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ELEAZAR, Dayanara C.

FR1 Reflection Paper:

NSTP1 Mr. Villahermosa

What is the most striking unique information I have learnedin NSTP1 seminartoday, Saturday,April 20, 2013?

Last NSTP1 meeting we had a seminar about environmental protection module; we discussed Climate change and Water & Waste management. Our speaker came from WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) The most striking unique information Ive learned is about climate change, the climate is changing faster. I never knew that it takes hundreds or millions of years for a climate to change. I never thought that the worlds temperature would be 14c. at first the word climate change doesnt have an impact on me because the word climate change is not unusual me because Ive heard it since I was in elementary same thing as in global warming but as I heard the Ang kwneto ng Climate Change it made me realize that the things that I knew about climate change is just a small thing about it them it made me curious what really is the climate change. As the topic goes deeper I felt guilty because some of the things theyve mention in the videos are the things that Ive been doing. The most striking part of the topic climate change is the effects because it is frightening. The effects of climate change can kill people like flood, landslide or soil erosion. Even though the effects are frightening we can still prevent that by helping to reduce the waste and the emission of

carbon dioxide and methane. By just doing that simple thing we can help to save our earth or to prevent the worst for global warming and climate change.