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"If you aspire for liberation, my son, avoid one the objects of the senses like poison and

seek forgiveness, 2 sincerity, , kindness, contentment and 3 truthfulness as nectar. "

Commentary by Swami Nityaswarupananda:
(A) objects, etc. . - Attachment to worldly objects is a major barrier to spiritual progress and therefore should be avoided as a bitter poison.

(2) Sincerity - Being A mind [thought] and speech. This is an essential virtue of spiritual discipline. (3) Accuracy - This virtue is the sine qua non of spiritual aspiration and the most precious possession of the aspirant. The cultivation of these virtues implies control and purification of the internal sense, the mind, that may reflect more the light of Being This verse describes the positive and negative practices of the spiritual aspirant. Abandon attachment to worldly things is a negative practice and cultivation of moral virtues is a positive practice.
"Astavakra Samhita", I.2 and commentary by Swami Nityaswarupananda
Placed on 07.09.12