Behind the Architecture

What Goals Should Drive Exploration?

ESAS didn’t just happen
• There were space policy goals & assumptions & constraints behind the current plan • One of them was that the system would enable human exploration of Mars • Another was that NASA would develop a transportation system that it could use for decades (“build once”) • Another – from Congress – was “use Shuttlederived workforce infrastructure, industrial base, facilities”

• Goals:
– what do you want to produce? – What do you want to achieve? – AFFORDABILITY is a Goal

• Constraints:
– What limitations/boundaries do you have to live with? (Good or bad) – BUDGETS are a Constraint

Some classes of goals
• Destinations – Moon, Mars, NEO, Belt • Strategic – affordability, drive technology • Political – revelance (jobs/educ/envir/etc) • Infrastructure – new industries, training • Architectural – flexibility, utilize new things • Social – Greater public participation

Real constraints facing us
• • • • • Budget Political pressures Limited political capital (WH, NASA HQ) Our current technology base The economy & investment climate

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