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iTools 2012 Beta 0329 Released: What's New Add Media library in the local Library Add HTTP Proxy in Option Add Ungrouped in contact, and Up\Down keyboad shortcut Fix the problem when importing photo Fix photo viewing problem Improved importing photo speed iTools 2012 Beta 0216 Released: What's New: 1. Add iTunes backup management. 2. Add Time of apps added into iTools app lib. Now can be sorted by time. 3. Optimize FileSystem. 4. Now the Folder can be removed properly from Favorite 5. Add Path to shortcut the location 6. Brand new Plist editor 7. Add tag color 8. Add shortcut key like F5 for refresh, Ctrl+D for export, Ctrl+S for save, Ctr l+Z for reversal. 9. Now music can be sorted by ID3 track No. 10. IOS 4.3.3 SMS restoring won't create new dialog. 11. Optimize Picture loading speed. 12. Solved iTunes incompatible problem. iTools 2011 Beta 1119 Released: What's New: 1. Supports devices: iPhone 1,3G,3GS,4,4S iPad 1,2 iPod touch 1,2,3,4 2. Supports iOS versions: iOS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 3. Works with both Jailbreaked & unJailbreaked devices. 4. Applications management.Supports install, uninstall, backup, update. 5. Media Files management. a. Supports Music, Video, Ringtone, Podcast, iTunes U, TV Shows Audio books, Music Video & Voice memos b. Imports & exports media files from computer to devices c. Transforms mp3 into m4r when drop mp3 files into Ringtone. d. Transfroms video files into mp4 when drop into Video e. Searchs lyrics & covers from internet.(iOS 5 not support yet) f. Plays mp3 files on the device 6. iBooks Supports: Imports and exports PDFs/Epubs. 7. Photos and Ablums management : Imports and exports. 8. Manages docking & desktop by mouse. a. Smart classify supports automatic classify icons into folders named by sys tem category. b. Docking & desktop Folders and positions backup and restore. 9. Filesystem managmenets a. plist file editor b. Favorite c. Cydia & installous d. Storage 10. Personal Information Managments(Contacts, Message, Notes, Safari bookmarks,

Callhistory) a. Imports & exports into csv/outlook b. Personal inforbackup & restore. 11. System Tools: a. SSH Tunnel b. Clean up c. System logs