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November 11, 2013

Ms. Serena Vanderwoodson Professional Letter Designs Inc. P.O Box 1987 Toronto, ON M6T 4X4 Dear Ms. Vanderwoodson Your inquiry concerning an evaluation of the modified block letter format and the block letter format is one regularly answered by our document designers. The modified block format contrasts from block format in that the date, complimentary closing, and the writers name and title are typed at the centre point. Our designers vouch for block paragraphs when using the modified block format. The Word 2010 default of a10-point space after each paragraph makes the text open and clear. We continue to recommend block paragraphs for production efficiency. We recommend the block letter style; although modified block format is an accepted letter style. The block letter style is more efficient, attractive, and does not involve setting changes. For other formats, please refer to the enclosed report associated to formatting with Word 2010 and the Model Documents Reference Guide. Our designers are available at 800-555-2587 to assist you with your design needs. Sincerely,

Blair Waldorf Communications Manager sc Enclosures: Report Reference Guide

Daniel J. Humphrey Chuck Bass