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Brand Objective Scope of Brand Audit Brand Consumer Analysis Competitors Analysis Brand Inventory Criteria for Choosing Brand Elements Core Values SWOT Analysis Brand Mantra DOP & DOD Marketing Program Brand Strategies Consumer Perception Analysis Brand Usage Analysis Brand Equity

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Brand Audit is a comprehensive assessment of an organizations brand, in which its strengths and weaknesses are assessed and opportunities are determined. The purpose of a brand audit is to capitalize on the opportunities in efforts to improve the various elements of an organizations brand in both management and marketing perspectives. Brand Audit is concerned with the behavioral & psychological nature of brand, not the financial dimension. The real benefit of conducting a brand audit is that it helps provide a look at the current state of knowledge about a brands equity as well as providing a fresh understanding of the brand. It will also provide a better understanding of what roles the brand elements and other brand related components have played and can play in maintaining a brand.


The objective that has been set for the brand is to have a prominent and significant market share in Pakistan and to provide its consumers the benefits of modern lifestyle and world-class innovative products, unmatched nationwide customer support, a vast dealer network and aftersales-services throughout the country.


Target Audience:
The target audience for H-zone series is:

Upper class Upper Middle class

Geographical Boundries:
Dawlance has a very strong dealer network and a competitive edge over other brands. The dealers are located in every area and city of Pakistan. The potential customers who are assisted in the brand audit are from upper and upper middle class. The main areas of focus for H-zone are Metro Hyperstar

Zamzama Clifton Saddar

Kyunke Dawlance reliable hai

Dawlance is the Premiere Home Appliances company in Pakistan with 32 years of history Dawlance enjoys market leadership in the refrigerator segmet (65%)

Dawlance is a leading manufacturer of house hold appliances in Pakistan. Dawlance stands for durable & reliable household appliances. The main Objectives are to provide dependable and reliable product at reasonable price to majority of Pakistanis and to enhance their quality of Life. Dawlance has a long history of more than 3 decades and possess all international quality certificates for management, documentation, health safety, & environmental safety etc. Dawlance was established in 1980. It is the Largest Company in Pakistan engaged in appliance business.

Current product range: Refrigerators Washing machines Chest freezers Vertical freezers Split Ac Televisions Microwave oven

Dawlance is the 7th most Favorite brand in Pakistan (out of 3500 brands) Highest market share in 3 (out of 5 categories) Among Top 2 Top of mind (TOM) Brands in all product categories.

Research revealed that Dawlance is in Every 2nd house hold in Pakistan (out of those house holds which have appliances) Dawlance is considered to be the most Reliable & Innovative brand among all home appliance brands in Pakistan


Dawlance is the largest Home Appliances Brand of Pakistan with Annual Turnover of over Rs. 19 Bn. and the overall strength of over 4,000 employees. It has a range of Products in various categories including Refrigerators, Chest Freezers, Microwave Ovens, Washing Machines and Split AC. Dawlance Market Share in Pakistan is 50%+ and it has No. 1 position in 4 out of 5 categories. It is also exporting products to various countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar , Libya, Nigeria, Sudan, Kuwait, Iran and Iraq. After dominating Pakistans home appliances market for years, Dawlance is planning on international expansion. With consistent growth in revenues, the company is also planning to list on the Karachi Stock Exchange Dawlance understands the Pakistani market very well but it also wants to learn about and penetrate international markets, Hasan Jameel, Dawlances General Manager Sales and Marketing, said in an interview at the companys headquarters earlier this week. For a couple of years, we will be focusing more on exports, he said.

Arguably, the largest (white goods) household appliances brand in the country, Dawlance is already exporting its products to 11 countries in the sub-continent, the Middle East and Africa. White good refers to appliances like refrigerator, freezer, split air conditioner, microwave oven and washing machine. Dawlances sales grew 25% between financial years 2008 and 2012. The company earned Rs19 billion in revenues in financial year 2013, Rs1 billion higher than what it had earned during 2012. The companys basic objective is to become a global brand, which is one of the main reasons for the international focus.

