal computers as a resource. I not" the teacher may need to schedule a day or students to spend in the computer lab. ,oster +oard" =arkers" Art Supplies ;ietnam Timeline: 2nvelopes

The 3esson: &. The teacher will do a read aloud with Shooting the Moon e1cerpts to illustrate how an individual could support the ;ietnam $ar as well as oppose it. 5. The teacher will then allow students to see the ;ietnam timeline provided by ,+S. The teacher can use his'her technology to see the timeline. I the students are using technology that is one to one then the teacher can send the students the link and guide them through all the aspects o the website. 9. )ave students listen to the two songs provided in the materials and provide them with the lyrics. )ave them ill out the music chart 7attached8 and open the loor or a brie discussion. This music provides students with the opportunity to see how popular culture re lected the manner in which people viewed the war and what side the decided to take. D. ,rovide students with a copy o the ;ietnam Scenario activity sheet 7attached8. *nce you have given the students the activity sheet be sure to provide them with the envelope with either a pro or anti-;ietnam slip o paper. a. )andout activity sheet to each student and break them up into groups o three. b. $alk through each step with students making sure they understand each step. <ive them time to brainstorm their ideas based on what scenario they get. At this time a day in the computer lab should be scheduled. c. The students need to research all seven components o the scenarios. +e sure to remind them that all aspects o their research should be cited 7use your own pre erred re erence method8. d. <ive students one class period to conduct research. They will then need time to add all o their in ormation to a poster board that will be shared with the rest o the class.

Assessment: $ill be based on participation in discussion. Their pro!ect will be graded or completeness and will ollow a rubric which is attached.


Step &: <et an envelope rom the teacher to see what scenario you will pro ile 7anti or pro war8. Step 5: @ou have received your envelope and you are a pro'anti war supporter 7circle one8. In order to complete the scenario you must research the ollowing 3 as they relate to your position. $usic: $hat are some e1amples o music utili%ed to describe your position on the warL Art: $hat are was developed in support o your positionL History: $hat is the history o your positionL %r ani&ations'(rou)s: $hat are some organi%ations'groups ormed as a result o your positionL *amous Indi+iduals: Are they any amous individuals that agreed with your position on the warL ,ictures: <ive e1amples o pictures that illustrate your position on the warL -escri)tion: <ive a brie description o your position

Step 9: +rainstorm and take notes about the characteristics here.

Step D: *nce your group has researched all your in ormation be sure to add it to a poster board in a un and creative way. 4emember part o the rubric grades you on your creativityPP

Step .: 2ach group member must write a two paragraph summary writing about your e1perience o completing the pro!ect. Did you ind anything interestingL $as it di icultL $ere you shocked by the position you had to pro ileL 42=2=+24 @*( =(ST #IT2 A-@ I-F*4=ATI*- T)AT IS -*T @*(4SPPP Additional -ote Taking Space:

Lyr!cs 4or 56ar 76(at Is It Good 4or89:

$arP huh-yeah $hat is it good orL Absolutely nothing (h-huh $arP huh-yeah $hat is it good orL Absolutely nothing Say it again yQall $arP huh good <od $hat is it good orL Absolutely nothing 3isten to meL *hhhL $arP I despise +ecause it means destructionL * innocent lives $ar means tears to thousands o mothers eyes $hen their sons go to ight and lose their lives I said - $arP )uh <ood <od yQall $hat is it good orL Absolutely nothing Say it again $arP $hoa" 3ord ... $hat is it good or Absolutely nothing 3isten to meL $arP It ainQt nothing but a heartbreaker $arP Friend only to the undertaker $arP ItQs an enemy to all mankind

The thought o war blows my mind $ar has caused unrest in the younger generation Induction then destruction$ho wants to dieL *hhhL $ar <ood <od yQall $hat is it good orL Absolutely nothing Say it" Say it" Say it $arP (h-huh @eah - )uhP $hat is it good orL Absolutely nothing 3isten to meL $arP It ainQt nothing but a heartbreaker $arP ItQs got one riend" thatQs the undertaker $ar has shattered many a young mans dreams =ade him disabled bitter and mean 3i e is much to precious to spend ighting wars these days $ar canQt give li e" it can only take it away $arP )uh <ood <od yQall $hat is it good orL Absolutely nothing Say it again

$arP $hoa" 3ord ... $hat is it good or Absolutely nothing 3isten to meL $arP It ainQt nothing but a heartbreaker $arP Friend only to the undertaker ,eace 3ove and (nderstanding: tell me" is there no place or them todayL They say we must ight to keep our reedom +ut 3ord knows thereQs got to be a better way $arP )uh <ood <od yQall $hat is it good orL @ou tell me Say it" Say it" Say it $arP )uh <ood <od yQall $hat is it good orL Stand up and shout it. -othingP

Lyr!cs #or 5;allad o# t(e Green ;erets:

Fighting soldiers rom the sky earless men who !ump and die men who mean !ust what they say the brave men o the <reen +eret Silver wings upon their chest these are men Americas best one hundred men will test today but only three win the <reen +eret trained to live o natures land trained in combat hand to hand men who ight by night and day courage take rom the <reen +eret

7#horus8 Silver wings upon their chest these are men Americas best one hundred men will test today but only three win the <reen +eret +ack at home a young wi e waits her <reen +eret has met his ate he has died or those oppressed leaving her this last re0uest put silver wings on my sons chest make him one o Americas best heQll be a man theyQll test one day have him win the <reen +eret

SONG <=A-$

<roup RNNNNNN $hat observations'assumptions did you make a ter listening to the songL $hat did you notice about the mood'tone o the songL $hat did you notice about rhythmL $hat are the lyrics telling usL Did the song tell you anything about the ;ietnam $ar that you did

?+allad o the <reen +eretsA

?$ar 7$hat Is It <ood ForL8A

not knowL

Assessment -ubr!c

Making A Poster !ietna" #$enario%

Teacher 0ame1 A& #i'(era Student 0ame1 2222222222222222222222222222222222222222

.$T&3)4Y Attra$ti(eness

The poster is e,ceptionally attracti e in terms of design, layout, and neatness(

The poster is attracti e in terms of design, layout and neatness(

The poster is The poster is acceptably attracti e distractingly messy though it may be a or ery poorly bit messy( designed( 5t is not attracti e(

Content A$$ura$.

$t least 6 accurate facts are displayed on the poster(

789 accurate facts :8; accurate facts <ess than : accurate are displayed on the are displayed on the facts are displayed poster( poster( on the poster(

Use o/ C'ass Ti"e

Used time well during each class period( 'ocused on getting the pro=ect done( 0e er distracted others(

Used time well during each class period( Usually focused on getting the pro=ect done and ne er distracted others(

Used some of the time well during each class period( There was some focus on getting the pro=ect done but occasionally distracted others( $ll but > of the re+uired elements are included on the poster(

"id not use class time to focus on the pro=ect )4 often distracted others(

Re0uire1 E'e"ents

The poster includes $ll re+uired elements all re+uired elements are included on the as well as additional poster( information(

Se eral re+uired elements were missing(

2no3'e1ge 4aine1

Student can accurately answer all +uestions related to facts in the poster and processes used to create the poster( .apitali@ation and punctuation are correct throughout the poster(

Student can accurately answer most +uestions related to facts in the poster and processes used to create the poster( There is > error in capitali@ation or punctuation(

Student can accurately answer about 67? of +uestions related to facts in the poster and processes used to create the poster(

Student appears to ha e insufficient %nowledge about the facts or processes used in the poster(


There are A errors in There are more than capitali@ation or A errors in punctuation( capitali@ation or punctuation(