Dawlance is constantly working on new products and bringing out innovative series. Dawlance value its customers and so their needs and wants. In order to meet the needs of customers Dawlance introduced vertical refrigerator, Health Zone series and now minimum electricity series to fulfill and satisfy the customers needs and wants.


The perceptions of customers are very strong towards Dawlance as Dawlance is the 7th most favorite brand internationally and 3rd most favorite brand in Pakistan in 2013. Dawlance has a very strong top of mind (TOM). Whenever customers think of Dawlance reliability comes into their minds.


Dawlance is targeting and trying to cater the customers of Paksitan. Being a proudy brand of Paksitan Dawlance is constatntly trying to come up with innovative products. In order to meet the end customers, Dawlance make segments for different series according to customers psychographics and Demographics.


Dawlance have a direct competition with waves especially in Refrigerators and Deep Freezers. Wavess of Cool Industries (Pvt) Limited., was established in 1973 and grew to a leading Home Appliances manufacturing Company in Pakistan, in a very short span of time. This was achieved by the tireless efforts of our devoted Management, highly motivated professionals and dedicated team work, committed to excel in the quality and services. Waves is fully committed to protecting the environment and has been awarded a substantial grant by the World Bank to phase out ODS (Ozone Depleting Substances) its production processes. This is an ongoing activity and is being given all the importance it deserves for a timely and successful competition. Cool Industries (Pvt) Limited., has highly skilled professionals, responding rapidly to the market needs. With the most modern and high-tech CAD manufacturing facilities, our products capture over 80% of the local market for Refrigerators, Deep Freezers, Air Conditioners and other home appliances. The company manufactures Refrigerators, Deep Freezers, Air Conditioners, Washing Machines, Microwave Ovens and many other quality home appliances, with the production ratio exceeding the overall production of Pakistan's appliances manufacturers.

Haier is the another major competitive threat for Dawlance. Haier Pakistan is a strong evidence of Pak-China relationship. The joint venture between Ruba General Trading Company and Haier group of China brought Haier into Pakistan eight year ago. Haier Pakistan is operating in the Pakistani market with a commitment to help its consumers reap the benefits of modern lifestyle and unmatched nationwide customer support. Haiers vision is to improve the standards of life throughout Pakistan by offering high quality, consumer requirement met products with innovative features aimed directly to make its users life easier, enjoyable and yet affordable

Pak Elektron Limited (PEL) is the pioneer manufacturer of electrical goods in Pakistan. It was established in 1956 in technical collaboration with AEG of Germany and the Malik family. In October 1978, the company was bought by the Saigol Group of Companies. The company comprises two divisions: Appliances Division Power Division

Pak Elektron Limited (PEL) is the pioneer manufacturer of electrical goods in Pakistan. It 1956, the Company was set up by Malik Brothers in technical collaboration with M/s AEG of Germany ("AEG") to manufcature transformers, switchgear and electric motors.

A brand is a name, term, sign, symbol, or design or a combination of them, intended to identify the goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competition. In this project our brand is Dawlance.


Brand elements, sometimes called brand identities, are those trademarks devices that serve to identify and differentiate the brand. Following are the options for brand elements: Brand Name URLs Logos and Symbols Characters Slogans Jingles

Following are the details of these elements which Dawlance is using:

Brand Name
Brand name is important choice because it often captures the central theme or key associations of a product in a very compact and economical fashion. So Dawlance focuses on its name and it is well recognized by its name. As there motto is For the Name Alone. Means they are recognized by there name there name speaks for their quality, reliability and durability.

Brand Awareness
In general it is believed that brand awareness is improved the extent to which brand names are chosen that are simple and easy to pronounce or spell, familiar and meaningful and different, distinctive and unusual. Among Top 2 Top of mind (TOM) Brands in all product categories The brand name Dawlance covers all the criteria required for improved brand awareness through brand name. It is easy to recognize and recallable under any condition.

URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) are used to specify locations of pages on the web, and also referred to as domain name. Dawlance has its on web page and customers who wants to have information about there new product they can have it from its web page. Its website includes details about its product line and


information about there new products. They consider website as important source for creating strong brand awareness. Its website is

Logos and Symbols

Logo of Dawlance is present on every product of Dawlance. It has become very familiar in the minds of customers. Wherever people se this logo they recognize it. Brand name is used in it so it is to create brand awareness among people. Symbol which Dawlance used is of D with its brand name. This is used define the meaning of the brand name.

Dawlance generally do not use any character to identify there brand. They mainly focuses on quality and features of there product according to them demonstrating about features is more important than using any character.

Slogans are short phrases that communicate descriptive or persuasive information about the brand. The slogan of Dawlance is: As it can be seen from the slogan that it gives description about the brand and it focuses on the quality of the brand name. Its name speaks for itself, which is Dawlance.

Jingles are musical message written around the brand. Jingle of Dawlance is:


DAWLANCE reliable hay




Dawlance brand elements are memorable. Its logo, slogan and jingle are memorable and attention-getting, and therefore facilitate recall or recognition. Dawlance ads and labeling are meaningfulness; they portray General information about the nature of the product category Specific information about particular attributes and benefits of the brand. Dawlance elements are likable both verbally and visually. Its whole communication is based on this aspect as its slogan indicates. The name Dawlance is less specific and is useful for line or category extensions, it can be easily transferred across categories. The brand element can easily add to brand equity across geographic boundaries and market segments. The brand elements are more adaptable and flexible, and easier it is to update it to changes in consumer values and opinions. Dawlance can change its slogan according to their requirements. Dawlance brand elements are legally protected internationally and are registered with the appropriate legal bodies.


Core brand values are those set of abstract associations that characterize the 5-10 most important aspects or dimensions of a brand.


Core brand values of Dawlance are: Reliability is the core value of Dawlance Team work Communication Transparency Respect Openness and Candor Creativity

SWOT Analysis of Dawlance

Strong marketing campaign Sponsorship of big events and shows Good integration among the branches in different cities.

Weak Research and Development department High prices as compared to quality and durability Narrow product range as compared with Waves.

Through good advertising they can capture customers from their competitors There main opportunity is that they sponsor those events or shows which have maximum number of viewers.

Entrance of competitors product with low prices. Innovation from competitor.

From above SWOT it is clear that Dawlance has a strong competitive edge over others. Even though Haier have well organized marketing campaign but still Dawlance is preferred because it is low in price and it is known for its durability and quality. They have good customer relationship.


A brand mantra is short, three to five word phrase that capture the irrefutable essence or spirit of the brand positioning and brand values. Brand mantra for Dawlance is: Relation with customer, with reliability Dawlance emerged as the second best brand of Pakistan while Nokia was ranked the top brand. While in Household Appliances category, Dawlance leads the charge as the top brand known for its reliability.

Smart Designs and Beautiful Colors, to Match your Mood

Points of Parity and Points of Difference

Points of Parity(POPs)
POPs are those associations that are not necessarily unique to the brand but may in fact be shared with other brands. One term which is often used in POPs is, Category POP (necessary conditions for brand choice). Dawlance have category POP as it is provides cooling for long time, it provides perseverance of food items, e.t.c.

Points of Difference(PODs)
PODs are strong, favorable, and unique brand associations for a brand.


Known for its reliability, Dawlance the number 1 home appliance brand of Pakistan has yet again introduced an innovative product that has been especially designed to counter the ongoing energy crisis. The Low Voltage Startup (LVS) series of refrigerators is equipped with technology that ensures regular cooling of the refrigerator even when the voltage power is as low as 135 V. With thicker insulation, the refrigerator is capable of retaining the cooling for up to fifteen hours without electricity.


The design has been crafted to cater to the decor of every household and caries a spacious interior which is 10% bigger than other refrigerator brands available in the market. These refrigerators are available in a range of sizes to match the need of different household structures. Adding to the plethora of features, its cylindrical handle enables the user to open and close the refrigerator door with much greater ease. What makes this new series more appealing for the masses is that it is light on pocket and heavy at cooling. It is not just the great refrigerator for household needs but can be easily used by institutions like hospitals, restaurants, hotels, universities, etc, and businesses due to its unique ability to work even on low voltage. Speaking about the LVS series of refrigerators, Mr. Hasan Jameel, head of sales, Dawlance said, "We are expecting our LVS series of refrigerators to become an instant hit among our consumers. These refrigerators address the most pressing food preservation needs of our country and provide the much needed shield from power fluctuations and rising temperatures. Added to this, the refrigerators in this series are available at different price points depending on the refrigerator size so a vast majority of the masses can afford these refrigerators depending on their refrigeration needs and budget."

Desirability Criteria
It includes the following: Relevance

The POD of Reliabilty is important and relevant for its target customer. Because of load shedding, people need to have there food fresh, so this technology has become more important for the customers of Dawlance under these circumstances. Distinctiveness

This POD is unique and superior to as compared with its competitor that is Haier. Customers can not find the same technology in the refrigerators of Haier. It has not yet been introduced by Haier so it is distinctive and superior. Believability

Customers find it believable and credible when Dawlance says that Reliable refrigerators maintain cooling temperature for 5 hours when there is no electricity and also preserve food healthy with their particular range of health zone.

Deliverability Criteria
It includes the following:



This POD of Reliability is very effective and performs at the level expected by the consumers. It saves energy resources not only for customer but also for country as well. Communicability

Health zone technology maintains food healthy for longer time. Other refrigerators and deep freezers like of Haier loose their cooling rapidly with in 20-30 minutes and food gets spoiled. Sustainability

This reliability will help customers over a longer period of time. It will come to the expectations of customers.

The marketing mix is the set of marketing tools; the firm uses to pursue its marketing objectives in the target market. Marketing-mix decisions must be made for influencing the trade channels as well as the final consumers. The four Ps represent the sellers view of the marketing tools available for influencing buyers. Here I've explored the marketing strategies of Dawlance in terms of marketing mix have been explored.

List Price All products are sold at listed price, which are settled by the Dawlance. Credit Sales Dawlance also deals with credit sales, but does not overcharge to the customers. Products are only sold for cash or on credit cards. Discount Discount is not offered to new customers, but to the employees and potential customers of Dawlance. The prices are fixed. Price Determination During the determination of the price, company does not consider the competitors, but the standard mentioned is used and considered. Cost of the product Affordable for the target market


Demand of the product Uniqueness and innovative features of the products Durability and reliability of product

The object of Dawlance is to provide refrigerator to all people who fall in lower middle, middle, and upper middle class in this country such that most of the families should have refrigerators in their home because they enhance better quality of life. Dawlance has got products, which are as per international standards and carry all the basic features, which need in any such type of appliances. Dawlance believe that whatever they provide to their customers should be durable and reliable. All the products, which Dawlance market, are durable enough and customer can keep on using them for quite many years without any problem. Present Market Share of Dawlance product is: refrigerators 65%, Washing Machines 35%, Microwave Oven 40%, Chest Freezers45%, and Air Conditioners 15%. Dawlance strategy is to produce more user health friendly rather than conventional production. This technology is named as H-Zone. Dawlance tries to minimize the load of Power Consumption (Electric Bill), and enhance Quality Service and Reliability for its consumers.

Dawlance has got around 800 dealers all over the country. Dawlance ensures that its refrigerators are available almost in all appliances markets of Pakistan. They have got 80% penetration in dealer sector. One can get very easily their product in any city or small town of Pakistan. Dawlance has got various types of dealers according to their potential. Around 25% of dealers are "A-class" dealers who sell over 1000 units and above per year. "B-class" dealers are those dealers who sell from 400 units up to 999 units per year. They are around 50% in total dealer and the rest are in best 25% of "C-class" dealers sell from 200 up to 399 units per year. In order to provide quick and timely delivery to their dealers: they have got big warehouses located in almost all big cities and towns. Whenever they get order from the dealer they try to provide supplies to their dealer from closest warehouse. In case stock is not available in the warehouse then it is delivered directly from Hyderabad Factory. The maximum delivery time incase stock is delivered from Hyderabad Factory is four (4) days. However if supply is given from closest warehouse then hardly it takes 2-3 hours time. They believe that, timely delivery of their product to the dealer, is one of an important element in their success in Pakistan.


Dawlance promotion budget is around 1.75% of their turnover. 40% spending of their budget is Print Media, 20% goes on TV, 20% on Outdoor activity and balance 20% on Sales Promotion activity. They believe that print media and outdoor activity help them to reach to their target customer. Due to satellite transmission and having multi-channels, it does not pay one unless you have very huge budget to spend on this media. On promotion, their spending is more on consumer incentive schemes. Since it pay them and there is direct relationship between sales and consumer. Further, it gives customer a direct benefit in shape of price reduction. The various promotion tools used by Levis are 1. Sales Promotion: Dawlance targets the end consumers. The promotional strategy is based on persuading the prospective buyers or consumers through mass selling. 2. Advertising: The type of advertising done by Dawlance: Competitive advertising: The advertisement given by the Dawlance stresses on the demand of the product and enhancement of its products. It is done through Television & Radio Fashion magazine Newspaper Internet Bill boards and Banners 3. Public Relations: Placing according to competitors: They keep in mind the price and quality of the products and try to makes it products better. Placing according to price and quality: They have introduced best quality at different prices to its clients. Placing according to technology: They have tried to build its image very strong for quality and reliability.


Dawlance is an ISO 9000 certified company and among its mission statement. It is one of their missions to provide quality product to their customers. Therefore, they ensure that every product, which is delivered from their factory, must go through rigorous quality check. So that only perfect product, free from any defect is delivered to their customers.



Dawlance believes that after sales service is one of the most important elements of marketing mix and thus give due emphasize in providing quality after sale service to its refrigerator customers. Dawlance has got qualified foreign-trained engineers in its team of after sale service and also properly trained technicians and supervisors who look after service centers and provide reliable quality after sales service to its customers. Dawlance has got 17 its own service centers in different parts of country. Besides, they have got 34 franchise workshops to cover remote areas, where its service center doesn't exist. These are service centers and franchise workshops cover almost 99% market of Pakistan. In order to provide satisfactory after-sales service, Dawlance ensures that in all of its service centers sufficient inventory of spare parts is maintained, even these are available with franchise workshops.

Refrigerators Freezers Air conditioners Washing Machines Microwave Oven


Refrigerators Freezer Vertical Freezer Deep freezer-Single Door H-Zone series Reflection Series Monogram Series Designer Series Aero Design Series Horizontal Refrigerator

Air conditioner H-Zone Profile Monogram Designer

Washing Machines Front load Top load Semi automatic Washer

Microwaves Oven Cook King series Classic Series


Brand Awareness
Dawlance consumer have strong brand awareness. the can easily identify the dawlance products under any conditions. Brand awareness consist of:


Brand Recognition
Dawlance have build good brand recognitions in the mind of customers. they can easily recognized and knowledge about their product , when they go to their outlets.

Brand Recall
Dawlance also have build strong brand recalling. when ever people think about refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, split and all others product they first recall Dawlance then they recall other brands like waves etc.

Brand Image
Customer have positive image about Dawlance. These customer have build their image past experience by using Dawlance product previously. The word of mouth by hearing positive suggestion from their friends and family members. the quality of their all products they are making. their products are environment friendly.

Brand Responses
After using the products of Dawlance, customers are satisfied with its values. It is a reliable product. When ever they purchase home appliance, they prefer Dawlance

Brand Relations
Dawlance always tried to have long term relationships with their customers. They are achieving this by having good rate of customer retention as compare to Waves.


The Dawlance is one of the popular electronics manufacturing companies in Pakistan. The company since built is has good turn over and good customer satisfaction level. The company is more established in urban areas having big ware houses and retail shop which the customers buy directly. The products range from small appliances like Switches, Irons to Air Conditioned and Refrigerators all of which has good demand within the country. The company have segmented its products in to daily use electronic stuff to seasonal appliances like heaters in winters and Air Conditions.


The company is also in competition of the others electronics companies manufacturing same appliances. The company have normally targeted the middle lower, middle-middle to upper class families. Some products with a low price and are also bought by poor class people. The wide spread of china market in Pakistan has enormous impact on sale and growth strategy of the company. More than 70% of Pakistan population is below 3 a day making it very difficult for them even to meet to their both time meal. Most of the families have a very low income and huge burden and difficult for them to go for luxury and even necessary stuff like Refrigerators and heaters. Over the past one year the due the global crisis the country is in economic crisis resulting the downfall of many manufacturing companies. Dawlance is also the victim of this economic disease. The company is also facing political and security problems all over the world affecting its marketing strategies very badly.

Market Positioning
Dawlance is the largest company in Pakistan engaged in appliance business. Present Market Share of Dawlance product is: refrigerators 65%, Washing Machines 35%, Microwave Oven 40%, Chest Freezers45%, and Air Conditioners 15% There are three factors to take into account for home appliance industry in Pakistan. Firstly, the challenging situation has been created by dealers whose profits have been reduced due tocertain policies adopted by manufacturers in the last few years. So they are looking forward to newmanufacturers entering in the industry. More profits and better services are also being included in their demands. Secondly, the new entrants in the manufacturing industry including manufacturers and importers, either they are local or foreign investors have challenged the domination of existing manufacturers andimporters. Thirdly, due to the expansion in market size horizontally and vertically, competitive situation has beenincreased among manufacturers within the industry. Dawlance is the largest Home Appliances Brand of Pakistan with Annual Turnover of over Rs. 15.5 Bn.and the overall strength of over 4,000 employees. It has a range of Products in various categoriesincluding Refrigerators, Chest Freezers, Microwave Ovens, Washing Machines and Split AC. DawlanceMarket Share in Pakistan is 58% and it has No. 1 position in 4 out of 5 categories.Dimension: Managing all facets of Dawlance Group marketing in Pakistan and Export Markets to deliver top line proceeds of Rs. 15.5 Billion.


Why Dawlance is for high demand:

Dawlance strategy is to produce more user health friendly rather than conventional production.This technology is named as H-Zone. Pakistani consumers today are very concerned abouttheir family health, be it related to their food preservation in refrigerators, various methods of washing clothes or quality of air inside and outside their house. Dawlance tries to minimize the load of Power Consumption (Electric Bill), and enhance Quality,Service and Reliability for its consumers. Dawlance product are comparatively cheaper than other local or foreign company, givingopportunity to people of all classes to be a part of it.



Brand Salience
Dawlance brand easily be identified under any condition by customers. This is done through brand awareness by which they can easily recognize and recall Dawlance even in the presence of Waves.

Brand Performance
Dawlance refrigerators and deep freezers are known for their good performance. There performance is measured in terms of: Features Durability, Reliability, and Serviceability Service effectiveness, efficiency and empathy Style and design Price

Dawlance refrigerators and freezers have unique features, they are long lasting, consistent in performance and there after sales service is effective with less time and they treat their customer as their clients. New styles and designs of Dawlance are attracting more and more customers from its competitor that is Waves. There prices are low as compared to what they are delivering to customers.

Brand Imagery
Customers have positive image about the Dawlance refrigerators and deep freezers. Customers believe that it is a durable and trust worthy brand and a partner who understands their needs.

Brand Judgments
Customer makes judgments about the brand on the basis of: Brand Quality

Dawlance brand quality is judged by its ease of use, appearance, design, durability, reliability and after sales services. Brand Credibility

Dawlance built its brand credibility by being competent, innovative and market leader. It has also worked to satisfy its customers. For that customers comes first. For this reason it is liked by most of the people.


Brand Consideration

Dawlance through its brand awareness have made a good position in the minds of customers. Customers consider Dawlance when think of purchasing refrigerators and deep freezers. Brand Superiority

Dawlance always have been given priority by customers. It has always been at the top in the minds of customers. Also top of the list in evoke set.

Brand Feelings
Customers of Dawlance always feel good when they purchase there refrigerators and deep freezers. They feel secure for 5 to 10 years that they dont need to purchase other refrigerator and deep freezer. They get good social approval from friends and family members.

Brand Resonance
Dawlance always tried to have long term relationships with their customers. They are achieving this by having good rate of customer retention as compare to Waves.